XSF Discussion - 2020-05-05

  1. flow

    larma, do you remember why we came to the conclusion that FORM_FIELD fields must not explicitly declare a type on form submission (form type 'submit')?

  2. flow

    I was about to create a new PR with dwd's feedback incooperated, but I can't remember what caused your PR in the first place

  3. flow

    I think there was some indirection over another XEP involved, but I do not seem to recall

  4. larma

    I think the general rule for form submit is that the type is not required or something like that

  5. larma

    because type is mostly for user interface and submitted forms are not displayed to user interfaces

  6. flow

    exactly, that is what I also assumed

  7. flow

    but then I looked at xep4 where submit forms have field types explicitly stated in the example

  8. flow

    so I look for the text in the specification which says "you don't need to explicitly specify the field type on submission" which I can refer too

  9. flow

    ahh found it

  10. flow

    soo I actually think dwd rejected this on the false grounds

  11. flow

    soo I actually think dwd rejected this on false grounds

  12. larma

    XEP-0004 ยง3.2 > For data forms of type "submit", inclusion of the 'type' attribute is OPTIONAL, since the form-processing entity is assumed to understand the data types associated with forms that it processes.

  13. larma

    ah you already had it ๐Ÿ˜‰