XSF Discussion - 2020-05-10

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  176. flow larma, I think we are probably saying the same: you may can deduce RFC compliance from the schema, you can not deduce non RFC compliance from violating the schema
  177. flow larma, I think we are probably saying the same: you may can provide a indication of RFC compliance from the schema, you can not deduce non RFC compliance from violating the schema
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  179. flow larma, I think we are probably saying the same: you may can provide a "hint" towards RFC compliance from the schema, you can not deduce non RFC compliance from violating the schema
  180. Zash Deriving intent from the schema?
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  185. flow I think I do that all the time, e.g. when it is unclear if the value provided by the xml-layer should be an integer or a string
  186. flow or if a certain element or attribute is required
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  192. Zash That seems fine to me. Isn't it primarily when the text and the schema disagree that the text takes priority? Like with examples.
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  243. flow That certainly is the case. Although, I'm not sure about meaning of the "primarily" part, sometimes the text underspecifies the wire protocol, and the schema helps
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  443. larma flow, not sure if I missed something in the channel binding discussion, but what would be wrong with `<mechanism xmlns='urn:xmpp:channel-binding' type='tls-exporter'>SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS</mechanism>`. This looks a lot cleaner to me...
  444. Daniel i didn’t read the whole thread (just the initial xep proposal) but i like that solution
  445. flow larma, as special case for a hypothetical sasl mechanism channel binding type? I think I would rather go with a child element of <channel-binding/> to signal that. But again, I don't see why it should be signalled at all
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  447. flow larma, as special case for a hypothetical sasl mechanism exclusive channel binding type? I think I would rather go with a child element of <channel-binding/> to signal that. But again, I don't see why it should be signalled at all
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  450. larma flow, I thought it wasn't properly defined which type to use and that is an issue, isn't it?
  451. flow larma, no, the issue is that you do not know which cb types the remote endpoint supports
  452. flow -PLUS just signalls that cb is used, but not which cb type
  453. flow all currently registered cb types with IANA are currently available for all -PLUS sasl mechanisms
  454. flow and tls-server-end-point should be (basically) always available
  455. flow but tls-unique may not
  456. flow so if a client tries to do -PLUS with tls-unique, then things get a bit ugly
  457. Zash My understanding is that PLUS being advertised means channel binding is supported, and then negotiated in a header in a header in SCRAM.
  458. flow Zash, yes, but the server has no way to signal the supported cb types to the client
  459. flow IIRC there is no negotiation in gss api
  460. Zash Yes
  461. flow the client just says, I do cb type x and hopes the server support x
  462. flow the client just says, I do cb type x and hopes the server supports x
  463. Zash Right, which is weird and why it's good to try to solve that.
  464. flow correct, and I think my proposal solves that in a neat and clean way
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  472. larma flow, I like yours more than the original proposal. But looking at the specs again, I was just wondering if instead of signaling it we could just define that a) in TLS < 1.3, only tls-unique may be used, b) in TLS 1.3 only tls-exporter may be used (although we'd probably want to wait for it to be IANA registered before defining that)
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  478. flow why only tls-unique for tls 1.3? and why close the door for tls-server-end-point? all other cb's are probably blocked or at least stalled until the TLS APIs provide a way to extract the cb data, tls-server-end-point should usually be easily implementable and is probably better than performing no channel binding at all
  479. flow larma, ^
  480. flow also why no cb type agility? if something the past has shown is that cb types are not easy to get right
  481. Zash flow, funny tho that in Prosody, tls-unique is already implemented and my attempts at tls-server-end-point is stalled by not having access to the needed info
  482. larma flow: according to scram rfc, tls-unique is the default and must be implemented by servers. So as client, it's safe to use it even without further negotiation.
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  484. flow larma, unfortunately, I think, the reality is different
  485. flow larma, that is, chances are higher that you find tls-server-end-point than tls-unique
  486. flow Zash, isn't tls-server-end-point just the hash of the certificate?
  487. Zash flow, go read the rules for what hash algorithm to use, then try to implementing it given only an opaque binary blob
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  489. flow wheras tls-unique requires you to get the tls finial message, which is often not exposed (as raw bytes) by TLS APIs
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  491. Zash I would be happy if TLS libs could have an API to tell what channel bindings are supported and then return the data for those by channel binding name.
  492. larma flow: so you are saying servers in practice are not rfc compliant?
  493. flow Zash, IIRC the rules just say "use whatever the cert uses as hash algorithm, unless if it is MD5 or SHA-1, in this case use SHA-256"
  494. Zash It's exposed by OpenSSL and LuaSec.
  495. flow larma, yep, there is always a discrepancy between whoe specifications writers wish the world would be, and how the world actually is
  496. Zash The hash algorithm of a certificate is not exposed however.
  497. flow Zash, it being the tls finished message?
  498. Zash Yes.
  499. Zash Interestingly it also does this for TLS 1.3
  500. Zash I have some WIP somewhere that just always uses SHA-256, and since that's what all certificates use it'll probably work until the day someone gets a SHA-512 or SHA-3 certificate.
  501. flow Zash, don't you have another way to get a hold of the whole certificate, as far as I understand it, the hash algorithm used is noted there
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  504. Zash are you telling me to implement another ASN.1 parser?
  505. flow anyway, last time I checked the situation in java land was the opposite: you can not get the tls finish message, but doing tls-server-endpoint is easy
  506. Zash I'd very much rather not.
  507. flow (with the standard Java SE API)
  508. Daniel Agility if it can be achieved with reasonable Syntax (and I like flows proposal in that regard) should be preferred to convention
  509. Daniel Yes in Java Standard api that's correct
  510. Daniel That's why I never implemented it
  511. Zash Sure, that'd be good. (why data in attributes tho?)
  512. flow Zash, data in attributes?
  513. Daniel Conscrypt does support unique. But then came tls1.3
  514. Daniel Zash: flows. Not Marvin's
  515. Zash flow, `<cb name='tls-unique'/>` instead of `<cb>tls-unique</cb>`, but this is a nit
  516. Zash Daniel, ?
  517. flow Zash, right, I actually think the latter should be considered an anti-pattern when designing xmpp wire protocol
  518. flow because <cb name=""/> alows us to extend <cb/> with child elements if that ever becomes necessary
  519. Zash No, that's the opposite of what it is
  520. Daniel Ah. Sorry. I was confused
  521. Daniel Yeah I don't care
  522. Zash In general data should go in text nodes and metadata in attributes.
  523. flow so this was a deliberate design choice, and I think pattern to list something as cdata in elements should be avoided
  524. flow Zash, because?
  525. Zash Because.
  526. Zash General XMPP or XML design advice that I don't remember the exact location of
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  528. flow well I think keeping the door open to child element based extensibility is a better argument than some handwaving rule ;)
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  531. flow that design advice *may* is sensible if you allow mixed content, but we do not allow mixed content
  532. Zash Also because `stanza:get_child_text()` in Prosody is the best API ever :)
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  534. flow Zash, I am sure your get_attribute_value() API is of similar quality ;)
  535. Zash There's no such thing.
  536. flow because it's a map (or table?)
  537. flow because it's a map (or table?)?
  538. Zash yes
  539. larma If it was <mechanism name='SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS' /> we could do <mechanism name='SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS'><cb type='tls-unique' /></mechanism> now, so I'm totally on flows side to prefer attributes for extensibility
  540. Zash Then why isn't it like that in SASL2?
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  543. larma If it's not clear that extensibility is not needed of course.
  544. flow larma, yep, that is the point. but i really like to stress that there is no reason to list cb types per sasl mechanism, and that this is also verly likely to be true in the future
  545. flow Zash, good point, guess someone would need to convince dave to change it
  546. Zash <mechanisms> <mechanism> <name>PLAIN</name> <channel-bindings> <channel-binding> <name>tls-unique</name> </////>
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  548. flow using a <name/> element has the drawback that there could be multiple, whereas there can only be one attribute with the name 'name'
  549. Zash You can't extend attributes either tho.
  550. flow right, but I can extend the element they are declared at
  551. larma flow: well I agree that cb is unlikely to be specific to a single mechanism, on the other hand, one typically also doesn't support multiple mechanisms with channel binding either. And the supported cb are clearly related to that mechanism and not related to all of them.
  552. flow larma, wait, one typically also does not support multiple mechanisms with channel binding either? I'd assume quite the contrary to be the case, given that SCRAM-SHA-256 starts to gain popularity
  553. flow the server presents you with a list of sasl mechanism currently. my propsal adds another list with supported cb types alongside the sasl mechanism list. the client is free to choose the combination he deems to be best
  554. larma Well, a server that supports SCRAM-SHA-256 is not better in any regard if it also supports SCRAM-SHA-1
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  556. flow I am not sure if this is true. you are probably hinting towards that the server also has to store the auth data using the weaker hash
  557. larma Yes.
  558. Zash If you see a Prosody offering both then it is most likely storing the password in plain text.
  559. Zash Or someone implemented a way to store two credentials without me knowing
  560. flow I think there are lot of cases where the password is stored in plain text server side, but does that mean that those servers should continue to offer only scram sha-1 for eternity?
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  562. flow larma, I see, of course, your point. but this is not an argument to closely couple the sasl mechanisms and the cb types in the sasl mechanism stream feature
  563. Zash currently it's a matter of whether the sasl mechanism supports gss-api, or somesuch.
  564. flow Zash, please clarify 'it'? I'd assume that every -PLUS mechanism supports gss-api (or maybe I confuse gss-api with something different)?
  565. larma flow: it's scram that supports gssapi, no?
  566. Zash SCRAM supports GSS-API. GSS-API supports channel bindings.
  567. Zash Or something like that.
  568. flow IIRC I did gss-api stuff when implementing the -PLUS variants of scram
  569. Zash Point is that there's some indirection.
  570. flow yes, the whole existence of -PLUS is a design weakness
  571. larma And -PLUS is just a dirty hack to announce that the server supports cb
  572. flow not sure if it was because channel binding came after SASL was initialy invented
  573. flow if the RFC SASL profile would also allow for a list of supported cb types, alongside the list of supported sasl mechanisms, then gss-api would be sufficient to negotiate cb
  574. Zash Redefine PLUS to mean `tls-unique`? Invent a new SCRAM-SHA-256-PLSCRT for tls-server-endpoint? :D
  575. Zash Wait that's basically what Sam proposed
  576. Zash Almost.
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  580. larma Given that `tls-unique` is a MUST on servers that do -PLUS and SHOULD on clients, it's not even incompatible to define -PLUS = `tls-unique` ;)
  581. Zash Mmmmmm `SCRAM-SHA-256-DOUBLEPLUS`
  582. Zash Except it's too long
  583. larma I like -PLUSPLUS more :D
  584. Zash SCRAM-SHA-2-PLUSPLUS is 20 chars
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  587. larma Or maybe we just should stop with -PLUS, because if we announce cb types anyway, we don't need -PLUS anymore
  588. Zash True
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