XSF Discussion - 2020-05-11

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  197. Maranda Metronome if the internal hashed auth backend is used just stores sha-1/256/384/512 server keys hash variants in the account credentials datastore whenever a password is generated
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  203. Maranda So it's more if you see DIGEST-MD5 offered to be a symptom that passwords are stored in plain
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  241. dwd Just reading back, I'm not actually sure of the reason I made SASL2 use a distinct stream feature. But as I've previously said, anything that makes SASL2 have a namespace bump to urn:xmpp:sasl:2 is fine by me. :-)
  242. dwd Also: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5802#section-6.1 does indeed say that servers MUST tls-unique, and that clients SHOULD. But all normative requirements can be altered by negotiation, meaning that clients implicitly MAY use anything that the server explicitly says it can support.
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  248. Neustradamus_ Thanks people to look SCRAM-SHA-256 and TLS Binding for -PLUS SCRAM variants.
  249. dwd larma, Final note - we're stuck with -PLUS because that comes from the SASL layer (or quite possibly the GS2 layer).
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  251. dwd Maranda, DIGEST-MD% doesn't need to store a plaintext password, though it does essentially mandate a plaintext equivalent. CRAM-MD5 has to store plaintext passwords, though, unless you do really shady things with partially computed HMACs.
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  254. Neustradamus_ If you search more informations: Do not lost this link: https://github.com/scram-xmpp/info/issues/1
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  258. larma dwd: I don't read the SCRAM RFC as if there was no way to work without -PLUS.
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  262. Neustradamus_ Do not forget the RFC 8600: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8600 which it was published 2019-06-21 (soon one year): "When using the SASL SCRAM mechanism, the SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS variant SHOULD be preferred over the SCRAM-SHA-256 variant, and SHA-256 variants [RFC7677] SHOULD be preferred over SHA-1 variants [RFC5802]".
  263. Neustradamus_ Do not forget the RFC 8600: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc8600 which has been published 2019-06-21 (soon one year): "When using the SASL SCRAM mechanism, the SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS variant SHOULD be preferred over the SCRAM-SHA-256 variant, and SHA-256 variants [RFC7677] SHOULD be preferred over SHA-1 variants [RFC5802]".
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  265. Guus Is there someone in here with administrative powers on tigase.org ?
  266. Neustradamus_ Guus: tigase@muc.tigase.org
  267. Guus Given that I want to discuss connectivity issues, that's not ideal. 🙂
  268. Neustradamus_ I have informed you some days ago ;)
  269. Neustradamus_ I have invited people here
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  271. Guus Thanks
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  273. larma Neustradamus_: RFC 8600 is not relevant for most XMPP software (especially anything chat related). It merely "defines how to use XMPP for the exchange of security notifications on a controlled-access network among authorized entities"
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  275. Neustradamus_ Maybe but SCRAM part is important.
  276. Neustradamus_ And it is logic.
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  281. dwd But it's largely a profile of XMPP for a specific purpose - specifically, it doesn't update RFC 6120.
  282. Neustradamus_ Guus: Andrzej from Tigase here
  283. dwd And if it had tried to, I would have shot that one down.
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  288. larma It also says servers MUST support at least SCRAM or EXTERNAL. Which obviously should not apply to all XMPP usecases.
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  298. Neustradamus_ larma: XMPP server softwares do it: - Prosody IM: https://modules.prosody.im/mod_auth_external.html - Metronome IM: https://github.com/maranda/metronome/blob/master/plugins/mod_auth_external.lua - ejabberd: https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/blob/master/src/ejabberd_auth_external.erl - Mongoose IM: https://github.com/esl/MongooseIM/tree/master/src/auth
  299. larma Neustradamus_: that doesn't make RFC8600 relevant in this context
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  306. larma Nobody is saying implementing SCRAM-SHA-256/-512 is a bad idea. But that doesn't mean it necessarily has the priority you are suggesting everywhere.
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  308. larma I bet that if you do a pull request to any software that doesn't implement it yet, it would be accepted. But you can't blame developers for not giving it the priority you'd like.
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  310. Neustradamus_ larma: the point is have the good order from best to worst SCRAM and RFC 8600 (stpeter is an author): "When using the SASL SCRAM mechanism, the SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS variant SHOULD be preferred over the SCRAM-SHA-256 variant, and SHA-256 variants [RFC7677] SHOULD be preferred over SHA-1 variants [RFC5802]".
  311. Neustradamus_ It is not SCRAM-SHA-256 = SCRAM-SHA-1 or SCRAM-SHA-1 is preferred to SCRAM-SHA-256...
  312. Neustradamus_ We can understand: SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-256 > SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-1
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  314. Neustradamus_ It is like DIGEST-MD5 > CRAM-MD5
  315. Neustradamus_ Of course if the XMPP server supports, we can see in XMPP clients: - if only SCRAM-SHA-1 it is easy - if only SCRAM-SHA-256 it is easy - if SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS and SCRAM-SHA-1 // SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-1 - if SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-1 // SCRAM-SHA-256 > SCRAM-SHA-1 - if SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS, SCRAM-SHA-256, SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS, SCRAM-SHA-1 // SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-256 > SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-1 - if SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS, SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS // SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS
  316. Neustradamus_ Of course if the XMPP server supports, we can see in XMPP clients: - if only SCRAM-SHA-1 it is easy - if SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS and SCRAM-SHA-1 // SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-1 - if only SCRAM-SHA-256 it is easy - if SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS and SCRAM-SHA-256 // SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-256 - if SCRAM-SHA-256 and SCRAM-SHA-1 // SCRAM-SHA-256 > SCRAM-SHA-1 - if SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS, SCRAM-SHA-256, SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS, SCRAM-SHA-1 // SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-256 > SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-1 - if SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS, SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS // SCRAM-SHA-256-PLUS > SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS
  317. Maranda dwd: I didn't say it does, I said that "in Metronome it does"
  318. dwd Maranda, Ah, gotcha.
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  320. Maranda The only auth backend that does provide DIGEST-MD5 is the internal plain one
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  329. larma Neustradamus_, I think it's clear to everyone that IF both server and client support both SHA-1 and SHA-256, SHA-256 should be preferred. And that IF both server and client support -PLUS, -PLUS should be preferred. You apparently left out the small sidecase where SCRAM-SHA-1-PLUS and SCRAM-SHA-256 are supported, because it's not obvious what is to be preferred then (IMO it's -PLUS).
  330. jonas’ (agreed on -PLUS over SHA2)
  331. larma However the default today is a) servers typically don't offer SHA-256 because the password is hashed with SHA-1 in database, making it impossible to offer SHA-256. There is no proper upgrade path from SHA-1 to SHA-256. b) clients don't offer SHA-256 because servers typically don't and it's not worth the effort to implement it for the very few cases where servers do. Because basically in all cases one can just fallback to PLAIN anyway without significant loss in security (if users follow best practices for passwords)
  332. jonas’ in my arrogant developer opinion, if implementing SHA-256 is hard after you have the SHA-1 variant implemented, you are in dire need of refactoring.
  333. larma jonas’, that is indeed true 😉
  334. larma but it needs to be tested, which is already hard enough given there are so few servers in practice supporting it 😉
  335. jonas’ I’m a believer in test-driven development, and if my SHA-1 implementation passes the test vectors, I’m confident enough that the SHA-256 variant will work flawlessly.
  336. larma IMO there is also a design fail in how we login that I have to present the mechanisms *before* knowing the login name.
  337. larma Was that tackled by sasl2?
  338. jonas’ larma, presenting the mechanisms afterwards would be a security problem
  339. jonas’ you could test user existence then
  340. larma as if that wasn't possible already through various ways...
  341. larma also servers could answer with fake mechanisms if user doesn't exist...
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  344. jonas’ larma, the fake mechanisms would still look different than some user’s real mechanisms
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  347. jonas’ and AFAIK user enumeration is a problem we generally avoid *by default* if possible.
  348. larma server could send the mechanisms that are send to the largest amount of users on the server. Than it's still possible to detect some users, but not all.
  349. jonas’ yeah, and expensive to figure that out.
  350. larma However the advantage is huge as that would allow an upgrade path for the hash algorithm
  351. jonas’ could do that with SASL2 already, though it requires offering *only* the old mechanism until all accounts have been upgraded.
  352. larma even in that case you have to store both password hashes for the time until all accounts upgraded. If it was per user, you could just do it per user. You could even decide server-side based on the clients that connected previously if you want to upgrade a user or not.
  353. jonas’ yes, but that’s not feasible unless you want to allow user enumeration.
  354. jonas’ yes, but that’s not feasible unless you want to allow user probing.
  355. jonas’ which RFC 6120 and RFC 6121 go a long way to avoid.
  356. jonas’ nevermind that vcard-temp and possibly other things allow it if the user explicitly published some data
  357. larma IMO, user enumeration is when I can get a list of users, not when I can try out every possible JID.
  358. jonas’ but the default is that you can’t enumerate accounts.
  359. jonas’ larma, that’s why I /correct’d my message.
  360. larma right.
  361. jonas’ s/enumerate/probe/
  362. larma well there are a ton of XEPs where you can probe users
  363. jonas’ but only after the users did sometihng to allow that
  364. larma not even sure if it's not possible by RFC, but certainly by CS2020
  365. larma PEP for example makes users probe-able
  366. jonas’ I’m aware of that
  367. jonas’ but it shouldn’t be the default.
  368. jonas’ (and it isn’t)
  369. larma that you have PEP?
  370. jonas’ that you have a PEP node which is world-readable
  371. larma you don't need that
  372. jonas’ you don’t?
  373. larma even if it's not readable, you get different errors
  374. jonas’ that’s a bug then
  375. jonas’ either in the standard or in the implementations
  376. larma also pubsub nodes MUST be disco-able
  377. jonas’ I’m fairly certain that you can always return <forbidden/> if you don’t want to let someone read nodes
  378. larma jonas’, you could but it wouldn't be XEP-compliant. Also that doesn't solve the pubsub must be disco-able. If it wasn't you couldn't have world-readable PEP nodes.
  379. jonas’ larma, then the XEP needs to be fixed
  380. jonas’ but I’m sitll fairly certain that you can do that without having to fix the XEP
  381. jonas’ ah, maybe only returning the items you can actually see would suffice already
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  383. jonas’ my point is: those are issues which can and need to be fixed
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  385. jonas’ that they exist is no reason to open more issues.
  386. larma but if a user doesn't exist it also doesn't have a pep service on it's jid
  387. jonas’ larma, servers could easily pretend that
  388. jonas’ larma, servers could easily pretend that there is an empty pep service.
  389. larma I think it's just plain ignorant to claim that users are not probe-able and thus we should design protocols such that this remains true.
  390. jonas’ that’s a valid opinion. I disagree.
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  393. larma Do you think it's likely we'll ever reach the state where user probing is not possible?
  394. jonas’ yes
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  398. larma ok, so how would you like to do the upgrade then?
  399. jonas’ as I wrote above
  400. jonas’ you’ll have to wait for all accounts to be upgraded
  401. jonas’ typically that’s done with a deadline after which users have to use a password reset facility to regain access
  402. jonas’ or their account is deleted
  403. Neustradamus_ It is possible to have SCRAM-SHA-256(-PLUS) and SCRAM-SHA-1(-PLUS) enabled on an XMPP server but some users with only SCRAM-SHA-1 passwords (if originally not in PLAIN). If the user change of password, SCRAM-SHA-1 and SCRAM-SHA-256 will be here.
  404. Holger Users love changing passwords for random reasons.
  405. larma Neustradamus_, upgrade only makes sense when we don't support SHA-1 afterwards (or at least that's when it really makes a difference)
  406. Neustradamus_ Currently: Jackal XMPP server, Metronome IM, Mongoose IM master (soon a release), Prosody 0.12-dev, Tigase are already good.
  407. Holger We should just switch *TODAY*.
  408. Zash Flag day?
  409. Holger (kk I'll get coffee and quite trolling.)
  410. Holger quit
  411. Daniel This will instantly make xmpp 256 times more secure
  412. larma Neustradamus_, they all store passwords in both sha1 and sha256? doubt that... They probably support sha1 and sha256 when password is stored in plaintext
  413. Zash I'll get right to work hacking into every existing deployment and invalidating all credentials!
  414. jonas’ Zash, easy!
  415. jonas’ just publish mod_av which claims to enable A/V support immediately
  416. Zash larma, correct in the case of Prosody 0.12. Hashed credentials are stored in one or the other and can't be changed afterwards.
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  418. larma Zash, which means *proper* setups have no upgrade path to sha-256, which is exactly what I'd like to tackle somehow before we blame everyone for not implementing things that can't be upgraded on anyway
  419. Zash There's no upgrade path anyways
  420. larma There could be, we just don't have one yet.
  421. larma even if the upgrade only happens when you do your next password change, that's an upgrade path
  422. larma or it happens when you next sign in with a device that does PLAIN
  423. larma (which happens as soon as a client only supports PLAIN and SHA-256 and your server is still on SHA-1)
  424. larma however the upgrade path requires a way for the server to signal that they currently don't have the sha256 hash and thus can't use SCRAM-SHA-256
  425. larma and this should be per user.
  426. jonas’ which is indistinguishable from a downgrade attack, by the way.
  427. Zash this
  428. larma a downgrade attack through an authenticated channel?
  429. Zash If I somehow steal your cert+privkey and get your clients to connect to me and I only offer PLAIN, I can steal their passwords.
  430. larma only if they have the passwod in cleartext, which they shouldn't if your server supported scram
  431. larma I was talking about a newly connecting client, and that would be fooled by such attack anyways
  432. jonas’ FTR, we do have: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6120#section-6.5.9
  433. larma also when I can get you to connect to me without -PLUS I can already steal all your messages from MAM which is probably worth way more than the password...
  434. jonas’ given that the initial data in SCRAM is enough to identify the user, servers could reply with mechanism-too-weak on a migrated account
  435. jonas’ not sure what to do with a non-migrated account though
  436. Zash Is there an "upgrade required"?
  437. larma jonas’, but then I can probe users again
  438. jonas’ larma, yes
  439. larma also mechanism-too-weak will probably fail on clients
  440. jonas’ can I swing my "arrogant developer hammer" again? ;)
  441. larma assuming clients exist that only do plain and sha-1 and server supports plain,sha-1 and sha-256 in general, but for a specific account only plain+sha-256 (because account was upgraded), the client should try sha-1 and then would get <mechanism-too-weak/> which shouldn't be interpreted as "try plain instead"
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  443. larma = in this upgrade path a proper client would stop working for no good reason.
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  446. Neustradamus_ larma: if an XMPP client has only SCRAM-SHA-1 and server has PLAIN and SCRAM-SHA-256, it fails.
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  449. Neustradamus_ Note that an XMPP client can have in settings : force PLAIN password, ...
  450. Neustradamus_ Screenshots: - https://i.ibb.co/RzgYTRS/psi-plus-allow-plaintext-authentication.png - https://i.ibb.co/n3vxnyT/psi-plus-encrypt-connection.png
  451. Neustradamus_ Gajim via nbxmpp has SCRAM-SHA-256(-PLUS) and SCRAM-SHA-1(-PLUS) https://dev.gajim.org/gajim/python-nbxmpp/commit/f2a203387891455c052d44f8b1ceae711773cb81
  452. Neustradamus_ lovetox: ^
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  458. larma Neustradamus_, I think you are missing the point here really. There is no client that does not support PLAIN. And it's unlikely there ever will be.
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  469. Maranda > Neustradamus_, they all store passwords in both sha1 and sha256? doubt that... They probably support sha1 and sha256 when password is stored in plaintext Why not that's what I exactly do
  470. Maranda > Neustradamus_, they all store passwords in both sha1 and sha256? doubt that... They probably support sha1 and sha256 when password is stored in plaintext Why not that's what I exactly do larma
  471. Ge0rG has joined
  472. Neustradamus_ Maranda: How it is done with Metronome and your XMPP server?
  473. Maranda I just said that I generate server keys for each hashing algorythm I support for SCRAM
  474. larma Maranda, but then you don't have the advantage of the more secure hashing algorithm to protect password from cracking (if password database is leaked). Because I can just attack the hash with the lowest security (sha-1)
  475. moparisthebest has joined
  476. larma which kind of is the point of using sha-256 over sha-1
  477. Maranda And then most bussness infrastructures out there do still have the requirement to have at least reversible encrypted passwords, so the whole argument is kind of "a good purpose" one but again all it matters is safety and trust of the who deals with 'em.
  478. Zash Could someone find a cryptomath wizard and ask them to calculate the ratio of securityness between sha-256 and sha-1
  479. Zash ... and then we just increase the minimum iteration count by that ratio!!!
  480. Zash bam, sha1 forever
  481. pdurbin has joined
  482. larma .... that's not how this works...
  483. Maranda larma: i'd ditch all other mechanisms for scram-sha-512-plus already just get all clients to support that and channel binding and we have a deal
  484. larma Maranda, sounds like a great plan, except it doesn't work because legacy clients will always be around.
  485. Maranda larma: oh really? 😘
  486. larma 😉
  487. Zash (and scram-sha-512-plus is undefined and doesn't exist)
  488. larma can we do scram-argon2d-plus please?
  489. Zash sure
  490. larma *Argon2id
  491. Zash I the SCRAM construct doesn't depend that much on PBKDF2
  492. Zash The SCRAM construct doesn't depend that much on PBKDF2
  493. Zash any ƒ(password, salt, iterations) → blob would do in theory
  494. Zash Gets weird if it takes other parameters than those tho
  495. larma well, it already does that
  496. larma SCRAM-SHA-256 has ƒ(password, salt, iterations) = sha2(32, password, salt, iterations)
  497. Zash You mean PBKDF2(hmac-sha-256, ..., output size)
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  500. Zash Hi() is a special case of PBKDF2 with some predefined parameters
  501. larma whatever 😉 sha-256 already is sha-2 + 32 byte. So any SCRAM-ARGON-X could do the same
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  506. larma but probably not gonna happen soonish anyway 🙁
  507. larma probably never
  508. Zash Not with that attitude :P
  509. larma would be too good if we weren't discussing upgrading to something that's already outdated...
  510. Zash SHA-2 isn't outdated?
  511. larma there is SHA-3, so by definition SHA-2 is outdated
  512. Zash SHA-2 isn't broken yet afaik
  513. larma yeah, wasn't saying broken
  514. larma sha-1 also isn't broken for our usage
  515. Zash I thought the point of picking a SHA-3 was to have something in case the very foundational concepts that SHA-2 (and SHA-1) are built on were broken, and that's not happen yet
  516. Zash Yeah, so why the push to SHA-2?
  517. Zash We gain nothing but pain atm
  518. larma It's not me who is pushing 😉
  519. larma I am just pushing for an upgrade path, so we can handle it should it become necessary
  520. larma plan the upgrade now so it can happen in 10 years or so
  521. larma don't do another 12-byte IV 😀
  522. Zash Invent a better SCRAM, one that can tell the client in a secure manner "yo, you gonna need to reset your password for security upgrade reasons"
  523. jonas’ Zash, you can do that with SASL2 after successfully authenticating with SCRAM first
  524. Zash Sure
  525. stpeter has joined
  526. Neustradamus_ SCRAM SHA-3 is planned yes
  527. larma And SCRAM Argon2id?
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  530. Zash It's tricky since you don't know at the time when you're offering mechanisms whether the user supports them.
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  533. jonas’ we’ve been at this point two hours ago
  534. Zash :)
  535. Zash And weeks/months ago.
  536. larma maybe we should have clients propose mechanism to the server not the other way round
  537. Zash I'm just copying from a script actually :P
  538. jonas’ larma, and then what? you can still probe by looking at the mechanisms accepted for $randomUUID vs. $guessedUsername
  539. larma it adds complexity to the attack
  540. jonas’ not much though
  541. Maranda Oh heaven so this is about brute forcing SCRAM?
  542. larma maybe we need a stateful authentication protocol and abandon passwords after first login
  543. jonas’ Maranda, no
  544. jonas’ larma, like the thing dave wrote?
  545. Maranda And/or possibility of
  546. jonas’ also, I’m all for it
  547. jonas’ Maranda, no
  548. Maranda jonas’: better
  549. Jeybe has left
  550. Maranda has a log tail which could have been more interesting in that case 👨‍💻
  551. larma jonas’, not sure about the exact protocol, but yeah something that gives you a per-client token that can be stored by the client and also can be revoked if necessary.
  552. Zash OAuth?
  553. larma Alternatively we could only announce PLAIN in mechanisms, than get told the mechanisms supported by server *after* succesful login and be able to use SCRAM-* on later logins, ignoring that only PLAIN is announced.
  554. Zash What was that combined auth and stream resumption token spec called?
  555. Zash larma, haha
  556. larma Zash, 397?
  557. Zash That's the one
  558. jonas’ https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-cridland-kitten-clientkey-00 that’s the one I meant
  559. andrey.g has left
  561. Zash Bring back https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0078.html !!!!11! /s
  562. larma Zash, IIRC in OAuth the client has to register a-priori with the service to receive the client-key, no?
  563. Zash It Depends!
  564. larma which is also why OAuth for email got no traction. email clients only support Google and Microsoft for OAuth
  565. Zash If you use deprecated parts of OAuth you can get a token using a password.
  566. larma Ah, right. But that's not how it's supposed to be.
  567. larma Because you can't make use of service specific login pages that do 2fa and alike then.
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  569. Zash If you're going to use OAuth "as it's supposed to be" then you can't have nice things, only browser and web services.
  570. larma well non-browser clients can open a web browser to authenticate than callback to the client
  571. larma that's how thunderbird does googlemail
  572. Zash from another part of my script, I say "if I have to open a browser then I hate it"
  573. larma that's ok, you can still do PLAIN
  574. larma with a single-use password you somehow retrieved from your service
  575. larma (probably using a browser)
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  587. dwd XEP-0397 is CLIENTKEY, but the SASL bits live in the I-D. The other thing you could do is XEP-0257 (or similar).
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  590. larma dwd, xep-0397 doesn't have the counter part built-in. And it's also not asking for TOTP (which probably shouldn't have been in clientkey anyway)
  591. dwd Oh, wait. Wrong XEP.
  592. larma oh, and xep-0397 also doesn't have expiry
  593. dwd XEP-0399.
  594. larma I kind of wonder why all the TOTP is part of those XEPs
  595. larma seems kind of arbitrary to put it in there, as it could be completely ignored
  596. larma I see it makes things easier if TOTP is required, but it also works and makes sense without TOTP
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  598. larma but in general, I'd rather see 399 being pushed than SCRAM-SHA-256
  599. dwd For '399? That was the driving factor for Surevine, as it happens.
  600. larma I mean TOTP is obviously non-normative in '399, so I am fine with that, but I'd probably want to get rid of that before moving it to draft.
  601. dwd So we had a requirement from the market for second-factor, based on TOTP. So we had SASL2+TOTP (in Openfire, code public), but it was a browser-based client, so we needed to avoid forcing the user to re-enter TOTP every time they refreshed, hence '399.
  602. larma Also CLIENT-KEY and CLIENT-KEY-PLUS would need to be IANA registered first, right?
  603. dwd The '399 code is also public, but it's an earlier design.
  604. larma dwd, yeah I guessed that TOTP was the driving force here 😉
  605. dwd larma, Sorta. Eventually. But they're in I-D form now.
  606. dwd larma, But I wouldn't remove 2FA entirely from '399 - while CLIENTKEY isn't dependent on it, it feels important that a client shouldn't ordinarily get a TOTP challenge when using CLIENTKEY, since the client installation has become the second factor, sort of.
  607. larma Yes, I am fine with mentioning that, basically the 4th sentence in §2.
  608. larma Also probably the other way round, mention it in 400, no?
  609. larma *mention '399 in '400
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