XSF Discussion - 2020-05-24

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  51. xnamed^ https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#example-9 What about adding to the room features: <feature var='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#admin'/> When user affiliation is "owner" or "admin", and <feature var='http://jabber.org/protocol/muc#owner'/> When user affiliation is "owner"?
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  106. MattJ xnamed^: what for exactly? Because this can change, so you would have to keep checking it
  107. MattJ Or track your affiliation, in which case it's not needed anyway
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  172. flow so I have xep313 latest (mam:2) and 0.5 (mam:1) side by side open, what exactly caused the namespace bump. IIRC it was only a tiny thing, but the examples all look the same to me (besides s/mam:1/mam:2/)
  173. flow so I have xep313 latest (mam:2) and 0.5 (mam:1) side by side open, what exactly caused the namespace bump? IIRC it was only a tiny thing, but the examples all look the same to me (besides s/mam:1/mam:2/)
  174. Zash That stanza-id was required
  175. flow ahh, § 3.5, not sure why we did a namespace bump for that, that appears to have been a mistake in hindsight
  176. Zash So that clients knew they could count on stanza ids being archive ids
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  178. flow right, but that would have been simply annouced via an extra feature, no?
  179. flow right, but that could have been simply annouced via an extra feature, no?
  180. Zash Dunno. Maybe.
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  184. jonas’ flow, yes, could’ve been
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  189. MattJ +1, mistake in hindsight once that became the only change
  190. pep. Is there a quick way to emulate / write a module for a server that automatically returns an error for sasl? I'm trying to see which clients display the error text (and which don't)
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  196. MattJ Probably 3-4 lines in prosody
  197. pep. reading through the doc
  198. MattJ module:hook("...event...", function (event) return event.origin.send(st.stanza("failure", {xmlns=...}) end)
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  200. MattJ event can be figured out from https://prosody.im/doc/developers/events or mod_saslauth code
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  220. lovetox you really shoud think about that, lets just add a feature strategy
  221. lovetox especially on experimental XEPs
  222. lovetox because then we could argue, there is always only a :1 we never need :2 because we just do a <feature name="mam:2">
  223. lovetox and this does work for all changes, not only for additional btw
  224. lovetox you really should write down a guidline when to use features and when to use a namespace bump
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  226. lovetox and then people should honor it, if they like it or not
  227. lovetox so its consistent
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  230. Kev It works whenever the behaviour as allowed but not required by the previous spec.
  231. Kev It works whenever the behaviour was allowed but not required by the previous spec.
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  235. flow lovetox> and this does work for all changes, not only for additional btw I doubt that is true, there are certainly valid reasons for a version bump
  236. lovetox a feature works for something thats a feature, hence OPTIONAL
  237. lovetox but thats not the reason they are used lately
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  239. lovetox its, oh there is some sensible change that XEP needs, everybody needs that change, but there is some impl out there that does not want to upgrade, so lets make the required change OPTIONAL to not break some client
  240. lovetox and i get this notion for a XEP that is in Draft or whatever final status there is
  241. lovetox but not for Experimental
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  246. lovetox but anyway i can also parse 27 features before i know the server does what i want, it doesnt matter much
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  250. emus Hello guys, just a reminder to put your news into the upcoming XMPP Newsletter for this May if you have anything to say or already published! 📬 We draft the Newsletter on Github and will archive to the Wiki once released: https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/706 Merge requests are welcome! 👋
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  265. Neustradamus_ emus: How we can edit a draft?
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  268. emus You should basically be able to create a merge request. If you don't want you can just comment a section. But merge request would be easier
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  273. wurstsalat Neustradamus_: pull requests on github are the quickest way emus: have you had a look at mine?
  274. emus Ehm, I though I merged everything, or?
  275. emus Okay, thats really odd and happened before - I don't get ANY email or notficiation about those pull requests (anyway thanks for you work!
  276. emus Okay, thats really odd and happened before - I don't get ANY email or notficiation about those pull requests (anyway thanks for you work!)
  277. Link Mauve Hi, how can one add @xml:lang support to XML Schema?
  278. Link Mauve Do we have any such example?
  279. Link Mauve Apparently I have to define xmlns:xml='http://www.w3.org/XML/1998/namespace', which goes against the XML spec AIUI.
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  281. emus wurstsalat - thanks, is merged
  282. Link Mauve Indeed it does, xmllint rejects it.
  283. wurstsalat emus, maybe you have to adjust notifications for your own fork?
  284. emus will check, but thats weird acutally 🤨️
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  310. Zash Re the Bookmarks thread, I remembered this exists: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0194.html
  311. mathieui wasn’t this intended for contacts?
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  313. Zash Seems to be
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  333. lovetox Zash, not sure how you think this has anything to do with the thread
  334. lovetox this tells your contacts that you joined a MUC
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  338. Zash Why is that so different from telling your own clients?
  339. pep. Might be a subset of it? :/
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  342. lovetox Zash we already have a mechanism to tell our own clients
  343. lovetox its called Bookmarks
  344. Zash :(
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  346. xnamed^ MattJ, as you said "track your affiliation" it's needed to let client know that to show actions for those features which can be accessed without having to join the MUC
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  355. flow Link Mauve> Hi, how can one add @xml:lang support to XML Schema? Isn't xml:lang implictly everywhere?
  356. Zash flow: I'd expect to be implicitly allowed everywhere since it's a namespaced attribute
  357. flow Zash, yep, me too
  358. pep. What if there's a limited number of occurs, don't we need semantics to say "it's fine if there's a different @xml:lang"?
  359. Zash That seems more likely
  360. pep. What do you mean
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  369. Link Mauve flow, yes, but how do you make the schema aware that an element can be duplicated if the @xml:lang is different?
  370. Zash Can schema even express that?
  371. Link Mauve I can’t find any hint that they do.
  372. pep. Zash, that was my comment as well, is it possible? :p
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