XSF Discussion - 2020-05-29

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  83. jonas’ pep., I don’t see text in MIX which says otherwise
  84. jonas’ pep., I don’t recall text in MIX which says otherwise
  85. jonas’ but it’s been quite a while since I’ve read MIX
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  99. jonas’ in some discussion a few days back, I was looking for this, and now I found it: https://multiformats.io/multihash/
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  102. jonas’ don’t ask me what the context is though
  103. jonas’ might be about the blake2 stuff
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  210. larma jonas’: you forgot to add a blockchain trigger warning to the link ;)
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  216. jonas’ larma, I didn’t notice anything blockchainy in there
  217. larma multiformats is from protocol labs which is blockhcainy 😉
  218. jonas’ TIL (and don’t care)
  219. Zash They invented ASN.1 ?
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  221. larma Zash, how is this related to ASN.1?
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  223. Zash OIDs
  224. jonas’ they’re not OIDs though?
  225. Zash The concept of { oid, hash bitstring } ?
  226. jonas’ I don’t see OIDs there though
  227. jonas’ OIDs are hierarchical
  228. larma yeah, they're not using OIDs, they are just prefixing the hash with a type and it's length
  229. Zash I don't mean OIDs specifically
  230. Zash Maybe I've just looked too closely at the whole ASN.1 thing, so to me it looks similar.
  231. MattJ It's the same but worse
  232. larma Zash, you mean they could have used ASN.1 instead?
  233. Zash They could
  234. larma but they are blockchainy
  235. jonas’ why would you though
  236. larma so they mind every byte
  237. jonas’ ASN is odd with it’s different serialisation formats
  238. Kev Says the developer working with XML :)
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  242. jonas’ yeah
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  249. larma ASN.1 has an XML serialisation format 😉
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  319. Kev Is memberbot online, and should they be?
  320. Zash We're in voting, so they should be.
  321. Kev That was my thought.
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  323. jonas’ it’s available for me
  324. Kev Hmm. I wonder if S2S between my server and xmpp.org is down.
  325. Kev Ah. Has xmpp.org enabled the 'I won't talk to small DH Keys' Prosody thing?
  326. pep. gender-neutral singular "they" replacing "it" for things? :P
  327. Zash bots are people too!
  328. pep. I'm sorry
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  330. MattJ Kev, yes (but to be clear it's not a Prosody thing, it's system OpenSSL defaults on Debian 10)
  331. Zash Pretty sure it's been configured to prefer ECDHE
  332. Kev Ah. Any chance that could be turned off, as an easier option that updating my server to a release from the last millenium? :)
  333. pep. And actually probably most distributions now, at it's recommended by openssl since.. a vulnerability not so long ago
  334. pep. And actually probably most distributions now, at it's recommended by openssl since.. yet another vulnerability not so long ago
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  339. pep. jonas’, flow, is the 157 validation thing gonna delay/make the PR get refused? :/
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  341. pep. Can we change that later if it's the case?
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  347. Zash I kinda rather you added text that says everything should be URIs
  348. pep. I don't mind about the way we do it, I just wanted it in :x
  349. pep. I don't mind the way we do it, I just wanted it in :x
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  359. pep. But as flow said, adding this kind of text on all fields now might be considered breaking (even though I would expect people to just put URIs in there already as the example suggests)
  360. Zash It's not Standards Track
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  362. pep. so.. that means we can bend it in any way we want it's fine? :p
  363. Zash We can bend anything we want any way we want.
  364. Zash We have the power!
  365. pep. We are the last XEP benders
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  373. flow pep., it already delayed the PR. I personally see no reason why this should cause the PR to get vetoed by council, but since it takes only one council member to veto…. In any case you could resubmit without, which would be sad. But we can not add the data form validation later on, without bumping the namespace, so it was important to do it now.
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  403. Guus I found out today that most of the spam that I get through XMPP is coming from my secondary account, on jabber.org, instead of my primary account on igniterealtime.org. What strikes me is that I publish contact details including the latter a lot more than the former.
  404. Zash I too get a bunch of spam to my jabber.org account, despite never having written about it anywhere or barely used it for more than occational testing.
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  418. stpeter We're working on it!
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  421. !XSF_Martin > We're working on it! Is Neustradamus around?
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  423. stpeter ;-)
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  450. Guus Having something anti spam on jabber.org would obviously be nice, but I wasn't so much calling for action as I was expressing surprise at the source of the spam I get. It would be interesting to find reasons why an infrequently used account gathers more spam than an actively used and shared one.
  451. Guus I do now wonder if the recent uptake in spam and the recent instability at jabber.org are related.
  452. Zash Guus: I imagine you'd find a ton of legitimate accounts by taking a random list of email addreses and picking out the localparts.
  453. Guus That wouldn't get you my jabber.org account.
  454. Zash Maybe the reason it seems to be more is that you look at it less often, so the spam waves get buffered up in offline storage
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  459. Guus I'm logged in all the time, but am not using it for anything other than ... what, really? As a fallback in case my primary account has issues, mostly.
  460. Zash Weird
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  469. vanitasvitae I receive lots of spam on my personal account on my personal server, but it appears to be fluctuating quite drastically from day to day.
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  471. vanitasvitae Guess I made it to some spam list...
  472. moparisthebest same, it went away almost entirely for almost a year I'd guess, but now it's back up to a few a day
  473. Zash But in my case, an account with no contacts that I never use and never mentioned anywhere, still getting spam? They must have guessed.
  474. Guus Can we assume that it's mostly one entity that's driving all of this spam?
  475. Guus Zash: maybe some kind of way to list accounts on a server or something?
  476. Guus Xep 55 with a wildcard?
  477. Zash Does jabber.org have that enabled? That'd be scary.
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  479. Kev No. It supports xep55, but it's opt-in.
  480. pep. or.. the db got leaked! :p
  481. Zash Or any db got leaked, and they tried every username on every server
  482. pep. Kev, opt-in by the client?
  483. Kev pep.: Yes.
  484. pep. So like MAM? :P
  485. Kev Well, by the user through their client.
  486. pep. opt-in but every clients uses it
  487. pep. opt-in but every client uses it
  488. Kev I don't follow.
  489. pep. It's a joke. I don't know if it's the case for 0055.
  490. pep. MAM was made opt-in on most servers though
  491. pep. For GDPR reasons among others
  492. pep. But every client uses it anyway
  493. Zash Opt-in by using it!
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  497. Zash But for 55 I'd hope it be a thing where you register with it to opt in
  498. Kev You don't register with it, you tick the box in your user configuration adhoc.
  499. Kev But that's probably equivalent.
  500. Zash Right
  501. pep. You mean your client does that for you, providing whatever UI
  502. pep. (maybe not even mentioning the fact that you're enabling it)
  503. Kev Do you have any evidence clients are doing this, or are you guessing?
  504. pep. No evindence, just saying it's a possibility
  505. Zash I highly doubt things will execute random ad-hoc commands
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  508. vanitasvitae The spam I receive is 95% russian and about spam services
  509. vanitasvitae So I can assume its the same sender.
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