XSF Discussion - 2020-05-30

  1. Neustradamus

    OMEMO messages can be send to oneself?

  2. lovetox

    Neustradamus, to another device of yourself yes

  3. rion

    To self contact and then carboned should be easier

  4. Neustradamus

    Thanks lovetox for your reply! But same OMEMO device no?

  5. Neustradamus

    Daniel: ^

  6. pep.

    Neustradamus, you never encrypt for your own device from what I understand. Something something forward secrecy

  7. pep.

    You can grep in the poezio@ room these exact words "something something forward secrecy"

  8. emus

    Offtopic: Are there any people developing for XMPP or servers in Colombia? I searched for it, but couldnt find anything. Any hints?

  9. !XSF_Martin

    Don't know. Is Columbia Spanish speaking? I've heard there is a Spanish xmpp community.

  10. emus

    yes and yes, did that too. however, just explicitly looking for this country

  11. !XSF_Martin

    No idea then.

  12. emus

    No problem

  13. !XSF_Martin

    >Colombia hosts 1 XMPP server: ['jabber.openrandomsolutions.org'] https://gist.github.com/infosec-handbook/19f96587511d6d8ab79b564a7e0b3bdf

  14. !XSF_Martin

    But don't know s**t about this server.

  15. !XSF_Martin

    But don't know anything about this server.

  16. emus

    Will check when I am back home, got limited by my mobile provider 🐌 Thanks for helping out!