XSF Discussion - 2020-06-01

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  138. Guus what's the better client on Mac these days?
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  141. Andrzej on macOS I'm using BeagleIM but I'm developer of BeagleIM so I may be biased
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  144. Kev I use Swift, obviously ;)
  145. Kev Although I'm using 5.0previews rather than 4.0.
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  151. Guus I'm starting to see the flaw in my approach.
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  161. mathieui Guus, :D
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  193. Zash Why doesn't xep-0084 use "current" or something as item id for the metadata node?
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  204. Yagiza Zash, I guess authors just forgot about it.
  205. Yagiza If I adopted a XEP and now is an author of, may I commit my changes directly to XEP repo, or I must do it via PRs?
  206. Andrzej Zash: I think that section 7.1. will answer that https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0084.html#impl-resources
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  208. Zash Ugh
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  210. Kev Yagiza: PRs
  211. Yagiza Kev, IC, thanx.
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  213. Yagiza Kev, once I publish a PR for a deffered XEP, should I change its status back to experimental in that PR?
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  216. Kev Maybe submit the PR without it, and ask what the Editors would like you to do.
  217. Kev I don't know if jonas’ normally asks authors to do that bump, or not.
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  220. Yagiza Kev, so, I have to ask him first?
  221. Kev I would. But if you don't do what he wants, he'll let you know anyway :)
  222. jonas’ Yagiza, feel free to change back to Experimental in the same commit you add the <revision/> lbock
  223. Kev There we go :)
  224. jonas’ if you don’t add a <revision/> block but want the Editors to do that, then please also don’t change the status
  225. Yagiza jonas’, ok, thanx!
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  254. Yagiza I wonder...
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  256. Yagiza If I receive a <message/> with <attention/> element and it with an encrypted <body/> element, which I failed to decrypt, what client shoftware should display?
  257. Zash 🔒️💔️🤷‍♀️️
  258. pep. OMEMO < 0.4?
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  260. Yagiza Should it display Attention, notifying user, that it had message text, which it failed to decrypt, or just notify user about it failed failed to decrypt message, without trying to attract his attention?
  261. pep. What do you do if you receive LMC and fail to encrypt body?
  262. Yagiza pep., right now I'm working on OMEMO v5.0, but I'm asking in general.
  263. pep. What do you do if you receive LMC and fail to decrypt body?
  264. Zash What do you do if something fails for any reason?
  265. Yagiza pep., LMC is not supported right now.
  266. Yagiza Zash, it depends.
  267. pep. Replace "LMC" with anything that you support that's not stuffed in <body/>
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  269. vanitasvitae Yagiza: I'd argue that with OMEMO:1 the <attention> would probably also be part of the <encrypted> element, no?
  270. Yagiza vanitasvitae, I don't think so. <attention/> element contains no sensitive information to encrypt it.
  271. vanitasvitae But I admit that such error cases are not yet well covered.
  272. vanitasvitae Mostly due to lack of experience.
  273. vanitasvitae Well, having it plain leaks that there is an attention in the first place
  274. pep. this ^
  275. Yagiza So, let's suppose we use some type of old encryption, which do not support SCE.
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  277. vanitasvitae Yeah in that case there is no way to not leak the exiatence of the <attention>
  278. pep. There is a way, just don't send it :P
  279. vanitasvitae Haha :D
  280. Yagiza Encrypting <attention/> element or not is up to implementation right now, 'cause it is not regulated by any XEP.
  281. vanitasvitae Yeah, sce should be more precise in that
  282. Yagiza So, let's get back to the initial question: what to do, if only <body/> was encrypted and we failed to decrypt it?
  283. pep. In poezio I'm filtering out everything that doesn't go in <body/> when doing OMEMO, because of this limitation
  284. vanitasvitae I'd say simply encrypt anything that doesnt need to be read by the server.
  285. vanitasvitae (As a rule of thumb)
  286. vanitasvitae > So, let's get back to the initial question: what to do, if only <body/> was encrypted and we failed to decrypt it? I'd say there is no ideal way to recover :(
  287. vanitasvitae Probably discard the attention?
  288. pep. Yagiza, tell both to your user? "Somebody is requiring your attention but we don't know what for"
  289. vanitasvitae Or that
  290. pep. I don't know what poezio does. "Attention" is not something I see everyday :x
  291. Zash print \a ?
  292. pep. Zash, in the case it can't decrypt body?
  293. Zash Dunno?
  294. Yagiza pep., eyeCU is a GUI cliant, so it does a lot of annoying things to attract user's attention. That's why it's critical what to do in such case.
  295. Zash Show what you know? "Couldn't decrypt message. Extra stuff: attention"
  296. pep. Yagiza, it's critical to annoy the user more? :P
  297. Yagiza pep., it's critical to annoy user with suspicious attempt to attract his attention, or not.
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  308. dwd Anyone know where the slixmpp devs hang out? Poezio MUC perhaps?
  309. pep. Poezio MUC works, you might have more people there, but otherwise it's xmpp:slixmpp@muc.poez.io?join
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  311. pep. or jdev
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  345. lovetox Yagiza, simple, you display the omemo fallback message like you always do when you cant decrypt it
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  347. lovetox and then additionally run the attention code, whatever that is
  348. lovetox i dont know why you are spending much more thought on that
  349. lovetox and of course with omemo:1 it should be encrypted
  350. lovetox you should not get into the fallacy to decide yourself what stuff seems important to *you* and needs to be encrypted
  351. Yagiza lovetox, well... when I run Attention code, do I have to display "Failed to decrypt" fallback message, or just no message at all?
  352. lovetox full stanza encryption means, encrypt the full stanza, except stuff that is added for partys that cannot decrypt (like the server)
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  354. lovetox Yagiza, i remember you argued the other day
  355. lovetox to have a fallback body
  356. lovetox and now you thing about not displaying it?!
  357. lovetox and now you think about not displaying it?!
  358. Yagiza lovetox, "fallback body" and "fallback message" are different things.
  359. lovetox how are they different?
  360. lovetox inside the fallback body is the fallback message
  361. lovetox except you mean something different
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  363. lovetox but the question really is, why would you want to treat this non-decryptable message differently because it has an attention attached
  364. lovetox do whatever you do when a message fails to decrypt without attention
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  367. Yagiza "fallback body" is a <body/> element of stanza with <encrypted/> element, to be shown by clients, which know nothing about encryption. "Decryption failure fallback message" - is a message, which client, which supports encryption displays, when it failed do decrypt encrypted content.
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  370. jonas’ lovetox, though, maybe <attention/> is important for the server? thinking push & stuff
  371. pep. Maybe there should be a systematic study of all new XEPs wrt. SCE. That is, should they be in or out :x
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  373. pep. But what about the 400 previous XEPs..
  374. Zash Didn't we start an E2EE WG?
  375. pep. I don't think going through all previous XEPs is doable anyway. I think general definitions like vanitasvitae or lovetox gave here are good, with maybe a few explicit exceptions / examples
  376. Zash When I looked at MAM, Carbons and CSI code recently, I started with the ones in the latest compliance suite.
  377. Zash + >= Draft maybe
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  381. moparisthebest > "Decryption failure fallback message" - is a message, which client, which supports encryption displays, when it failed do decrypt encrypted content.
  382. moparisthebest the SENDING client gets to decide this????
  383. Zash Planning for failure eh?
  384. moparisthebest my knee-jerk reaction is that is wrong and maybe exploitable, but I'll have to think about it harder
  385. pep. I don't understand the sentence enough to react this way :x
  386. lovetox Yagiza, but for your question its irrelevant if fallback body, or your custom failure message
  387. lovetox moparisthebest, i think you misunderstanding something
  388. moparisthebest very likely, the only context I have is that right there
  389. lovetox if you mean the server could manipulate the encrypted content so its not decryptable anymore, then exchange the fallback body with a message of his choice
  390. lovetox yes thats possible
  391. lovetox but 1. the message would show as unencrypted
  392. Yagiza lovetox, for me that's important. In this case I have to display decryption failure message. And I want to know, if I have to display it as Attention message, or should I display Attention with no message, and display decryption failure message as a separate message (not Attention).
  393. lovetox 2. only clients that dont support encryption at all, should use the fallback body
  394. lovetox let me rephrase this
  395. lovetox 2. only client that are legacy and not updated anymore use the fallback body
  396. lovetox every maintained client should depend on the <eme> attribute, and display his own failure messages, not depending on the fallback body
  397. Yagiza moparisthebest, why sending? Sending client cannot know if receiving client will successfully decrypt message content or something will go wrong.
  398. lovetox but yeah thats definitly an attack vector against clients that simply always display fallback body without an additional hint
  399. lovetox of course Yagiza, the sending client can always know when you cant decrypt the messge
  400. lovetox because the sending client can simply encrypt it wrong
  401. lovetox and for a server its even more simple
  402. lovetox just cut some bytes of the encrypted payload
  403. lovetox and i can make sure you cannot decrypt it anymore
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  405. lovetox then i add my own body
  406. lovetox you should never trust the fallback body
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  408. Yagiza lovetox, yes. So, sending client MUST NOT decide, which message will be displayed in case of failure. Only receiving client should display correct message to notify user about an error.
  409. lovetox fallback body is for legacy clients
  410. lovetox pidgin and stuff
  411. lovetox i just thought about what i said
  412. lovetox this is no attack vector at all
  413. lovetox the server can send the client messages all day
  414. lovetox manipulating an encrypted message into non-decryptable is only more work
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  420. moparisthebest But why add another payload to worry about, if a client capable of decryption can't decrypt something, it should display it's own message in it's own language, not something the sending client said, no?
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  425. lovetox we do that moparisthebest
  426. lovetox we add a message for legacy clients
  427. lovetox that dont know anything about encryption
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  432. Neustradamus https://medium.com/tenable-techblog/turning-signal-app-into-a-coarse-tracking-device-643eb4298447
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