XSF Discussion - 2020-06-05

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  4. Neustradamus

    Ge0rG: Where is the last official Yaxim .SVG icon? (cc rion)

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  87. Ge0rG

    rion: Neustradamus: https://github.com/yaxim-org/yaxim/blob/master/asset-graphics/yak/yak-front-grass.svg

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  196. Guus

    FMUC wise, how can the state of federation be reflected to users in the chat? Currently the only way as a user to tell if you've lost federation is that you see people leave the chat, it seems?

  197. Zash

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0310.xml mayhaps?

  198. Guus

    Thanks. A quick reading does not make me confident that I get its meaning, but it seems at least partially related.

  199. Guus

    Will look into it further

  200. lovetox

    Guus, i would say a user does not need to know that

  201. Guus

    lovetox: why is that?

  202. lovetox

    because its nothing that should happen regulary, its a technical detail of the protocol and infrastructur

  203. lovetox

    you dont get a whatsapp message when one of their server goes offline for a minute

  204. lovetox

    service is not working, i guess the user will notice that if he cant see any people in a MUC anymore

  205. lovetox

    thats all he needs to know, and bug his admin afterwards

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  208. Kev

    I think you're making assumptions there about the nature of the deploymen.

  209. Kev

    I think you're making assumptions there about the nature of the deployment.

  210. Kev

    FMUC is typically deployed places where it is something that may happen frequently, and that the users may well want to know.

  211. Kev

    Guus: From memory, we exit the users from the room with a show saying why.

  212. Guus

    What Kev said, and: thanks Kev.

  213. Kev

    I don't *think* we inject a system message at the same time, but I might misremember that bit.

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  216. Guus

    I am compiling a rather long text of XEP feedback - not very structured at the moment, but I guess I should post it somewhere

  217. Kev

    I've had a TODO to look at FMUC for ages, but as no-one else was implementing it it dropped way down my list.

  218. Kev

    Sorry Guus.

  219. Guus

    No worries, that's only to be expected.

  220. Guus

    I'm grateful for the feedback you've been giving me recently

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  239. jonas’

    classic IRC netsplit

  240. jonas’

    lovetox, it happens "all the time" on IRC

  241. jonas’

    and I’m not sure if FMUC can replay history, in which case you’d very well need to know what’s goin gon

  242. jonas’

    and I’m not sure if FMUC can replay history, in which case you’d very well need to know what’s going on

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  301. Guus

    The history sync is awkward. I haven't figured that out in our implementation.

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  311. Zash

    MUC-to-MUC MAM?

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  318. Holger


  319. Zash

    Not until start trying to merge those histories

  320. Holger

    Matrix in broken.

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  344. Kev

    Guus: Is it that tricky? It's mostly the same as client history.

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  346. Guus

    Kev: which I've never implemented myself either. 😁

  347. Zash

    Kev: Gets tricky if there's history on both sides that the other doesn't have?

  348. Guus

    What I wonder about is injection history mid-session, when a room with existing history and ongoing chat suddenly needs to interweave history from another source that joined.

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  356. DebXWoody

    Here little bit feedback / remarks / question for XMPP-OX: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Tech_pages/OX

  357. lovetox

    DebXWoody, after reading that my motiviation to implement OX is near zero

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  359. moparisthebest

    so you are saying there is a chance? >:)

  360. lovetox

    i tell you what i implement

  361. lovetox

    - Client generates Key, user can't bring his own - Key has no password - There is only one public key accepted per contact, and the only source of it is PEP

  362. flow

    DebXWoody, read it, pubsub get will get you the latest published item on a node, which is the latest version of the key

  363. lovetox

    Is it possible with pgp to change the expiry date on a key without changing the fingerprint?

  364. flow


  365. DebXWoody


  366. lovetox

    how does that work?! surley it has to be protected someway

  367. flow

    lovetox, it's a signed packet added to the keyring

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  369. lovetox

    signed by who?

  370. flow

    signed by the master key

  371. lovetox

    and who signes the expiry date of the master key

  372. chyna has joined

  373. lovetox

    or does the key i generate sign the packet itself

  374. flow

    basically yes

  375. lovetox

    Ok, yeah then let me add to that list - No expiry date on keys

  376. flow

    yes expiries are typical not useful for the average user

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  379. lovetox

    i like OX i think its less complicated than OMEMO and i dont really need the benefits of OMEMO

  380. flow


  381. DebXWoody

    lovetox, why near zero? I know what has been implemented (at least a little bit). I think your approach is not wrong. I see some pros on your implementation, but also some cons.

  382. flow

    openpgp provides a lot of freedom

  383. lovetox

    but i fear that people go into that with their own ideas how openpgp in xmpp should work

  384. lovetox

    and the XEP basically lets many things open

  385. flow

    and it could happen that OX is grated by different opinions which try to move it toward their choice

  386. lovetox

    and i fear this will make it not interoperable

  387. mimi89999 has joined

  388. flow

    which would be sad, because I think the existing openpgp ecosystem shows that it is interoperable while allowing a high degree of freedom

  389. lovetox

    flow only if you have a client that supports all the freedom

  390. flow

    no I don't think so

  391. lovetox

    which makes it less likely to implement

  392. flow

    MUAs shows that this is possible

  393. DebXWoody

    lovetox, I think we should fine a mix of it, this is the reason why I started this wiki page. I would like to use XMPP with my Nitrokey, this is basically the reason why I prefer to use my own keyring also.

  394. lovetox

    MUAs? whats that

  395. flow

    mail clients

  396. lovetox

    For me OX has to be implemented in a way that it is as invisible and easy to use as OMEMO

  397. DebXWoody


  398. flow


  399. lovetox

    yeah but that rules some things out for me that people that use PGP do daily

  400. flow

    probably, but does that mean that your code will not be able to exchange openpgp secured messages with those people?

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  404. lovetox

    - typing in a password daily to unlock the key - depending on PGP trust states (not sure about that but my feeling is i want to have my own trustmanagement rather than what pgp offers)

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  406. flow

    please completely ignore the web of trust

  407. flow

    its nonsense

  408. flow

    its nonsenses

  409. flow

    its nonsense

  410. lovetox

    its not about sending messages flow, its about sharing your secret key with other devices

  411. flow

    so you want a dedidcated key for xmpp? that's fine

  412. flow

    keyring even

  413. lovetox

    there are the people that want to use their own key and dont trust the application (hence want to use stuff like PGP Agent)

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  416. lovetox

    and this needs totally different development approach

  417. flow

    sure, those are then probably users that will not be happy with your implementation, if it does not allow for it

  418. lovetox

    yeah but that also means, if some clients support this, some not

  419. lovetox

    they cannot work together

  420. flow

    why not?

  421. DebXWoody

    This is why I would like to talk about it.

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  423. flow

    we maybe first have to define "this", but…

  424. chyna has joined

  425. lovetox

    because when you put a password on your key, and i have no GUI where you can put in that passwod, that means you cannot use both clients with the same account

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  427. flow

    lovetox, how does your no password approach work with multiple devices?

  428. DebXWoody

    lovetox, I think pinentry will do it.

  429. chyna has joined

  430. lovetox

    i dont undestand the question flow

  431. lovetox

    how is multiple device related to a password

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  434. flow

    lovetox, do you want to support multiple devices?

  435. lovetox

    of course

  436. flow

    lovetox, how does the onboarding work with your no password approach?

  437. flow

    how does a new device get a hold of the secret key material?

  438. lovetox

    are you talking about your AES backup code?

  439. lovetox

    AES encrypted secret key in the PEP node

  440. lovetox


  441. lovetox

    im not talking about that, that is fine

  442. flow

    ok, but then where is the problem?

  443. lovetox

    but maybe you remember, you can put a password on a PGP key on creation, and then i have to additionally encrypt it with AES

  444. flow

    if you want to store the key material unencrypted locally, that is your choice

  445. flow

    (as developer)

  446. Andrzej has left

  447. flow

    how an openpgp implementation obtains the secret key material is outside the scope of OX and OpenPGP

  448. flow

    so I don't see how this could cause that some clients are not able to work together

  449. flow

    I see other potential issues maybe

  450. flow

    but not htis

  451. flow

    but not this

  452. lovetox

    how is that out of scope, if you describe in your XEP how the secret key is obtained and even how it has to be encrypted

  453. flow

    that is only to fetch the secret key material if you don't have it

  454. flow

    but once you have it, you would usually store it locally

  455. DebXWoody

    I think this is not fully clearly defined.

  456. lovetox

    ok so if you dont describe this, and i assume all material that i decrypt is not additional secured, and other implementation dont assume that and create only passworded keys

  457. lovetox

    then both clients are incompatible

  458. lovetox

    regarding secret key sharing

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  461. flow

    now you have really confused me

  462. flow

    if the secret key material is shared via the PEP node as specified in xep373 § 5.4, then I'd argue it is clear for the implementations how the data should look like, and especially that it must be encrypted

  463. flow

    storing unencrypted openpgp secret key material in a PEP node would be not ideal

  464. lovetox

    yes obvious

  465. chyna has left

  466. lovetox

    but implementing this yields not necessarily a useable key

  467. flow

    and why is that?

  468. lovetox

    because PGP keys can be password protected

  469. flow

    yes, but the transferable key format (rfc4880 § 11.2) is unencrypted, and that is what xep373 § 5.4 specifies

  470. flow

    would be pretty silly to have another potential encryption layer here

  471. flow

    would be pretty silly to have another *optional* encryption layer here

  472. lovetox

    ahh i didnt know that

  473. flow

    glad we could clarify that :)

  474. lovetox

    this is another problem with the XEP for me, you refering to openpgp rfcs its fine, but you should add examples how one can get these transferable formats from gpg

  475. lovetox

    i think we can assume nobody that implement OX will write its own rfc4880 implementation

  476. flow

    hopefully not, but you need to knowledge about the used building blocks

  477. flow

    hopefully not, but you need some knowledge about the used building blocks

  478. flow

    btw, I would recommend using sequoia pgp instead of gpg

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  481. DebXWoody

    flow, "please completely ignore the web of trust" why?

  482. pep.

    Well that's up to the client, and I don't think it actually impacts how it's used on XMPP at all.

  483. pep.

    As long as some more technical users don't force that on others for no reason

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  486. pep.

    DebXWoody, it's also just possible for a client to use a freshly created keyring just for XMPP usage, and then a tech user can sign that key with their own if they really want to

  487. Shell has left

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  489. pep.

    It makes it easier for the client because it can use its own assumptions and doesn't have to plan for every all the various differences they can find in the real world

  490. werdan has left

  491. pep.

    It makes it easier for the client because it can use its own assumptions and doesn't have to plan for all the various differences they can find in the real world

  492. remko has left

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  494. lovetox

    flow, how do you get from https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4880#section-11.2

  495. lovetox

    that this is unencrypted?

  496. DebXWoody

    pep.: To sign a fresh key with a own key will not help to use for instance a OpenPGP SmartCard.

  497. pep.

    DebXWoody, that might be a nice feature but then you're kinda condemning the account to use a key per device

  498. pep.

    Or .. a key for the account and then a specific key for that device. Not sure how that would work

  499. lovetox

    flow further, i looked up the manual of gnupg, it lets me export the key in multiple formats PKCS#1, PKCS#8

  500. lovetox

    none of the documentation refers to rfc4880 11.2

  501. pep.

    DebXWoody, probably something to think about anyway. How to reconcile all these various use-cases..

  502. pep.

    (or not, but signal it somehow)

  503. lovetox

    i doubt 11.2 says anything about if it should be encrypted or not

  504. lovetox

    it just states some packet order, one of the packets is the secret key packet, and it does not say what that packet should contain

  505. lovetox

    and if a secret key is ecnrypted or not, is defined inside the secret key packet

  506. remko has left

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  508. DebXWoody

    I can just say what I prefer, but this depends on the user. I think we should try to keep it open. I generate 2 keys. One key is a CA key, one key is my personal key. The CA has been generated on a Smartcard, no backup. My personal key has been moved on a Smartcard for the Desktop and on a Nitrokey for Laptop (an Smartphone). The CA will be used to sign my keys and all friends. The personal is for daily use. Anyway, I will try to write some more information.

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  514. DebXWoody

    Anyway, I was able to send a message to gajim. It's 50% :-D

  515. lovetox

    DebXWoody, drop me a message if you need help debuging when something does not work

  516. DebXWoody


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  592. pep.

    It's possible to have one set of identifiers (login/passwd) and multiple Jids right?

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  594. pep.

    Something SASL authz? (just handwaving words I don't really understand)

  595. Zash

    Sort of

  596. pep.

    I know, the next question is gonna be "what do I want", not entirely sure myself. For now I'm trying to see if it's possible to have just one account and multiple identities

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  600. pep.

    Also anybody implemented burner jids yet?

  601. pep.

    I'm curious if they can be reused. This requirement suggests they might: "As the author of a social website I want to allow users to create ephemeral identities which can be used to contact them even if they have not granted access to their personal information."

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  615. pep.

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#createroom-reserved what on earth is a reversed room

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