XSF Discussion - 2020-06-28

  1. Neustradamus

    I think that the XSF must to sign it. It is possible to debate and to sign? Never too late!

  2. MattJ

    And maybe next year we can make a statement about .org

  3. pep.

    that'd be great :)

  4. lovetox

    we need to put the avatar sha for groupchat into the disco info of the room

  5. lovetox

    that way external services can query the avatar without joining the room

  6. lovetox

    also its just cleaner than with presence

  7. lovetox

    was prosody not already doing this? or do i remember this incorrectly

  8. Zash

    The prosody module available does do that, in addition to the presence thing.

  9. lovetox

    thats great, need to use that to display the avatar of the room before joining

  10. lovetox

    but we really should finish the XEP on this

  11. pep.

    You mean we should resubmit the 2 vetoed attempts?

  12. lovetox

    are you sure disco info extension was vetoed?

  13. lovetox

    sounds weird to me

  14. pep.

    don't remember exactly

  15. lovetox

    i can imagine that someone has something against the presence approach

  16. lovetox

    but adding a field in disco info sounds hard to veto