XSF Discussion - 2020-07-08

  1. nyco


  2. pep.


  3. edhelas

    i'm looking for a SIP (chat/messaging) to XMPP transport, do you know any ?

  4. flow

    edhelas, eta build a asterisk to xmpp bot and presented it at the last berlin meetup, not sure if that is what you looking for

  5. flow

    but a VoIP component (not a bot), that is discoverable by clients and bridges to the PTSN sounds very interesting

  6. flow

    then you could "dial" via your xmpp client

  7. pep.

    Jitsi-meet provides numbers to call to right? How do they do it

  8. flow

    edhelas, but you question reads like you only look for a SIP transport that is able to gateway textual content

  9. edhelas

    yes, no A/V, basically forwarding text messages

  10. Guus

    I think Openfire's Asterisk plugin did this, but it's outdated and incompatible with modern versions of both Openfire and Asterisk

  11. Guus

    XEP-0048 declares it uses XEP-0223 in its examples. It uses a 'storage' element to wrap a 'conference' bookmark, when used inside of a PEP item. XEP-0223 does not use that 'storage' element (it adds the 'conference' directly to the 'item').

  12. jonas’

    Guus, note that '223 is informational and does not define wire format

  13. jonas’

    '48 is normative regarding bookmarks, in '223 it is really only an example on how private data in pep may be used

  14. Guus

    sure, but '48 explicitly states it uses '223 in its examples

  15. Guus

    > It is RECOMMENDED to use Publish-Subscribe (XEP-0060) [4] for data storage, specifically through the use of personal data nodes hosted at the user's virtual publish-subscribe service as described in Best Practices for Persistent Storage of Private Data via Publish-Subscribe (XEP-0223) [5] and illustrated in the following sections.

  16. jonas’

    Guus, which means that you should very much configure the node correctly

  17. jonas’

    '223 does not define wire format, only node configuration recommendations

  18. jonas’

    which is what '48 uses

  19. jonas’

    '48 does not use any wire format from '223, because '223 does not define wire format :)

  20. Guus

    I know examples are not normative, but how is https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0048.html#storage-pubsub-upload not using a wire format?

  21. Guus

    isn't that example just plain wrong, if just above the XEP states that it uses `223 for illustration purposes?

  22. Guus

    at the very least, it's wildly confusing.

  23. jonas’


  24. jonas’

    '223 has zero to do with bookmarks

  25. jonas’

    the example is in '48 and it defines wire format (with the storage element and everything)

  26. jonas’

    but that has nothing to do with '223

  27. jonas’

    the only thing '48 uses from '223 is the node config and the fact that pep is used

  28. Guus

    Okay, in that case it's wildly confusing that `223 uses in its examples bookmarks in a different way than `48 does: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0223.html#example-1

  29. jonas’

    maybe '223 should be clearer that the example is made up and has nothing to do with '48

  30. jonas’

    the '223 example bases on the old '48 I think

  31. jonas’

    Guus, patches welcome I suppose :)

  32. Guus

    So, the intended behavior is to have a single bookmark per pep item, wrapped in a 'storage' element?

  33. jonas’

    in '48, yes

  34. jonas’

    Guus, XEP-0402 does it differently

  35. jonas’

    (and better)

  36. Guus

    Agreed. '48 should reference '402 - I completely missed it.

  37. jonas’

    Guus, indeed, now that '402 is Draft, we should consider deprecating '48

  38. jonas’

    and listing '402 as replacement

  39. jonas’

    Guus, care to file a PR? I don’t have my credentials with me right now, and it’d be good to have a PR to track that

  40. jonas’

    or at least drop me an email to the address I use on-list so that I can add it to next weeks council agenda (this week may be a bit short notice)

  41. jonas’

    or at least drop me an email to the address I use on-list so that I can add it to next weeks council agenda (today may be a bit short notice)

  42. Guus

    I've sent off a quick email to you

  43. jonas’


  44. lovetox

    yeah deprecating 48 if no server fully support 402 is maybe a bit early

  45. pep.

    it's like deprecating 0071 when no other clients supported anything else :-°

  46. pep. runs

  47. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life

    I have a question or more

  48. Zash

    No audio messages please.

  49. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life


  50. moparisthebest


  51. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life

    It's like having a feature you are not allowed to use.

  52. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life


  53. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life

    Anyone having knowlegde on the topic who wanne do a call with me on rooms and servers and such?

  54. jonas’

    pep., no, '71 was obsoleted ;)

  55. jonas’

    that’s worse and different

  56. pep.

    worse! indeed

  57. jonas’

    nevermind, it was deprecated

  58. jonas’

    but I think the initial move was to obsolete it and that was avoided

  59. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life


  60. jonas’

    I think deprecation when a replacement exists is ok

  61. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life

    Okay so I think I made a room

  62. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life


  63. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life

    So is it under my control now?

  64. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life

    Hmmm should shorten the url i guess or room name

  65. moparisthebest

    to be honest if you have questions you'd be better off to just ask them in the appropriate rooms via text, since that's how most of us communicate

  66. Zash

    What about deaf users? Or just listening to music? Or using a device without speakers?

  67. moparisthebest

    or sitting next to kids and therefore being unwilling to broadcast unknown sounds out loud...

  68. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life

    Why does F-Droid have a tracker?

  69. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life


  70. Zash

    This seems a bit off-topic for the XMPP Standards Foundation?