XSF Discussion - 2020-07-09

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  96. edhelas https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23775577
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  113. emus 🙂 bring your Swords & Shields to the comment section.
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  115. emus Now I thought about releasing the Newsletter more often to this community. So, if you have some mythbusting articles in the future (or anything else you need to tell the XMPP world) everyone is invited to contribute/comment to the Newsletter. See the draft PR on Github (XSF/xmpp.org)
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  230. pep. Something just got in the way for me to attend the board meeting in time.
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  232. Guus k
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  236. pep. Not sure I'll make it at all, maybe around :55 and on my phone
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  264. Guus board-o'clock
  265. Guus who do we have?
  266. Seve says hi
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  268. Guus ralphm MattJ pep. ?
  269. Guus pep. did warn that he might miss today's meeting.
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  271. Guus Seems to be just you and me Seve. Trello does not seem to have anything pressing - and we don't have quorum anyway. Postpone?
  272. Seve Yes, no problem :)
  273. Guus ok, cheers
  274. Guus runs off into the night
  275. Seve wishes a good day
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  277. MattJ Hey, sorry, got held up by children
  278. MattJ I'm fine with skipping if we don't have anything pressing
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  282. Seve Alright! :)
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  291. Guus Did you know the children that held you up?
  292. MattJ Yes, it's not the first time this has happened
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  313. Guus We have support groups to help you deal with the emotional damage that this can cause.
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  316. jonas’ parenting.stackexchange.com?
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  465. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life What are you guys thought on Signal?
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  468. citizenzibb Miao+Miao=woof
  469. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life ?
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  520. citizenzibb I'm trying to match your level of offtopic. In vain. You are #1 in this category.
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  522. eevvoor citizenzibb‎ limes to infinity ...
  523. citizenzibb *shrug* and beyond
  524. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Well just wanted to know... Wondered
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  526. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Hey you guys should alwaus allow direct sending of a file in XMPP around the server!
  527. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Hey you guys should always allow direct sending of a file in XMPP around the server!
  528. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Don't make it hard for the user and don't limit them like so many other platforms.
  529. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life By the user for the user to the children.
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  533. moparisthebest DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, direct sending of files *is* always allowed
  534. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: yea but apparently there seems to be conflict between XMPP clients.
  535. wurstsalat DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life: last time you tried to start the discussion around direct file transfers you got many answers. why again?
  536. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life wurstsalat: still not solved and have a short memory on things
  537. moparisthebest DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, some clients prefer HTTP upload if it's available 1) pick a different client 2) change that client to do what YOU want
  538. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life To many issues in this world and my brain is overburden.
  539. wurstsalat read the logs then https://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/
  540. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Just saying we want it to be easy for newbies coming to the platform working without to/much hazzle
  541. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Not needing to do too much under the hood.
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  543. eta well
  544. eta it does
  545. eta you use HTTP upload
  546. eta it works
  547. moparisthebest right, and that tends to be why most clients prefer http upload, because that's easy and what works without hassle
  548. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Easy for newbies and powerful for the hardcore.
  549. moparisthebest because direct, well then you have to explain what happens when people are logged in with more than 1 client, and a bunch more things
  550. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Http upload has limits on files.
  551. moparisthebest doesn't have to
  552. moparisthebest that's a server decision
  553. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: no but how/many servers to endless limit without bound
  554. moparisthebest probably not many
  555. moparisthebest but feel free to host your own
  556. Zash If you run your own you can decide on limits and retention policies
  557. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life You guys are always making it harder then it has to be. Its not like rocket science it was how/things worked in the good old days.
  558. eta ...
  559. eta no, in fact, the general aim is to make it easier
  560. moparisthebest lol
  561. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life You guys are always making it harder then it has to be. Its not like rocket science it was how things worked in the good old days.
  562. moparisthebest and it is
  563. moparisthebest unless you are trying to send 10gb movies or something, in which case, xmpp isn't perfectly suited for such a thing
  564. moparisthebest 99.9% of users will just use it to share a few mbs of pictures
  565. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life eta: yea you think but it is stupid to go away from a firm standard which has been tested for years and years and go into server nonsense if people just wanna send a file directly to another person.
  566. eta DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, ah yes, jingle, that, uh, reliable, well-implemented standard
  567. eta yes *nod*
  568. moparisthebest say you wanted to send a file to me directly DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life , which client would you pick, I'm connected from multiple
  569. moparisthebest do you know which one I'm on right now?
  570. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life > moparisthebest wrote: > unless you are trying to send 10gb movies or something, in which case, xmpp isn't perfectly suited for such a thing > 99.9% of users will just use it to share a few mbs of pictures And why not, why would it not be fixed for this as well like the old days why put limits on users on such things.
  571. Zash What firm standard was that?
  572. eta it's not as if you need, uh
  573. eta whole long explainer guides like https://gist.github.com/legastero/fa80e2366c448fd6e141 just to get a good idea
  574. moparisthebest hopefully that illustrates why what you imagine isn't a good idea
  575. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life eta: always issues with you guys trying to deflect the sane subjecr being put on the table.
  576. eta DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, oh I didn't know "deflecting the subject" meant "not saying what you want to hear"
  577. eta I'll be sure to update that for next time
  578. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Zash: ICQ, Messenger, IRC, Skype and others no one would have used them if they had not the direct ability to send files directly to another.
  579. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life No limit on file size
  580. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life None.
  581. moparisthebest LOL someone has clearly never attempted to send a file via IRC ^
  582. eta have you heard of this marvelous invention called a mobile phone
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  584. eta they don't tend to interact well with this direct p2p transfer stuff
  585. sonny has joined
  586. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life eta: listen did i say anything of Jingle, Jitsi i guess you mean or something. No i never mentioned it at all.
  587. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life eta: well fix it!
  588. eta is finding this quite entertaining
  589. moparisthebest someone did fix it lol, with http upload, it works great for everyone except apparantly you?
  590. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: lets just forget the other standards which I've used in my youth and focus on one.
  591. moparisthebest apparantly you have so why not
  592. eta DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, you're attempting to argue for direct file transfer, but you don't actually know how it works at all?
  593. moparisthebest no one has ever transferred a file using DCC on IRC and thought "wow that worked well"
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  595. eta moparisthebest, except warez people :p
  596. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: no it is selling out to Satan as alway you prohgrammers seems to do it all the time ruining things more and more.
  597. eta Zash, I think this is getting offtopic now
  598. moparisthebest DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, so become an evil programmer and do good instead? good luck
  599. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Direct transfer just make it work by standard and quit the excuses of fallen flat for the worldly powers to be.
  600. eta o_O
  601. Zash Uh, I'd say something about NAT and firewalls, but I don't want to be part of this discussion.
  602. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Skype did it, Messenger did it and the rest. This is standard foundation not a secoundary feature.
  603. eta Zash, careful, you could get banished to Hell
  604. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Zash: listen if p2p torrent programs can do it you guys can do it.
  605. moparisthebest what do you think skype did exactly? I can guarantee it didn't transfer files directly :P
  606. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Just do some great programming and fix it.
  607. moparisthebest even better DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life , YOU can do it! go for it, I believe in you!
  608. Daniel > still not solved and have a short memory on things Is it the drugs?
  609. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: oh give me a break - before microsuck bought it and all it was absolut perfect.
  610. moparisthebest DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, https://doc.rust-lang.org/book/ that should get you started, we even have a different channel if you have questions
  611. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: No I can't do it I can complain!
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  614. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Just make some kind of p2p sending feature and make it able to resume as well if one end breaks.
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  616. eta this is called jingle
  617. moparisthebest I'll be awaiting your code + spec with bated breath DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life
  618. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Like if the mobile loses battery or something a resume feature would be awesome.
  619. moparisthebest I'm especially excited to see how you handle multiple recieving devices
  620. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: well then make Jingle work and fixed in the clients :) I wanna see a resume button as well :)
  621. moparisthebest yep I can't wait until you do this, I'm very excited about it
  622. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: just let the first who gets it download it or both if the user want to. By the user for the user we wanna make the user have the choice and freedom to do what he want with it.
  623. eta DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, "talk is cheap, show us the code"
  624. moparisthebest forcing the sending client to upload it twice? hmm
  625. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Make 2 direct links if the oppesite user wanna download it for his mobile and computer directly from the one source.
  626. moparisthebest what if the sending client chooses not to upload it twice
  627. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: no but giving the user the choice.
  628. moparisthebest that's not very much freedom
  629. moparisthebest which user? sender or reciever? you only want 1 to have freedom? that doesn't sound very free
  630. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: listen you are just out to find excuses - just do it and fix it! :)
  631. moparisthebest DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, but you already volunteered, like I said, I'm very excited to see your solution
  632. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: like it would be hard to make a user choice for that if you want.
  633. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Make it either accept one line or multiple i'm sure a programmer can do some kind of sane programming.
  634. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Excuses excuses here I am coming and presenting gold.
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  636. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Think about it. I'm just here to help.
  637. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life I wanna see this platform grow
  638. citizenzibb Personally, I write all this code... Voluminously, and then I'm afraid the aliens will try to steal it so i squirrel it away in a super top secret password protected 7zip archive. Its so secure because even *i* don't know the password anymore
  639. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life As it seems to be the best foundation today by the user for the user.
  640. moparisthebest yep I can't wait to see the code you write that does this DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life
  641. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life citizenzibb: aliens are demons but off topic.
  642. moparisthebest I mean I probably won't use it since http upload does everything I want, but I always like to see code that solves complicated problems
  643. citizenzibb Nuh, they just wanted to stop me from releasing the latest version of my OS, temple os.
  644. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Well I can't code my head is already strained to the maximum with solving heath issues and trying to wake people up tonthe truth.
  645. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life moparisthebest: it's not complicated it just needs to be fixed :)
  646. citizenzibb We already know that 2+2 equals 11. C'mon I'm waiting for the extra credit questions.
  647. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life A experienced programmer should be able to do it.
  648. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life An experienced programmer should be able to do it.
  649. citizenzibb Unix philosophy is do one thing and do it well. Why complicate things beyond their primary function.
  650. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Daniel: God is my Jugde - maybe the awesome Cinnamon oil ;)
  651. moparisthebest DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life, what better way to wake people to the truth then to just show them the code, I believe in you
  652. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life citizenzibb: yea why leave a foundation feature just because everybody goes into nutty land for more control from the powers to be?
  653. citizenzibb He cannot complete with my magnum opus. Temple os is the only OS.
  654. eta is actually wearing a TempleOS hoodie right now
  655. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life citizenzibb: the poor Guy needed Jesus.
  656. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life The real version of Jesus.
  657. citizenzibb eta: i see you have been saved, brother.
  658. MattJ Ok folks, could we cool it in here? Way off topic
  659. citizenzibb I'm glad my work has brought you enlightenment
  660. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life In any case guys, thanks for the effort of XMPP. Just just missing some things here and there but absolutly a nice platform. So don't get me wrong.
  661. citizenzibb MattJ has spoken. All hail J.
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  664. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life The problem is... I first/knew about it like some/month ago. Need more exposure on the net so more people will join. And more programmers and such.
  665. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Like never heard about and hoe could that be.... It's so sad, it really remind of the good old days which I was looking for.
  666. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Like never heard about and how could that be.... It's so sad, it really remind of the good old days which I was looking for.
  667. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Like never heard about and how could that be.... It's so sad, it really remind me of the good old days which I was looking for.
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  669. DarkiJah - JesusIsGodAlmighty.Life Anyway I guess thats all for me for now, take care and Jehovah be with ye guys :) later
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