XSF Discussion - 2020-07-28

  1. edhelas

    For thoses that wants to try out, I've implemented a few days ago bookmarks:1 in Movim master

  2. edhelas

    You can directly try it out on the official pods

  3. emus

    edhelas: ๐Ÿ‘

  4. edhelas

    It also supports :0

  5. Daniel

    So now we just need a switch day?

  6. edhelas

    As you want :)

  7. edhelas

    I'm planning to release the 0.18 soon with this feature in

  8. Daniel

    edhelas: are you migrating bookmarks?

  9. Daniel

    Or will this make bookmarks incompatible with literally everything else out there?

  10. edhelas


  11. edhelas


  12. edhelas

    I have a tool to migrate from the old system and push it to :1

  13. edhelas

    And i'm pulling from :0 and :1 and pushing to :1 on edit

  14. Daniel

    A tool? Does that run automatically?

  15. Daniel

    When and how often?

  16. edhelas


  17. Holger

    This should really be done by servers I guess.

  18. edhelas

    Basically after I pull from :0 and :1, if the list is empty I invite the user to sync its old bookmarks

  19. edhelas

    There's a button for that

  20. Holger

    Users switching browsers are used to importing bookmarks ๐Ÿคช

  21. Daniel

    Luckily I haven't switched browsers since firebird 0.7

  22. Link Mauve

    edhelas, so that means a user using any client other than Movim will effectively lose their bookmarks in it?

  23. edhelas

    Link Mauve no, because I don't clear the old storage:bookmarks ones

  24. edhelas

    Like Firefox is not clearing Chrome bookmarks when they are imported :p

  25. Link Mauve

    edhelas, so youโ€™re only desynchronising?

  26. Link Mauve

    My current advice would be to keep using Private XML bookmarks until the server advertises bookmarks2 conversion.

  27. Daniel

    Fwiw Conversations also has code for bookmarks 2.0 - but it's currently not enabled because I don't want my users to loose sync

  28. edhelas


  29. Daniel

    Plus I think servers don't support the unlimited items feature yet

  30. Daniel

    Which is sort of required if you don't want to use magic numbers

  31. edhelas

    that was the goal of "multi-items" in 0060

  32. edhelas

    > The service supports the storage of multiple items per node. It requires the pubsub#max_items configuration item to be exposed to the user and allow sensible values (higher than one) to be set in Configure a Node.

  33. Daniel

    I'm talking about the publish options max

  34. Daniel

    Which turns out server devs don't like

  35. Daniel

    Meaning we probably have to redo that

  36. Zash

    I doubt we'll support *unlimited* items

  37. Daniel

    it's not specified as unlimited. but as server defined max

  38. flow

    Daniel> Meaning we probably have to redo that What a pitty, I do like it. What would be the alternative? An additional (boolean?) field which tells the server to allow multiple items on that node?

  39. Link Mauve

    flow, the issue isnโ€™t whether multiple items are allowed, it is that multiple implementations have a different value for their maximum amount of items, and short of hardcoding 255 or so (which might be too low for some applications) in all clients it was impossible to know the serverโ€™s maximum pubsub#max_items.

  40. Link Mauve

    Itโ€™s still impossible, but you can now request it since 0060 1.17.0.

  41. flow

    Link Mauve, I know

  42. flow

    If I am not mistaken we previously only had a field which set the max items for a node, and if you set it to a value >1, then you allowed the node to carry multiple items

  43. flow

    and this field was extended to allow besides the integers, also a string value, "unlimited" (or so), to denote that you want the pubsub service to retrain multiple items for that node

  44. flow

    but ppl where not happy, because we now have a value that can either be an integer or a string

  45. flow

    so my suggestion was to add another field 'multiple-items', which if set to 'true', signals the server that it should keep multiple items for that node, akin to the "unlimited" value for max-items

  46. flow

    and I was wondering if that's a good idea that would make people happy

  47. Link Mauve

    flow, itโ€™s not 'unlimited', itโ€™s 'max', and its meaning isnโ€™t that the node can retain multiple items, itโ€™s that the node will accept as many items as the server is configured to accept.

  48. Link Mauve

    (Limit which isnโ€™t even queryable.)

  49. flow

    I know, hence I wrote "unlimited (or so)"

  50. Daniel

    Some people would probably prefer -1 instead of max

  51. flow

    Daniel, then the feature wouldn't be discoverable, or you would need to jump through an extra hoop to make it so, no?

  52. Daniel

    Max currently has a disco feature. So you'd need a new disco feature

  53. Daniel

    Or rename that feature essentially

  54. flow

    if it was a new field, we could re-use the existing mechanisms for pubsub feature discovery, I believe. not a big deal, but still

  55. ikeameatballs


  56. Guus


  57. DarkiJah

    Guus: how did you do that?

  58. DarkiJah

    > Guus wrote: > ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ช Hmm just a picture? No code?

  59. Guus

    That's just an emoji.

  60. DarkiJah

    Well not sure how that works

  61. DarkiJah


  62. Guus

    Similar to things like these: ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ†๐Ÿฅณ

  63. DarkiJah

    Ahh well...

  64. DarkiJah


  65. DarkiJah

    Don't seem to have scandinavian flags myself

  66. DarkiJah


  67. Guus

    ๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธ

  68. Guus

    If you can see them, you can probably copy paste them.

  69. Holger

    Just ask Guus whenever you need a flag.

  70. DarkiJah

    You have a Danish flag or a all white flag would be cool

  71. DarkiJah

    You have a Danish flag or an all white flag would be cool

  72. Guus

    I walked right into that one

  73. !XSF_Martin


  74. !XSF_Martin

    How much more Scandinavia do you need?

  75. DarkiJah


  76. DarkiJah

    !XSF_Martin: well does not seem to be part of my system.

  77. !XSF_Martin

    Old android maybe.

  78. DarkiJah


  79. !XSF_Martin

    9 here

  80. DarkiJah

    Ahh... Well it sounds like it is a vad idea to update on my old mobile... Although the update is yet be seen...

  81. DarkiJah

    Ahh... Well it sounds like it is a bad idea to update on my old mobile... Although the update is yet be seen...

  82. !XSF_Martin

    Android manor updates suck, but we should stop the offtopic here.

  83. DarkiJah

    !XSF_Martin: roger

  84. DarkiJah

    One of the owners in this room seems to be a Roman Papist - just so you know. Catholics are Wolves in Sheep clothing who follows that AntiChrist 666. A pagan Satanic cult, the very masterpiece of Satan. They hate the truth and look to the Devil for guidence. They worship a dry cookie and call it God...

  85. Holger

    Let's get back to flags.

  86. DarkiJah

    Holger: Just noticed. Anyway back to research. :)

  87. vanitasvitae


  88. ikeameatballs


  89. DarkiJah

    moparisthebest: The truth does that to people - but the truth stays the truth.

  90. DarkiJah

    Ups that was not private.

  91. ikeameatballs

    im atheist so im neutral on this discussion

  92. Kev

    This isn't remotely topical, so stop please.

  93. DarkiJah

    ikeameatballs: okay... But most people tend to hang on to Evolution when they are atheists.

  94. Kev

    As I said, please stop.

  95. DarkiJah

    moparisthebest: I don't fall for slick Catholic talk. The Pope the Devils front face in this worldand any Christian being part of that system should come out of it imediatly.

  96. Kev

    Or ignore me.

  97. vanitasvitae

    Kev, thx

  98. Daniel

    Trying to set up a new record of channels to get banned from?

  99. Daniel

    Trying to set a new record of channels to get banned from?

  100. moparisthebest

    ah sorry I see he didn't understand how PMs worked, I was trying to talk some sense into him and he was just responding in here :/

  101. !XSF_Martin

    >AntiChrist 666. A pagan Satanic cult Where can I enroll?

  102. vanitasvitae

    moparisthebest, I fear that is wasted time

  103. moparisthebest

    yea I suspect so, it was worth a shot though

  104. Kev

    I think *everyone* should drop it.

  105. vanitasvitae


  106. jonasโ€™


  107. jonasโ€™

    UPDATED: XEP-0313 (Message Archive Management)

  108. jonasโ€™

    congrats, MattJ

  109. jonasโ€™

    something went wrong though and the revision block points to the wrong date

  110. jonasโ€™

    Iโ€™ll get so much flak for that

  111. jonasโ€™

    ah well

  112. MattJ

    Uh oh, thanks!