XSF Discussion - 2020-08-10

  1. eevvoor

    Link Mauve, was the same for me :D

  2. edhelas

    that's why we have deadlines

  3. Holger

    Looks like I've hit the last-minute appliers' quartal. Perfect.

  4. Alex

    Memberbot is online now.Its running the latest master code from our repo now with many fixes, Kudus to Dave

  5. flow

    ahh so many nice people to vote on :)

  6. edhelas

    there's also less nice people

  7. edhelas


  8. jonas’

    Alex, can you double-check holgers contact info in memberbot?

  9. Alex

    jonas’, yes, checking now

  10. Alex

    fixed, thanks jonas’

  11. jonas’

    thanks :)

  12. eevvoor

    what is the memberbot`s jid again?

  13. emus


  14. eevvoor

    ah thx for reminding emus

  15. emus