XSF Discussion - 2020-08-11

  1. edhelas

    there is discussions at the IETF regarding Wildcard usage and their limitations https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/sipcore/AwzfoefRXbcELa8o3tJseoKZiTM/

  2. edhelas

    i think that some of them are also applicable to XMPP

  3. edhelas

    (the discussion are in the SIP group)

  4. vanitasvitae

    I guess the mailing lists archive is having a hickup?

  5. vanitasvitae

    https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/ doesn't load for me

  6. Zash


  7. Zash

    MattJ (as iteam lead): poketh

  8. MattJ

    Yeah, known issue

  9. MattJ

    Network outage linked to https://www.cbsnews.com/news/derecho-storm-100-mph-winds-hits-midwest/

  10. Guus

    Xmpp server seems affected too

  11. MattJ

    Yes, everything at USSHC

  12. Guus


  13. vanitasvitae


  14. MattJ

    So mail, DNS primary, and xmpp.net

  15. MattJ

    And jabber.org of course

  16. Zash

    Tangental: Can haz a status / incidents page?

  17. MattJ

    Open an issue :)

  18. Zash


  19. MattJ

    I have a few hours a month blocked off for iteam stuff, that's the kind of easy thing I could work on then

  20. Zash

    I seem to remember Link Mauve looking into this kind of thing, maybe they remember something of use?

  21. Link Mauve

    We use cachet, see https://statut.jabberfr.org/ for a demo.

  22. Link Mauve


  23. MattJ

    Yeah, that my favourite from the research I've done

  24. MattJ

    There surprisingly aren't many options

  25. Zash

    Weird, isn't it basically just a minimalistic blog?

  26. MattJ

    In a way, sure

  27. MattJ

    But isn't everything? :)

  28. jonas’


  29. MattJ


  30. jonas’

    odd, what are the problems everyone is rumoring about?

  31. jonas’

    isn’t USSHC also a bunker and should not care about some storm ;)?

  32. MattJ

    Not xmpp:xmpp.org

  33. jonas’

    right, I can’t read

  34. MattJ

    I assume the bunker is fine, but the network outside it is not :)

  35. jonas’

    oh wow

  36. jonas’

    it’s really gone

  37. MattJ


  38. jonas’

    like, "no route to host reply from my ISP" gone

  39. jonas’

    mtr aborts right after the first hop

  40. jonas’

    they dropped off BGP

  41. Zash


  42. MattJ

    It's very gone

  43. jonas’

    since 14:44Z already apparently