XSF Discussion - 2020-08-13

  1. lovetox

    the vcard 4 xep is weird

  2. Guus

    Who do we have for the board meeting?

  3. Zash

    every xep is weird

  4. lovetox

    it seems it uses pubsub for publishing, but only behind the scene, and you have to publish via iq

  5. Zash

    have to?

  6. lovetox

    the xep does not describe that you could also just publish to pubsub

  7. lovetox

    means, the server has to have a vcard4 xep

  8. lovetox

    means, the server has to have a vcard4 module

  9. Seve

    Guus: me, but looks like everybody is on summer holidays

  10. Guus

    Seve I think you might be right

  11. jonas’

    even MattJ?

  12. MattJ


  13. Zash

    Funny thing is that IIRC the basic iq method was added in order to work in MUCs, but it doesn't without adding special handling in MUC.

  14. MattJ

    Sorry, was in another window and didn't notice the time

  15. Guus

    well, we might ping ralphm too then. Pep. isn't in this room?

  16. ralphm

    Still vacationing

  17. pep.


  18. Guus

    oh, wow, semi-full house

  19. Guus

    ralphm your vacationing yet responding gives a mixed signal 🙂 Are we meeting?

  20. ralphm

    I'd prefer next week

  21. Guus

    I'm having a quick look at the board - I don't think I'm seeing many changes / urgent matters.

  22. ralphm

    I'm outside, recovering from lots of icecream

  23. Guus

    Does someone prefer to discuss things today, or shall we punt to next week. I'm fine with both.

  24. Guus

    I'm trying, but failing, to feel sorry for you, ralphm .

  25. MattJ

    I'm also fine with skipping if we don't have anything pressing

  26. pep.

    I don't see anything new either on the agenda

  27. ralphm

    Guus: jealous instead?

  28. Guus

    Seve - I think you already anticipated holiday-season?

  29. Seve


  30. Guus

    ralphm hah! you've clearly not seen the stock in my fridge. 🙂

  31. Guus

    ok, let's move this to next week then.

  32. ralphm

    This thread is worthless without pictures

  33. Seve

    Enjoy your ice cream guys :)

  34. jonas’

    jokes on you all, we got an ice cream machine

  35. Guus

    ralphm just did a slightly more sophisticated "pics or it didnt happen" I think...

  36. ralphm


  37. Guus

    How can you be recovering from icecream if it's still in the bowl? Seconds? 🙂

  38. Guus

    (*now* I'm jealous)

  39. ralphm

    This is 'before'

  40. jonas’

    Related to this update, Docker is introducing a container image retention policy which will be enforced starting November 1, 2020. The container image retention policy will apply to the following plans: - Free plans will have a 6 month image retention limit

  41. Guus

    On Dockerhub?

  42. Guus

    So they're effectively reducing retention?

  43. jonas’

    they’re imposing a retention, previously it was infinite I think

  44. jonas’

    -> https://www.docker.com/pricing/retentionfaq

  45. Guus

    (isn't that what I said?)

  46. Guus

    Do we generally agree that having a default value for the pubsub#persist_items pubsub option in PEP is a sensible?

  47. lovetox

    of course, persist_items must be true, otherwise PEP is almost useless

  48. lovetox

    back in the day when all people published was activity and mood, persist items is probably irelevant

  49. lovetox

    now that people store stuff like public keys for encryption, and bookmarks

  50. lovetox

    persist items = true, is essential