XSF Discussion - 2020-08-26

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  148. rion

    https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/905 can council review this wrt stpeter comment?

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  150. jonas’

    rion, sorry, I missed this

  151. jonas’

    after stpeters approval, this is just a matter of Editors, since this spec is still Experimental/Deferred

  152. jonas’

    rion, can you ping me (@horazont) in the PR so that I get an explicit email from it?

  153. rion

    jonas’: done

  154. jonas’

    thank you

  155. jonas’

    rion, can you also update the revision block with a more recent date to reduce confusion?

  156. jonas’

    (please do so by amending the commit, do not create a new commit changing the date, otherwise I’ll have to rewrite that)

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  164. rion

    jonas’: force-pushed

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  168. jonas’


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  204. Holger

    So the reason to have the server do all this ping and MAM dance rather than just having the client ping the MUC is filtering push notifications based on nick mentions?

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  206. eta

    Holger: that's one reason

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  208. Holger

    Which obviously only works for unencrypted MUC. And then you need additional protocol for making that configurable?

  209. eta

    Holger: it's a bad thing if clients have to implement a bunch of retry logic

  210. eta

    the XEP I'm writing doesn't actually address push

  211. eta

    it's mainly about keeping clients in the MUC in the face of disruption

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  213. eta

    also, mobile clients can't retry if the phone is in deep sleep

  214. Holger

    About keeping them? I thought it was about detecting kicks that got unnoticed due to TCP fuckup?

  215. Ge0rG

    eta: what about having a client register for XEP-0357 on a MUC if it wants to stay inside?

  216. eta

    Holger: it also handles MUC service restarts

  217. Holger

    By auto-rejoining?

  218. Zash

    The MUC model is client-based, so the client doing stuff fits.

  219. Ge0rG

    and when that specific full JID falls out of the MUC, it will be push-pinged?

  220. eta

    Ge0rG: that requires server support

  221. eta

    and doesn't work if there's no s2s at the time of the disruption

  222. eta

    s/server/MUC service/

  223. eta

    Holger: yeah

  224. Ge0rG

    eta: if there is no s2s, nothing will work

  225. eta

    and either asking the client to handle MAM, or doing it for the client in some cases

  226. eta

    Ge0rG: well the client's server polling until s2s comes back will :p

  227. eta

    Holger: basically the client can just join a MUC and never get kicked out, if this spec is implemented

  228. eta

    (well, unless the server gives up after an extended period)

  229. Holger

    As long as the 0198 session is alive, you mean. (Which can't be kept alive if the mobile client cannot be push-woken out of its deep sleep.)

  230. eta

    Holger: well that's why the server also always keeps a resource joined that it controls

  231. Holger


  232. eta

    so then a follow up XEP can use that connection to do push things :p

  233. eta

    why is that eww?

  234. Holger

    Well I should read the spec.

  235. eta

    Holger: I should write the spec 😉

  236. eta

    I'll fill out the design considerations section with some rationale

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  243. Ge0rG

    eta: a user's server could act as a XEP-0045 bouncer without any protocol changes; it just needs to define how joined channels are maintained, e.g. by using the bookmark autojoin flag

  244. eta

    Ge0rG: there aren't really any protocol changes :)

  245. Ge0rG

    eta: so the user's server would join all the user's MUCs under a specailly crafted resource, and keep track of which clients join/leave the MUC

  246. Ge0rG

    no more multiple copies of MUC-PMs, all the benefits. Somebody just needs to write it

  247. eta

    Ge0rG: hmm, but multiplexing multiple resources into one sounds more complicated

  248. Ge0rG

    eta: not so much really

  249. Ge0rG

    a MUC has to do that for multi-session nicks already

  250. eta

    more to the point, it somewhat breaks things like transports that do per-resource history

  251. eta

    and now introduces fun questions about whether the server has to keep a MAM archive

  252. Zash

    Ge0rG: Pretty sure the server could use the bare JID to join.

  253. Ge0rG

    per-resource history is horrible anyway

  254. Ge0rG

    Zash: maybe, maybe not

  255. eta


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  257. Ge0rG

    eta: so many reasons, I can't even start.

  258. Zash

    That's what that experimental "minimix" thing does and I'm pretty sure it didn't break everything

  259. Ge0rG

    There was a bunch of issues on the biboumi tracker related to that

  260. eta

    Ge0rG: I mean, that's one way you could implement this XEP, btw

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  262. eta

    like I don't think the client has to care about whether it's one resource or multiple on the server side

  263. eta

    we can add that in as a "Servers MAY choose to only join one resource" or something

  264. eta

    I'm just worried doing it that way would break assumptions in existing software

  265. Ge0rG

    I'm not following

  266. eta

    the XEP doesn't mandate you actually join each resource

  267. eta

    I mean, from the client's perspective it should appear that way

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  269. eta

    but you're free to multiplex everything into the barejid and just join that if you like

  270. Zash

    Gets easier to distinguish server-based things if the bare JID is used, but yeah there might be some "there's always a resource" assumption in some MUC implementation.

  271. eta

    Ge0rG: (that being said, I was originally going to stipulate each resource be joined, so thanks for the suggestion)

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  279. Alex

    does the XSF website deploy automatically over CD after PRs or are there additional steps required?

  280. Zash

    May require a swift kick in the Docker by iteam, unless it's been automated without me noticing (possible)

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  297. Holger

    Ge0rG, eta, sorry but to me all this sounds like throwing another non-trivial pile of terrible hacks on top of MUC just to try to work around MUCs presence-basedness by pretending the client is present while its not. I think this would just open up a new can of worms to keep us busy. To me it makes way more sense to try to get rid of the presence-basedness rather than working around it. E.g. by doing 0357 on the MUC JID; or if you want to leave push to the user's server, by going for Tigase' solution of having the MUC send groupchat messages to the bare JID of offline members, so the user server can push-notify (which seems the most straightforward variant of MUC-Lite and MUC/Sub and whatnot to me).

  298. eta

    Holger: the main issue I have with that sort of solution is it requires MUC services to upgrade

  299. Holger

    eta, and you think having user servers upgrade to a version that implements an absolutely non-trivial pile of hacks is easier?

  300. eta

    Holger: define "non-trivial pile of hacks"

  301. eta

    I don't think my proposal is that terrible

  302. Holger

    Are user servers somehow easier to upgrade than MUC servers?

  303. eta

    Holger: well, your ideas also would require clients to upgrade

  304. Holger

    My other suggestion would be to spend our limited time on MIX rather than on poll-pinging MUCs, playing presence games, having servers perform MAM queries and whatnot.

  305. eta

    backwards compat is important

  306. eta

    MIX is grand, but it'll be a long time before everyone is using it

  307. eta

    and using it requires effort on behalf of all servers and clients

  308. Holger

    AFAICS the Tigase solution requires an absolutely trivial upgrade to "subscribe" with the MUC. One could probably even go without that.

  309. Holger

    Backwards compat is important but we don't break it at all by introducing optional improvements.

  310. eta

    Holger: from the user's perspective though, now they have some MUCs where push works and some MUCs where it doesn't

  311. Holger

    Everything that works today will work tomorrow with my suggestions.

  312. eta

    Holger: sure; my point is, with my suggestions, everything that works today will work better tomorrow, transparently

  313. eta

    Holger: I don't disagree with you about MUC being less than ideal :)

  314. eta

    but the pace of XMPP development is slow enough as is

  315. Holger

    Right, that's not our disagreement. We disagree on how to tackle that problem.

  316. Kev

    Often because we worry too much about compatibility with broken systems ;)

  317. Kev goes back to lurking

  318. eta

    Holger: we've had MIX / mucsub / etc for a while now though

  319. eta

    and if they'd gained traction, we wouldn't be having this conversation

  320. eta

    perhaps this is because the last chat system I tried to use was IRC, but I think there's significant value in having older clients work without requiring them to change anything

  321. Holger

    MUC/Sub & friends are non-standard extensions of vendors for their customers.

  322. Holger

    I totally agree on backwards compat being essential.

  323. eta

    Holger, well hang on, let's look at this from another angle, actually

  324. eta

    I actually don't think we're in disagreement at all

  325. eta

    because you can have both a pile of hacks for old hacky stuff and a cleaner way to do things for non legacy MUC services

  326. Holger

    I just disagree on the idea of implementing a pile of hacks to bring new functionality to clients transparently.

  327. eta


  328. Holger

    So I disagree on that we're even talking about a backwards compat issue.

  329. Andrzej has left

  330. eta

    well what about that idea do you dislike?

  331. eta

    is it the pile of hacks part, or the transparent part?

  332. Holger

    The hack part. I'm obviously all for improving things transparently if it can be done in a clean way.

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  335. eta


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  337. eta

    the issue is, hacks are kinda required to deal with legacy services

  338. eta

    I mean what I've written already makes some provision for doing mucsub-esque things (along the lines of "keep a list of MUC participants, and notify their servers if they drop out for whatever reason")

  339. eta

    but then you don't get the benefit if the MUC doesn't upgrade

  340. sonny has joined

  341. eta

    (I also don't think auto-rejoining is thaaat hacky :p)

  342. eta

    I guess you could split the XEP and make the hacky part optional? (at the cost of negating a lot of the benefits)

  343. Holger

    I’ve implemented tons of horrible hacks for backwards compat myself. But I’m not keen on implementing hacks to get new improvements just to avoid the requirement for the MUC service to be updated.

  344. sonny has left

  345. Holger

    What Ge0rG and you outlined did sound way more complex than just poll-pinging and auto-rejoining.

  346. Holger


  347. eta

    Holger, I mean I'm really not a fan of the whole join-using-only-one-resource thing

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  350. eta

    it's just one way to implement it, right

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  362. Ge0rG

    Holger: there are so many trade-offs here!

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  364. eta

    how do you reference another section of an XEP

  365. eta

    (cc jonas’ as resident XEP XML expert)

  366. jonas’

    eta, of the same XEP?

  367. eta

    jonas’, yeah

  368. Ge0rG

    eta: <link url='#lists'>

  369. jonas’

    you need to put an anchor='some-unique-and-urlsafe-string' on the <sectionX/> and then you can <link url='#some-unique-and-urlsafe-string'>...</link>

  370. eta


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  376. eta

    can one say "This section is non-normative" in XEPs, or is that generally avoided?

  377. jonas’

    eta, what would you put there?

  378. jonas’

    (the schema is, for example, generally non-normative)

  379. eta

    jonas’, I'm describing how the way the XEP is written provides backwards compatibility

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  381. jonas’

    that’d be good for a Design Considerations section I pioneered in e.g. XEP-0392

  382. eta

    this part isn't really normative; I've already described that, for example, you MUST implement the compat mechanisms in XEP-0402

  383. jonas’

    go ahead please

  384. eta

    maybe I should use one of those inset box things

  385. jonas’

    eta, if it’s a longer explanation, please put it in a separate section

  386. jonas’

    eta, https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0392.html#design like here

  387. eta

    jonas’, it isn't really, it's more of a "just to be clear, this legacy mechanism is also expected to work, but I've already said that"

  388. sonny has joined

  389. jonas’

    I think that falls in that section, too

  390. Ge0rG

    jonas’: it would be great to have a bunch of styling examples in xep-template.xml, like boxes and stuff

  391. jonas’

    Ge0rG, go ahead

  392. Ge0rG

    but I'm the one who always struggles to find the right elements!

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  395. Ge0rG

    there are thirteen sections in the template and none does quite fit

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  399. Ge0rG

    > xep-template.xml:82: element p: validity error : Element code is not declared in p list of possible children When your example accidentally becomes a unit test.

  400. Ge0rG

    you can have <code> in <li> but not in <p>?!

  401. jonas’


  402. Ge0rG

    Also <code> is not what I expected.

  403. Ge0rG

    but what's <dl>?

  404. jonas’

    a definition list

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  406. Ge0rG


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  408. vanitasvitae

    i stumbled across p being not allowed as child of li recently as well

  409. vanitasvitae

    i stumbled across p not being allowed as child of li recently as well

  410. Ge0rG

    jonas’: <cite> isn't being rendered in bold any more

  411. Ge0rG

    nowait, it's my local copy only.

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  413. Ge0rG

    TIL that some of the XEPs contain images as embedded data:image/png;base64

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  445. eta made a funny typo: "If clients attempt to send to send presence to a MUC experiencing an outrage condition, ..."

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  447. Ge0rG


  448. MattJ

    It should be possible to filter by such conditions on search.jabber.network

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  475. mdosch

    eta: Also you doubled 'to send'

  476. eta

    mdosch, oh, oops

  477. eta

    nice catch

  478. mdosch

    I got stuck there first and wondered why that typo is funny. 😄

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  490. jonas’

    the duplication was on a linebreak for me so I did not notice it :D

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  545. Wojtek

    eta, I was just pondering your stance (let's patch MUC instead of doing MIX) a bit and... wouldn't you say that favouring patching actually adds to the relative slow evolution of XMPP? If there is no need to move to the next thing then there is less motivation. What's more - with said Conv.Compat tester there is quite significant push for server operators to upgrade - with introduction of ext component with turn/stun the deployment reached 50% of tested servers in roughly 3 months (and then reached plateau) - whad makes you think that with MIX it wouldn't be the same?

  546. Wojtek

    one thing to consider is also migration path - there was a MUC room and then there is a MIX room - it would be nice to have some way to convert those (with members and history maybe?) and inform the user that addresses changed

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  550. eta

    Wojtek, my stance isn't "let's patch MUC instead of doing MIX", it's "let's patch MUC *and* do MIX"

  551. eta

    a reliable way of joining and staying in a MUC room is required, no matter whether clients use MUC or MIX, because there will always be old MUC rooms / transports people want to use

  552. eta

    it'd be entirely possible to use the backend parts of my proposal and stick a MIX frontend on them, and make a MIX-to-MUC bridge

  553. lovetox has left

  554. Ge0rG

    there are also valuable lessons for MIX to be learned from making MUC reliable.

  555. Steve Kille has joined

  556. Wojtek

    doing tho things strains our resources

  557. Wojtek

    @Ge0rG true that

  558. eta

    Wojtek, I mean writing this specification mostly strains my resources, and I wasn't going to do anything else anyway :P

  559. Wojtek

    the biggest issue here are "MAM holes"

  560. rion has joined

  561. eta

    and yeah, I agree spreading our effort across 2 things isn't great, but on the other hand joining old MUC rooms is kinda needed

  562. winfried has left

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  564. eta

    especially if MIX has semantics where the client only has to join once and stays in, you'll need something like my specification to actually implement that in a MIX-to-MUC bridge

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  571. eta

    Wojtek, also, doing durable MUC doesn't really strain client developers at all

  572. neshtaxmpp has left

  573. eta

    they have to implement like one thing (and they don't really even need to do that, if they don't want to)

  574. eta

    and AFAICT the main blockers seem to be on the client side, in terms of evolving XMPP

  575. Andrzej

    eta, I suppose not for long as I'm aware of 2-3 groups working on MIX right now (client side)

  576. Wojtek

    I kinda agree, but in case of MIX in MIX-PAM user's server, upon receiving stanza which references previous stanza-id that doesn't exist locally could query the MIX server for missing messages (it's not specified now but that was the idea at last summit). And this could actually be extended on whole MAM it seems

  577. Wojtek

    on the other hand doing that in MUC semantics requires more logic on user's server to correctly maintain user's session

  578. eta

    Andrzej, oh? which? (that's pretty cool)

  579. Andrzej

    I know that there was (is?) a branch of Conversations which had some support for MIX (if I recall correctly), we at Tigase are working on iOS,Android and macOS clients with MIX and if I'm correct Kaidan is working on MIX as well

  580. eta

    oh right, yeah, I forgot about those other 2

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  591. winfried

    Has anybody an idea how well ecdsa signed certificates are supported for s2s communication? Would saying RSA /or/ ECDSA result in any interoperability issues?

  592. moparisthebest

    if the web is anything to go by, I don't think anyone is doing ecdsa-only nowadays, some run both though

  593. moparisthebest

    winfried, as far as "would ECDSA result in interop issues" the answer is absolutely yes, we *just* had a server break s2s with xmpp.org with a DH key > 1024 which was widely fixed in 2007 when xmpp.org upgraded in 2020

  594. lovetox has joined

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  596. moparisthebest

    of course I'd argue if you haven't upgraded your server in the last 10 years who cares if your s2s works but others have different opinions :)

  597. winfried

    moparisthebest: well, it should become part of a security norm, so 10y legacy should not be a major argument...

  598. adiaholic_ has left

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  600. moparisthebest

    should it? I thought there were numerous problems with ECDSA and in general people were waiting for CA approval of ED25519 certs?

  601. moparisthebest

    should it? I thought there were numerous problems with ECDSA and in general people were waiting for CAB approval of ED25519 certs?

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  624. moparisthebest

    winfried, best summary I can find I guess https://community.letsencrypt.org/t/support-ed25519-and-ed448/69868

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  634. winfried

    moparisthebest: thanks

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