XSF Discussion - 2020-10-01

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  26. moparisthebest https://tlswg.org/draft-ietf-tls-esni/draft-ietf-tls-esni.html neat I missed when this started encrypting the whole client hello including ALPN
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  48. Neustradamus Monal devs do not want to add -PLUS variants: https://github.com/anurodhp/Monal/issues/161#issuecomment-701867707
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  65. emus Neustradamus: I think its not about wanting but about ressources and priority currently
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  76. emus I also wonder what makes Monal special from other clients having this not (yet) implemented.
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  85. Holger Neustradamus: You think -PLUS is more important than groupchat support?
  86. mdosch Also my only experienced message loss was when the contact was using Monal. But I'm not sure if it is a general Monal issue or if the server was also involved.
  87. mdosch So there is indeed more important work to do.
  88. jonas’ mdosch, how dare you!
  89. jonas’ who voted you in the XSF!
  90. jonas’ who voted you into the XSF!
  91. mdosch 😂
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  104. Guus > who voted you into the XSF! You?
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  121. emus You cannot get nailed by hackers is there are no messages at all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  159. Alex https://element.io/blog/gitter-is-joining-element/
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  165. edhelas is there some folks from Tigase here ?
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  168. MattJ Yes, and there is also a Tigase MUC
  169. MattJ tigase@muc.tigase.org
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  211. pep. !
  212. pep. MattJ, Seve, Guus
  213. Guus o/
  214. Seve Hello 👋
  215. MattJ Oh, wow, Thursday
  216. Seve Ralph cannot make it to today's meeting
  217. pep. # Welcome
  218. pep. Agenda today?
  219. Guus I got one
  220. Guus potentially to be discussed with SCAM first
  221. Guus but we should make up our minds if and how we're going to do the Summit, early next year.
  222. Guus I have no other agenda items (but didn't look at Trello)
  223. pep. Any other agenda item?
  224. pep. Guus, k
  225. MattJ None here
  226. pep. On trello in the "Items for discussion" there's txxmpp which should be gone?
  227. pep. And "License for website content" which I thought had been handled?
  228. MattJ I was under the impression that txxmpp was handled, yes
  229. Guus last week we agreed to let webteam handle txxmpp, so yeah, that can be gone
  230. pep. Ah apparently not. The newsletter license is fine though, which I remember being the original concern
  231. Guus I'm unsure about the license
  232. pep. Seems to be more or less very loosely assigned to ralph
  233. pep. # Summit 2021
  234. Guus Unsure if this is initially something for board. Maybe we should ask SCAM to kick into action. As I'm also in SCAM...
  235. pep. I guess that should be deferred to SCAM? Since FOSDEM is going online we'd probably do that online as well
  236. pep. If it happens
  237. pep. Which is probably also a SCAM concern?
  238. pep. happy to discuss it here quickly though
  239. Guus I personally feel that an in-person summit won't be an option
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  242. pep. I haven't really looked into the next iteration of FOSDEM yet
  243. Guus FOSDEM won't be a physical event either.
  244. pep. Yeah that's all I know. I meant organization-wise
  245. Seve > I personally feel that an in-person summit won't be an option I have the same feeling
  246. pep. How many people do we expect if the even is online? Do we expect more than usual? (even if there's always a not-so-prioritized feed up)
  247. Guus your guess is as good as any, I think.
  248. jonas’ I’d also note that if we want to do an online event and if we find that we need infrastructure for that, iteam needs to know well in advance
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  251. pep. jonas’, agreed
  252. jonas’ I’d also note that if we want to do an online event and if we find that we need infrastructure for that (as opposed to piggy-backing on FOSDEM if possible or renting e.g. zoom), iteam needs to know well in advance
  253. Guus lets punt this to SCAM, with a request to come with a proposal or dismissal soon-ish.
  254. Seve Cool
  255. pep. Guus, sure. There's supposed to be a monthly SCAM meeting next thursday, let's try to think about it by then
  256. Guus I mainly put it on boards agenda since it was the first one in my calendar, and that I felt we needed to kickstart a discussion.
  257. Guus works for me pep.
  258. pep. Wait, tuesday*
  259. Guus also works for me 🙂
  260. pep. # AOB
  261. Guus none here
  262. Seve None :)
  263. pep. # Next
  264. pep. +1w ?
  265. MattJ wfm
  266. Guus although I'd like to point out that Firstname Lastname neglected to actually fill out the wikipage for their board and council application.
  267. pep. # Close
  268. pep. thanks all
  269. Guus thanks
  270. pep. Sending out the minutes in a few
  271. MattJ Thanks pep. :)
  272. Seve Have a great end of the week everyone!
  273. MattJ +1
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  286. jonas’ I hear that there are folks who have jitsi services accomodating 60 people
  287. jonas’ (in the same conference)
  288. jonas’ just as a bit of info for a virtual summit
  289. jonas’ we could probably use that infrastructure
  290. pep. I'm also not against a BBB tbh. It doesn't exactly have to be jitsi-meet. Whatever works, but free software :)
  291. Zash Mumble always worked well for me, if everyone can forego video.
  292. pep. True
  293. jonas’ I think some ability to have a whiteboard would be nice
  294. pep. Even though jitsi-meet and BBB also work without video and it's really mostly people weirdly insisting on it :/
  295. jonas’ might be external of course
  296. jonas’ I never tried to scale mumble to 20+ people
  297. pep. works fine with way more
  298. pep. Used to use it for WoW raids :x
  299. Shell mumble scales to 40+ people fine, it was (is?) heavily used for WoW raids
  300. pep. :D
  301. Shell lol
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  326. MattJ So the IETF is trialling Matrix and Zulip, but not trialling a modern XMPP setup?
  327. Zash Pretty much
  328. Ge0rG Maybe somebody™ can bribe them by offering a free but commercial-grade XMPP server?
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  331. MattJ I can probably be persuaded
  332. Ge0rG ..three weeks ago? ;)
  333. flow MattJ, context?
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  336. Ge0rG flow: https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/ietf-announce/UtPuWgXhYbjyf7wHGJh4ax4kQrA/
  337. flow Ge0rG, thanks
  338. MattJ Ge0rG: no, not three weeks ago
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  341. Ge0rG MattJ: I can help in increasing the availability, but I don't have the colo capacity for it
  342. MattJ Just put it in the cloud
  343. MattJ I thought you said commercial-grade :)
  344. moparisthebest make sure you put cloudflare in front of it
  345. moparisthebest that's the benchmark for commercial-grade right?
  346. Ge0rG MattJ: you can feel assured that I'm fully commercial-grade
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  350. MattJ Until your CMOS battery dies
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  352. Ge0rG MattJ: I'm pretty sure I never was equipped with a CMOS battery, but I'll ask my mother
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  354. Ge0rG MattJ: what I tried to say is: I'd like to support and provide a second pair of hands, as long as it's running on someone else's hardware / cloud / toaster
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  356. MattJ Can do
  357. MattJ Especially if jonas’ donates monitoring
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  361. jonas’ will do
  362. MattJ Ge0rG: can you email me exactly what they want? I'm confused about what they want to host themselves and what they want hosted for them, and whether they want anonymous auth or what
  363. eta MattJ: "We are not, at this time, planning to host jabber accounts. We may revisit that as an option as we continue to gather more feedback."
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  365. Zash So the main problem is that it's hard to aquire an XMPP account. But they're not going to host those. And now they're hosting Matrix accounts.
  366. Zash <Insert joke about the IETF having many standards>
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  368. moparisthebest it's ok tell them you don't want them to host jabber accounts you want them to host XMPP accounts
  369. MattJ *Snikket accounts
  370. moparisthebest if that fails, tell them you heard about this great new chat system named... yea :)
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