XSF Discussion - 2020-10-23

  1. flow

    Ge0rG, IIRC groupchat

  2. eevvoor

    IRC or IIRC flow?

  3. flow

    eevvoor, the latter :)

  4. eevvoor

    oh, I have a Bildungslücke :D flow

  5. flow

    no shame in that, as long as you are motivated to fill it :)

  6. mdosch

    IRC as base for groupchat would be a step back rather than forward. 😁

  7. mdosch

    But I also always forget what this acronym means.

  8. eevvoor

    yeah but I havbe many people which are reachable only via IRC

  9. eevvoor

    yeah but I know many people which are reachable only via IRC

  10. jonas’

    forgetting what IIRC means is a bit of ironic tho

  11. jonas’

    forgetting what IIRC means has a bit of an irony to it though

  12. mdosch

    If I really cared…

  13. mdosch


  14. mdosch


  15. Ge0rG

    mdosch: :D

  16. Guus

    What monitoring tooling includes monitoring probes for XMPP ?

  17. Guus

    as in, for availability of a service expected to be running.

  18. jonas’

    observe.jabber.network? :)

  19. MattJ

    observe.jabber.network ;)

  20. MattJ


  21. jonas’

    it is built on https://github.com/horazont/xmpp-blackbox-exporter

  22. jonas’

    if you’re lazy and/or also want an outside view, you may or may not find integrating `curl -XPOST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d'{"target": "muc.xmpp.org"}' https://observe.jabber.network/api/v1/check/xmpp-server | jq -r .success` in your monitoring useful.

  23. jonas’

    (also available as xmpp-client and the respective xmpps variants)

  24. jonas’

    (and subject to rate limits)

  25. Guus

    Useful, thanks, but my question was more: which more generic monitoring services (that can be expected to already be used by organizations) also offers XMPP checks?

  26. jonas’

    Guus, Prometheus can be reasonably expected to be already used nowadays

  27. Guus

    Back in the day you had the Zabbixes and Nagiosses of this world, which I assume by now is completely outdated - but will have replacments?

  28. jonas’

    and adding another exporter is standard practice then

  29. jonas’

    nagiosses have check_xmpp somewhere