XSF Discussion - 2020-10-28

  1. Ge0rG

    MattJ: I'm looking at the 0401 split, and pondering about a more appropriate name for the invitation token generation. What about "Ad-hoc Account Invitation Generation"

  2. MattJ

    +1 (I can't think of anything else)

  3. Ge0rG

    and "Pre-Authenticated In-Band Registration" for the fan-out new XEP

  4. antranigv

    Is there any XEP for stickers? I've been thinking about it for a while.

  5. antranigv

    specially federated stickers.

  6. Zash


  7. Zash

    = https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0231.html

  8. Zash

    Or what was the icon pack one?

  9. Zash

    antranigv, I think Movim does Stickers in some way, ask edhelas about it?

  10. antranigv

    Zash, thanks! will read this.

  11. antranigv

    edhelas, any idea how is it implemented in Movim? I have an idea for an implementation, but don't want to reinvent the wheel

  12. MattJ

    antranigv, you may want to look up the notes for the last summit (probably on wiki.xmpp.org)

  13. MattJ

    It was one of the discussed items, and a number of points were raised

  14. antranigv

    MattJ, thanks! I did not know that there is an XMPP summit, otherwise I'd come running :)

  15. MattJ

    such as where stickers should be hosted, etc.

  16. MattJ

    Centralized services have it easy because they tend to be the copyright holder or otherwise have a license to distribute the stickers... in a decentralized world you don't want someone to upload a sticker pack to your server that will get you into trouble as an operator

  17. antranigv

    Now I have never thought about that.

  18. Zash

    Not seeing anything about stickers at https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_24 or https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_23

  19. Zash

    Oh, Minutes

  20. Zash


  21. MattJ

    antranigv: ^ that's it :)

  22. papatutuwawa

    I actually once thought up an XEP for stickers, implemented a proof-of-concept but never put it up for discussion

  23. papatutuwawa

    It even ticks off some boxes of the requested features

  24. inky

    years ago i have been written an app for maemo, that was sending location via jabber to one contact, and was updating it on openstreetmap view. the protocol was "invented" by me.

  25. Ge0rG

    I wanted to make that in time for today's Council meeting, but didn't quite manage. https://gitlab.com/xsf/xeps/-/merge_requests/30 CC MattJ jonas’

  26. inky

    but for that work (not for location sharing) i had to add two methods

  27. inky

    to the pascal xmpp library.

  28. Ge0rG

    rendered in https://ge0rg.gitlab.io/-/xeps/-/jobs/817703895/artifacts/rendered-changes/ibr-token.html

  29. inky

    later i found several xeps for location sharing.

  30. inky

    some were giving location, some were requesting, i think

  31. inky

    i don't remember.

  32. inky

    but i saw here you were talking about standards, so i had an idea to ask

  33. inky

    do anyone know which xep is considered standard, used by apps.

  34. inky


  35. Zash

    Conversations sends a geo: URI as a text message.

  36. inky

    i saw it.

  37. inky

    i was doing something like that, but when i was requesting the location, then the other side, if allowed to send to me, was sending it back every several seconds.

  38. inky

    and i was seeing it almost in real time on a map.

  39. inky

    because the client i have been written back then was drawing it on a map.

  40. inky

    btw pure pascal code. (:

  41. antranigv

    inky, ah yes, the Nokia N900 app? that was lovely

  42. inky


  43. Link Mauve

    Is Maemo still maintained btw?

  44. inky

    there is another cool project: maemo-leste.

  45. inky

    they compiled hildon of fremantle on devuan.

  46. inky

    and they mantain it.

  47. inky

    i took a lot of mappings from ukeyboard, and added all to default installation.

  48. inky

    also ported a couple of old maemo apps to it.

  49. inky

    it has modern ssl, modern linux underneath.

  50. inky

    have been ported to many devices, including pinephone, motorola droid4

  51. Zash

    modern ssl?!

  52. inky

    i run it on droid4 and it is very fast.

  53. inky

    well under nokia maemo you cannot do anything because of old openssl library.

  54. Link Mauve

    Just a few days ago I’ve started attempting to port drivers from some old 2.6.32 branch to mainline, for my OpenMoko phone. ^^

  55. inky

    that is amazing!

  56. Link Mauve

    Not sure how far I’ll manage to go.

  57. inky

    because they could also support your phone then.

  58. inky

    if it is supported in mainline.

  59. Link Mauve

    I’ve never done it before, and the APIs have changed quite a lot in ten whole years. ^^'

  60. inky

    they only work on those devices that have drivers in mainline.

  61. Link Mauve

    I have no idea if something as huge as glamo will be accepted upstream tbh.

  62. inky

    i have an opnemoko phone, freerunner, but the screen is dead. 😕

  63. inky

    i hope, well.

  64. inky

    linux accepts commits for amiga.

  65. Link Mauve

    inky, note that the OpenMoko is ancient hardware, very unlikely to run if you require GLES 2.0 to be accelerated for instance.

  66. inky

    that's what i was saying.

  67. antranigv

    inky, I wonder if there's a location sharing XEP

  68. inky

    just recently they accepted something for amiga.

  69. inky

    and linus wrote something funny on the lklm regarding taht.

  70. antranigv

    and to be honest I want to write code for shmoos, the code is clean

  71. antranigv

    inky, btw, looks like shmoos is implementing OMEMO for the next release.

  72. inky

    antranigv, oh cool!

  73. inky

    i think he abandoned the project so you can fork it.

  74. antranigv

    he did? they committed code like 5 days ago.

  75. inky

    offtop: also, i think tooter was abandoned so i use one of the forks. there are two forks, i guess and i checked both, one i liked.

  76. inky

    oh sure? because i did not receive shmoose updates in months.

  77. Zash

    No release?

  78. inky

    just checked - he has some work on github

  79. inky

    adding omemo as well

  80. inky

    but no release for a year.