XSF Discussion - 2020-10-29

  1. Alex

    Hey, just a reminder that our board & council application period ends soon: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2020

  2. jonas’

    Thank you, Alex

  3. Ge0rG

    > If you are interested in running for Board or Council, please add a wiki page about your candidacy to one or both of the following sections by the close of business on November 8th, 2020.

  4. Ge0rG

    Also a small reminder that our wiki is still not mobile device friendly

  5. inky

    antranigv, oh did not notice your question. that's what i was saying, recently i discovered three xeps for location sharing.

  6. inky

    did not know which one to use.

  7. edhelas

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0080.html seems pretty fine to me no ?

  8. flow

    inky, I know we have some XEPs that (at the first glance) duplicate functionality, but I wasn't aware that this is true for geo location sharing. IIRC there is (only) xep80, which is in widespread use

  9. flow


  10. antranigv

    XEP80 seems interesting

  11. antranigv

    Is it implemented anywhere?

  12. inky

    nice, we have something of widespread use.

  13. inky

    yes, very interesting question.

  14. antranigv

    I like that XEP80 has "room number", this would be very usefull in classes and conferences.

  15. inky

    let me read it again. i think, btw, none of those xeps was supporting continuous update of location, as i implemented in meridian23 on n900.

  16. inky

    may be "Attaching location information to presence" is that? presence is sent periodically, right? but in which periods?

  17. Andrzej

    presence is sent by the client when it changes, but I would suggest to use XEP80 as you can publish location when you detect location change which is big enough to be published

  18. Ge0rG

    You could send a presence update each second. Server operators will hate you!

  19. inky

    oh nice, thank you

  20. flow

    inky, nowadays you don't want to shove stuff into presence, you would want to use PEP for that

  21. Ge0rG

    In amateur radio there is SmartBeaconing™ which adapts the reporting rate to your movement speed

  22. inky

    omg, smart.

  23. Ge0rG

    Yeah, PEP is much more efficient, and it's publish subscribe so only interested clients will get the updates

  24. flow

    interested *and* authorized clients, hopefully

  25. Ge0rG

    Presence goes to all your contacts and rooms

  26. flow

    cause I'm interested in all your locations!

  27. Ge0rG

    yeah, you can define a white list

  28. mdosch

    > In amateur radio there is SmartBeaconing™ which adapts the reporting rate to your movement speed So updating all x meters?

  29. mdosch

    Would be smart I guess.

  30. inky

    ok i need to rethink it all.

  31. Ge0rG

    mdosch: it's more complicated than that

  32. mdosch

    For the radio probably but for inkys thing that would be good enough I guess.

  33. inky

    i'll talk here about it when i start to work on the app again. this is something i am interested in. currently because i don't use n900 i share location via selfhosted hauk.

  34. inky

    but it takes a lot of resources, needs memcached, and uses php, and i don't like those on my server.

  35. mdosch

    inky: I don't know your previous thing but I would like to choose 'Send my location to this contact for x min/h/d' so you don't accidantely send your location forever.

  36. inky

    yes, i was doing something like that, the timeout is a good idea. before i was just doing send, stop sending.

  37. ralphm bangs gavel

  38. ralphm

    0. Welcome

  39. ralphm

    Hi! Who do we have?

  40. Seve


  41. Seve

    MattJ Guus ?

  42. Seve

    I believed they would be around 😃

  43. Seve whispers: prove me right?

  44. ralphm

    If it remains you and me, I just want to remind people to sign up for Board and Council.

  45. Seve


  46. ralphm unbangs gavel

  47. ralphm


  48. Seve

    All right! 🙂

  49. Seve

    Good talk! 😃

  50. ralphm


  51. Zash

    Quick and efficient. I approve.

  52. ralphm

    Zash: heh

  53. MattJ


  54. MattJ

    I approve of the efficiency

  55. MattJ

    I should probably write my board application and/or find someone else for the job

  56. Seve


  57. Guus


  58. Guus

    Lost track of time, apologies

  59. pep.

    Missed the meeting sorry

  60. antranigv

    There was a meeting?

  61. antranigv

    Like a conf call?

  62. Zash

    We don't do that here.

  63. MattJ

    No, we typically do text chat here

  64. antranigv

    We should do that *hides*

  65. MattJ

    It has been done, or did Council actually fail at scheduling their call in the end? :)

  66. Zash

    Not that I know of

  67. Ge0rG

    Yes, we failed.

  68. Zash

    I still don't think my reply to that thread go through