XSF Discussion - 2020-11-05

  1. Guus

    I'm finishing some emergency maintenance for a customer - might be a tad late for the board meeting.

  2. ralphm bangs gavel

  3. ralphm

    0. Welcome

  4. ralphm

    Hi! Who do we have?

  5. Guus


  6. MattJ


  7. Seve says hi!

  8. ralphm

    1. Minute taker

  9. ralphm

    Seve can you take this?

  10. Seve

    Aye :)

  11. ralphm


  12. ralphm

    2. Commitments for week ahead

  13. ralphm

    XEP-0001 clarifications

  14. ralphm

    I've talked to Kev about this. Despite the craziness of this year, I guess for all of us, he hasn't yet gotten to this, but fully intents to work on it.

  15. ralphm


  16. ralphm

    So I'd like to put this in the "Awaiting Feedback" column, and regularly ping him.

  17. Seve

    Agree, sounds good :)

  18. ralphm

    As we don't seem to have any discussion items or decisions that need to be made, I'd like to move on to:

  19. ralphm

    3. Review "awaiting feedback" and "backburner" items

  20. ralphm

    Did any of you look at these items recently?

  21. ralphm

    As we're nearing the end of our term, maybe we should just remove some of them.

  22. MattJ

    I glanced over them, but didn't see anything immediately actionable last week (or week before?)

  23. ralphm


  24. Seve

    Any specific items that you believe we should let go?

  25. ralphm

    On second thought maybe none :-)

  26. ralphm

    Alright, if there's nothing here either:

  27. ralphm

    4. AOB

  28. ralphm


  29. MattJ

    None here

  30. Guus

    me neither

  31. Guus

    sorry, battling expired certs and corresponding client expectations.

  32. ralphm

    I justed wanted to say that the list of candidates for Board and Council are shaping up nicely.

  33. ralphm

    Alex just sent out a last reminder.

  34. ralphm

    Guus: ouch, good luck.

  35. Guus

    I'm not sure yet if I well stand again. A change of guards might be beneficial.

  36. ralphm

    Given the current list, that change might be minimal anyway. But up to anyone to decide to stand or not. You're still most welcome!

  37. ralphm

    5. Date of Next

  38. ralphm


  39. ralphm

    6. Close

  40. ralphm

    Thanks all!

  41. ralphm bangs gavel

  42. MattJ

    Thanks ralphm!

  43. MattJ

    btw, did you see my PM yesterday? :)

  44. Seve

    Thank you and have a good end of the week!

  45. emus

    Im interested who applied, where can I see the applicants?

  46. jonas’

    emus, https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Board_and_Council_Elections_2020

  47. emus

    Ah yes, thanks

  48. Ge0rG

    Wow, so many applicants. Now I start to wonder if my campain slogan won't be counterproductive in the end.

  49. jonas’


  50. emus

    I expected something like MXGA

  51. jonas’

    that was in 2016

  52. jonas’

    rough diff of XEP metadata between 2019-12-30 and 2020-11-03, as requested by Ge0rG: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/diff.html tools: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/xeplist-to-text.xsl sources: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/2019-12-30-xeplist.xml https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/2020-11-03-xeplist.xml formatted as text: https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/2019-12-30.txt https://sotecware.net/files/noindex/xeptest/2020-11-03.txt

  53. Ge0rG

    jonas’: thanks very much, also cc mdosch

  54. emus

    https://xmpp.org/2020/10/newsletter-10-october/ 🎊🎊🎊🥂🥂🥂

  55. Zash


  56. MattJ

    congrats emus, and thanks for all your hard work!

  57. emus

    Thanks MattJ - I do my best! But I cannot make it with the support of the contributors - I just say quality quality quality! Also special thanks to wurstsalat for managing the XEP section!

  58. MattJ

    Yeah, that section is great :)

  59. wurstsalat


  60. mdosch

    Well done emus. Thank you!

  61. emus