XSF Discussion - 2020-11-09

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  162. vanitasvitae Hm, regarding XEP-0373 (OpenPGP for XMPP), it is not possible to retreive the Fingerprint of the key contained in a secret key backup without decrypting it first.
  163. vanitasvitae That's probably both a good and a bad thing.
  164. vanitasvitae UX-wise I'd like to show the user the fingerprint of the key they are about to restore
  165. vanitasvitae Hm, are there any benefits of having the fingerprint hidden in the backup? In the end, the public key gets published anyways
  166. vanitasvitae Ah I see this is adressed in https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/XEP-Remarks/XEP-0373:_OpenPGP_for_XMPP
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  168. lovetox but what for vanitasvitae do you need this before?
  169. lovetox this is an operation which is carried out very very rarley
  170. vanitasvitae true
  171. lovetox just download the key, decrypt it and show the user the fingerprints
  172. vanitasvitae but still if would be nice to tell the user "hey, we found a backup of key XYZ, would you like to restore that backup or maybe generate a new key instead?"
  173. lovetox ok, but is it not enough to say "we found a backup"
  174. vanitasvitae I agree that this is a minor issue
  175. lovetox also whats problematic i guess is
  176. lovetox if you dont have the fingerprint encrypted
  177. vanitasvitae The remarks page mentions some nice proposals to improve the situation
  178. lovetox this means its not sure that they belong together
  179. vanitasvitae true
  180. vanitasvitae but I mean, that could be mitigated by verifying the fingerprint after decryption
  181. vanitasvitae still would present implementations with a possible pitfall though
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  231. Alex Memberbot is online now for our 2020 elections. Great applicants again this year
  232. Ge0rG uh-oh, somebody failed to apply for membership renewal
  233. Ge0rG oh, still two weeks time for that one
  234. Alex Ge0rG, ya, still open. Will remind them soon
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  236. jonas’ \o/
  237. jonas’ thanks Alex
  238. Ge0rG Alex: 👍
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  266. Ge0rG dwd: it looks like you are still applying for both B & C
  267. dwd It does, doesn't it? I should make a decision as to whether and which to drop.
  268. MattJ People have run for both before, I don't believe anyone has been elected for both during my time at least
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  270. Seve Let's see :)
  271. dwd Well, actually, they have. I'm pretty sure Peter did, several times, but I did in 2015.
  272. Ge0rG dwd: do you intend to run both positions if elected?
  273. dwd Yes, though I'll explicitly avoid chairing either (not that I think I'd win if I tried), or acting as liaison (which is properly the job of the council chair).
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  275. dwd I did act as liaison in 2015, and it was a bit difficult to keep the hats separate.
  276. Ge0rG dwd: you might want to update the last statement in your Board application then, > I'll review the state of applications, and if I feel I can I'll withdraw from one or other.
  277. Ge0rG (in both applications, actually)
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  281. dwd Yes. Although there's context - there's stuff I'd like to get done in both, so it depends if I think most of that stuff would get done. I haven't yet reviewed the state of applications, though.
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  283. Ge0rG dwd: there are five for Board and seven for Council, if that is what you meant by "review"
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  285. dwd Well, my hope was that I could do more than just count. Sadly, doesn't seem to be the case for Board.
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  289. jonas’ dwd, fwiw, I’ll be happy to chair council again should I be reelected
  290. dwd Thank you! I'm amazed you find the time, given you've the editor role as well, but you've consistently done a better job than I did, so I wouldn't be standing anyway.
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  292. jonas’ dwd, thank you :)
  293. dwd I mean, of course, supposing we both get elected. I have some thinking to do on that front about whether to withdraw, of course.
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  295. jonas’ yeah, let’s not call any election results before it’s done ........
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  299. Ge0rG jonas’: well, we can go to the Supreme Court if the results aren't favorable, right?
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  318. dwd Luckily, the Supreme Court of the XSF is basically whoever shows up to the AGM in "person".
  319. dwd So at least that's quick.
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