XSF Discussion - 2020-11-26

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  120. MattJ

    > WhatsApp is introducing a new way to verify if a report is reliable: receiving a copy of recent messages from that chat. WhatsApp never receives your messages without your permissions. If you decide to report a contact, you agree to forward a copy to WhatsApp of the recent messages from that chat.

  121. MattJ

    Interesting in the context of recent reporting discussions :)

  122. mdosch

    That's exactly what I wanted for our reporting too. 😃

  123. MattJ

    They need to do this because of E2EE

  124. mdosch

    We also have OTR spammers.

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  126. mdosch

    And giving the operator easy access to the spam messages rather than make him dig through MAM sounds also preferable if no e2ee is used.

  127. mdosch

    And giving the operator easy access to the spam messages rather than making him dig through MAM would imo also be preferable if no e2ee is used.

  128. jonas’

    fun fact: with OTR, I could claim that a contact sent me all sorts of abominations and report them as evil :)

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  131. Guus

    Does anyone know of a set of automated tests for a server's BOSH endpoint?

  132. mdosch

    > fun fact: with OTR, I could claim that a contact sent me all sorts of abominations and report them as evil :) I trust my users 🙂

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  134. Guus

    > I trust my users 🙂 famous last words.

  135. mdosch


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  244. ralphm bangs gavel

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  246. ralphm

    0. Welcome

  247. ralphm


  248. ralphm

    dwd, arc, MattJ, Seve

  249. MattJ


  250. arc


  251. Seve


  252. ralphm

    I'll wait a little bit to see if Dave joins us

  253. arc

    Just a note that it's 6:30 am on Thanksgiving 🦃

  254. ralphm

    Yep, this will not be a long one.

  255. ralphm

    Meanwhile, I propose as agenda items for today: 1) Choose the Chair of the Board for the term 2020/2021 2) Appointment of Officers 3) Meeting timeslot

  256. ralphm

    Anything else?

  257. arc

    What officers are being appointed?

  258. ralphm

    Well, Treasurer and Secretary

  259. ralphm

    They are appointed for one year

  260. arc


  261. ralphm

    Also Executive Director, which has been vacant for a few years

  262. ralphm

    Ok, let's continue then.

  263. ralphm

    1. Minute taker

  264. ralphm

    Last term, this was a difficult agenda item.

  265. ralphm

    This term, I'm proposing round-robin. Alphabetically on first name.

  266. ralphm

    I'll make the minutes of this meeting.

  267. arc

    I'd be happy to starting with A

  268. ralphm

    arc: even better.

  269. ralphm

    2. Chair of the Board of Directors

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  271. ralphm

    As every term, Board needs to elect a Chair among the Directors.

  272. ralphm

    I prefer to have all Directors present for that, though.

  273. arc

    I'd literally be happy with any of us except myself

  274. intosi

    arc for president!

  275. ralphm

    Any nominations?

  276. dwd

    Hey, hi, sorry I'm late.

  277. ralphm

    hi dwd!

  278. arc

    And we have everyone.

  279. dwd

    I clearly need to put this one in my calendar, sorry.

  280. ralphm

    dwd: I've imported the XSF calendar in my Google Calendar, which helps tremendously

  281. arc

    I did not even know it was happening. My phone just bleeped when my name was mentioned.

  282. dwd

    I'm tempted to nominate Arc just to annoy him.

  283. ralphm

    Yeah, I could have sent out a notice

  284. ralphm

    Also, welcome dwd, arc. Thanks Guus, pep. for their efforts in the previous Board term.

  285. ralphm

    I suppose nominees do need to agree.

  286. ralphm

    Regardless, I'd be happy to do it another year.

  287. dwd

    I'm happy with that too, so if you'd like I'll give you a formal nomination.

  288. MattJ


  289. arc

    +1 if you're willing to do it another year

  290. ralphm


  291. Seve

    Sorry, my desktop client was frozen

  292. Seve

    +1 yes 🙂

  293. arc

    Dwd I'd think you'd rather have me at treasurer since being it the US makes it easier to deal with the bank.

  294. dwd

    ralphm, As a point of order, you started by saying a "Chair among the Directors", but that's not strictly true - the bylaws explicitly state that the officers need not be directors of the corporation.

  295. ralphm

    That's a good point.

  296. ralphm

    I stand corrected.

  297. dwd

    ralphm, If its any consolation, I think every Chair has been a member of the Board, and we forget this every year. :-)

  298. ralphm

    That said, counting happiness as an affirmative vote, it appears we have a unanimous decision.

  299. dwd

    Happiness is an affirmative vote in this case, yes.

  300. ralphm

    Thanks for your support!

  301. ralphm

    3. Appointment of Officers

  302. ralphm

    As mentioned above, we have several other Officers who's term are expiring.

  303. ralphm

    I propose we ask the respective people (Alex for Secretary, stpeter for Treasurer) if they'd like to carry on for another year.

  304. dwd

    There is Executive Director as well to consider, isn't there?

  305. ralphm

    As for Executive Director, unless we want to revisit Board's earlier view on this, I think we can leave that as-is: vacant.

  306. ralphm


  307. dwd

    I'm not sure we can have it vacant.

  308. arc

    I would second asking alex and stpeter if they'd like to continue

  309. MattJ

    Unless a candidate comes along, or someone wants to pick up the task of recruitment, I don't think we can (pretend to) spend any more time on it

  310. ralphm

    dwd: oh, that's interesting

  311. dwd

    §6.3, "Any vacancy in an office of the Corporation shall be filled by action of the Board of Directors."

  312. ralphm

    Ok. In that case we need to find a candidate. It might still be that we cannot find one.

  313. Seve

    If I recall correctly that's what happened last term (?)

  314. dwd

    Could we appoint someone as a temporary appointment?

  315. dwd

    I'm thinking, say, Matt if he'd be up for care-taking the position simply so it's not vacant.

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  317. ralphm

    Last time, I think we discussed appointing one of the Directors, but I'm not sure.

  318. adiaholic has joined

  319. MattJ

    If we decide we need someone, I'm ok with filling the gap... I don't think it's a hard one to fill

  320. dwd

    It may be more useful to have someone who can, at least, put that on the bottom of their email signature from time to time, even if they do nothing further.

  321. dwd

    (More useful than a vacancy)

  322. ralphm


  323. Seve

    Happy to hear that MattJ 🙂

  324. ralphm

    yay, too

  325. ralphm

    I motion we appoint MattJ as Executive Director of the XSF.

  326. dwd


  327. ralphm


  328. arc


  329. Seve


  330. ralphm

    MattJ, is "ok" a +0 or a +1?

  331. MattJ

    Up to you... +0 I guess :)

  332. ralphm


  333. ralphm

    In any case the motion carries.

  334. ralphm

    Congrats MattJ.

  335. Maranda has left

  336. ralphm

    I'll send out an e-mail to Alex and Peter.

  337. ralphm

    4. AOB

  338. ralphm

    Meeting time at the next agenda item.

  339. ralphm

    Anything else?

  340. dwd

    There was discussion about voting, and whether the memberbot matches the requirements of the bylaws.

  341. ralphm

    dwd: shall I add this to the agenda for next week?

  342. Maranda has joined

  343. dwd

    Yes, in the meantime I suggest we review the bylaws and compare it to the memberbot voting, and also consider if we want a different voting system (and therefore a bylaws change).

  344. ralphm

    Yep, and then we can also take into account the bug that was found.

  345. MattJ

    Different systems have come up in the past, but never been adopted... might be worth reviewing those discussions

  346. ralphm


  347. ralphm

    I'll add it

  348. ralphm


  349. lorddavidiii has joined

  350. Seve

    None from me.

  351. ralphm

    5. Date of Next (and beyond)

  352. arc

    I'd prefer a few hours later. And as you know, I'd prefer fixed to UTC if that works for everyone.

  353. ralphm

    No kidding

  354. dwd

    1600Z, or later still?

  355. MattJ

    I generally have a hard cut-off at 1700Z in winter, 1600Z in summer

  356. arc

    This meeting started at 6:30am local time. I'd love it +3 hours. But I'm also aware that pushes it into european evening hours

  357. arc

    I'm a lot more awake at 9:30

  358. dwd

    I am usually the same as you, Matt, but I'd prefer if we could gain more interest and engagement from the other side of the pond, too.

  359. arc

    I can do 1700

  360. ralphm

    I'd I have a recurring meeting on Thursday 17:00 UTC

  361. MattJ

    If we must, I can probably do that on a Thursday or Friday, at least during the winter

  362. arc

    I can do any day of the week

  363. ralphm

    Any days that would ok for European evenings?

  364. arc

    Would everyone be ok Friday 1700?

  365. dwd

    Any day is OK (or equally awkward) for me.

  366. ralphm

    That generally works for me, yes

  367. MattJ

    Sounds like a plan then

  368. arc

    I'm also okay with changing that in the summer but we should decide ahead of time when we actually change for the summer

  369. Seve

    I'm not sure yet how it will work for me but it does look like we have a schedule now, so let's go with this 🙂

  370. ralphm


  371. ralphm

    6. Close

  372. ralphm

    Thanks all! To a fruitful term. Cheers!

  373. dwd

    Thanks ralphm!

  374. Seve

    Thank you ralphm for chairing 🙂

  375. Seve


  376. ralphm bangs gavel

  377. MattJ

    Thanks all!

  378. arc

    And Ralph if stpeter isn't ready to do treasurer for another year, I'd not looking for that responsibility, but I could take it on. The bank is only 1 hour off for me.

  379. arc

    I know he's been wanting to decrease his XSF responsibilities so I don't want him to feel overly pressured to keep on

  380. Wojtek has joined

  381. ralphm

    noted, I'll await his response

  382. ralphm

    thanks for the offer

  383. ralphm

    MattJ, can you edit the XSF Calendar to our new meeting time, excluding tomorrow?

  384. MattJ

    The heavy responsibilities of ED begin

  385. MattJ

    I don't even know if I have access to that calendar, or where to find it

  386. MattJ

    or was it that ics file?

  387. ralphm

    The ics file

  388. MattJ

    Ok, I'll find it

  389. ralphm

    Oh wait

  390. ralphm

    Turns out it is a Google Calendar and I can edit it :-D

  391. MattJ

    Right, I was just coming to that conclusion too

  392. ralphm

    (for reference https://calendar.google.com/calendar/u/0?cid=NjR2M3ZzMTVxbGFsZ3F2MGo3cjk5aWttMWNAZ3JvdXAuY2FsZW5kYXIuZ29vZ2xlLmNvbQ)

  393. MattJ


  394. ralphm


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  398. arc

    Checking that the minutes were sent out correctly

  399. moparisthebest

    proposed headline for newsletter: XSF's ED problems solved without pills!

  400. arc


  401. arc

    Note that I'm still in bed on my phone, so tapping the minutes into my Gmail app during the meeting, not entirely sure I did it right

  402. ralphm

    moparisthebest, super funny. But no.

  403. SamWhited

    Is that what all those emails I get are advertising? I thought they were just spam, turns out they just wanted volunteers for their organizations!

  404. ralphm


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  443. emus

    ralphm: Again I recommending to have alternating meeting times 📈🗓

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  448. jonas’

    ralphm, FTR, Friday (or any day) 17:00Z is a hard-no for me, so if the board-council-liason-person needs to regularly attend meetings that’s going to be a problem

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  455. ralphm

    Noted. We may shift the timeslot still. Let's see how it goes.

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  460. ralphm

    emus: while I appreciate members to join our meeting, and encourage people to speak up, we tend to optimize for when Board members can attend, and possibly liasons.

  461. jonas’

    ralphm, obviously, if it’s ok for me to just read up on the meeting the next day, that’s fine. If there’s anything urgent we need to discuss between Board and Council, I’m sure we can schedule something.

  462. ralphm

    jonas’, right. I didn't consider the liason, so my apologies. We'll see how Friday EOD works for Europeans anyway.

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  490. emus

    ralphm: No - I mean yes, it came from my personal request once - however now I meant this for the relevant people now

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