XSF Discussion - 2020-12-14

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  9. darkijah hello
  10. darkijah anyone there?
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  136. MattJ @SCAM: FOSDEM call for stands is open, though hopefully nobody is actually relying on me to know that :)
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  145. flow hmm, online stands?
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  156. MattJ Yes, online stands
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  158. MattJ I think it would be good to issue (as early as possible) a call for content from projects
  159. MattJ People may need time to prepare
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  206. Zash How does an online stand even work?
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  208. SamWhited Video chat with slides and the website shared?
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  238. antranigv Is there any "reset password" standard?
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  240. antranigv I was thinking of this: the user asks for "reset password", the server looks for emails in the VCard, and we send the "link", say via HTTP, OR a new password, to their specified email.
  241. MattJ I'm not aware of a standard for that, no. Also using the vCard is unwise because it's typically not verified (so a typo could grant someone else access to the account, etc.)
  242. mathieui would be nice to have a standard way of reaching the user as a service or admin though
  243. MattJ Also I may not want to publish an email but still have one registered, or I may want to use a different email for my account but publish a different public email address
  244. mathieui We often have to correlate the little data we have when we get a "lost password" request
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  246. MattJ For Prosody I'm planning to work on verified email (and possibly phone number) support, which would help a lot with that
  247. jonas’ :-O
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  250. SamWhited It's not widely supported, but XEP-0389 handles password reset
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  254. MattJ Ah yes
  255. MattJ So the future is hopeful :)
  256. Ge0rG SamWhited: by asking for an email during EIBR?
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  258. antranigv MattJ, that would be nice, I run a mix of prosody and ejabberd, but the main jabber.am server is still prosody, and would love to see that.
  259. SamWhited Sure, that would be one way
  260. SamWhited You could also do it after registration. Eventually maybe define a URI to open the client and continue the reset process
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  262. Daniel In some scenarios it might make sense to tie the account registration to SMS verification anyway.
  263. SamWhited (eIBR can also do that; really this is the use case I had in mind when I designed it :) )
  264. Ge0rG how do you get the URI after you lost your password?
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  266. Ge0rG Daniel: how is quicksy going btw?
  267. Daniel Terribly
  268. SamWhited Ge0rG: eIBR works before login, so somewhere in your client you'd pick "I forgot my password" or something and it would just select the eIBR feature instead of the normal auth feature
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  270. Ge0rG SamWhited: ah well, doing oob authentication during password reset is probably not the challenging part ;)
  271. Ge0rG I was looking into how to make the users define the oob channel in advance in a sensible way
  272. SamWhited Ge0rG: I guess I'm not sure what you mean? What is "define the oob channel?"
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  274. Ge0rG SamWhited: a user needs to give an email address / phone number / avian carrier coordinates at some time, and the server needs to verify that
  275. Ge0rG it shouldn't be mandatory though
  276. SamWhited Ge0rG: if you're using eIBR you could use the dataform challenge and just ask for that stuff, or you could define your own more specific challenge if dataforms aren't desired
  277. Daniel Ge0rG: I think you need to transport the actual carrier, not the coordinates
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  279. Daniel Like Mail it in or something
  280. Zash Ad-hoc command?
  281. Ge0rG SamWhited: well, passing an email during IBR has been a thing for seventeen years now
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  283. Ge0rG I'm not sure if any server implementation will actually verify that email address
  284. MattJ Prosody doesn't, currently
  285. SamWhited Sure, how the server actually implements things is up to them
  286. Ge0rG Daniel: good point. I'm not sure if that's in scope for eIBR though
  287. Ge0rG intergrated IM solutions can do nifty things like https://developers.google.com/identity/sms-retriever/overview
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  311. dwd We did a password reset system for a failed product at Surevine. Built around two SASL mechanisms, one for the "I forgot my password" bit, and a one-time reset code one to handle the "Click here to reset your password" link.
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  375. Maranda Ge0rG: Metronome does, and also verify that the address is not a disposable one....
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  377. jonas’ Maranda, how do you verify that it’s not disposable? :)
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  379. Maranda I pass the domain name to an external REST API which does that
  380. Maranda If it's catched as DEA it will invalid the registration
  381. Ge0rG > an external REST API That's how the internet works, right?
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  383. Maranda Ge0rG: if you want you can implement your own thing, and collect the data required... Tbh I found it more convenient to let someone else do the latter, and since.. Yes most ppl use a REST API.
  384. Maranda 😺
  385. Ge0rG Maranda: not criticizing you, I understand the trade-offs
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  387. mathieui Oh non, those APIs are the bane of my existence since I use spamgourmet
  388. Maranda ... Had to lookup the DB I use in the code because it's years I don't touch it. Anyways it's https://www.nameapi.org/
  389. moparisthebest If you are going to do it that's probably a fine way, but... Why prohibit disposable emails at all
  390. mathieui moparisthebest, because that’s what spammers use
  391. Maranda moparisthebest: they're used by spammers to circumvent verification
  392. moparisthebest Spammers set up their own domains no problem
  393. SamWhited Spammers generally don't like to set up their own domains because other providers use domain reputation and if you setup a new domain you don't have a positive reputation to help you land in peoples inboxes even though the contents of your message looked kind of spammy.
  394. MattJ You're right, it should be a simple whitelist of gmail.com, outlook.com, yahoo.com
  395. Maranda moparisthebest: once they become detected and listed, nameapi will block those as well
  396. Maranda They do several checks
  397. Maranda Not just DEA
  398. Maranda It served me well enough over the years
  399. Zash MattJ, make sure to whitelist their MX'es so everyone with custom domains aren't blocked!
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  485. moparisthebest this is probably bad, I know SamWhited does Go XMPP stuff, anyone else? https://mattermost.com/blog/coordinated-disclosure-go-xml-vulnerabilities/
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  490. jonas’ moparisthebest: oh my
  491. moparisthebest I'm not absolutely positive whether this is a deal breaker for XMPP or not , looks like attribute/element ordering isn't preserved
  492. moparisthebest it is "unfixable" at the moment so they just dropped it
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  495. Kev I'm not sure it's a security vulnerability, but it's definitely not irrelevant, e.g. data forms.
  496. Kev Also Atom over pubsub, I guess.
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  505. moparisthebest this is old but I just saw it today too, a case of bad XML comment parsing causing a major security bug in iOS https://siguza.github.io/psychicpaper/ / https://twitter.com/s1guza/status/1255641164885131268
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  507. moparisthebest https://i.imgflip.com/4qcxj6.jpg
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