XSF Discussion - 2021-01-17

  1. MattJ


  2. MattJ

    I'm glad (for their sake) they used the right version of the logo 🙂

  3. vanitasvitae


  4. emus

    Hi everyone, do you know who Laura is? She seem to be the author of this https://xmpp.org/2015/01/its-all-about-choices-and-control/

  5. SamWhited

    oh geeze, she hasn't been around for a while. She used to be in charge of many things (though I don't recall what her official position was; chair? secretary? I forget)

  6. SamWhited

    IIRC she worked with dwd at Surevine, so he may be able to help

  7. emus

    Would be great, it seems she did good stuff here. I really appreciate the article

  8. Guus

    Laura still is at Surevine. She was Chair of the board for two consecutive terms. 2015-16-17 if I have to guess.

  9. emus

    May one can ask if I can reach out to her?

  10. mdosch

    Is she no longer around due to a lack of time or did she leave xmpp?

  11. dwd

    She became a director at Surevine, and then a mother, in short order. Her son Fred had a lovely little orange hoodie he's probably outgrown.

  12. dwd

    I'm still in touch, I'll let her know.

  13. emus

    I actually just would like to ask her to ready my blog post I plan - I guess that is not necessary, as many others here will do, too - but I thought one who wrote such an article is a good reviewer