XSF Discussion - 2021-01-24

  1. arc

    Is something I first suggested just yesterday. Basically, a series of sprints over a number of weeks, across all projects that use xmpp, each sprint focused on specific features or extensions.

  2. arc

    So say, we might have one week to work on MIX. The next might be adding support for Jingle WebRTC-DC transport. And each part is set aside time for all hands meetings on that specific subject and interspersed compatibility testing

  3. arc

    The intention being is that not every section is going to apply to every project, and that people can take a week or two off without missing things that are important to them.

  4. arc

    And I assume we would focus a lot of push during weekends when more people are available to work on them, etc.

  5. arc

    But yeah it would be a virtual online event, with corporate sponsorship so swag and stuff can be shipped to participants. The website would make it like a purely socially competitive in tracking commits by person, projects, country, etc which is why I'm copying the website code from Julython.

  6. arc

    And of course, like any sprint, offer mentorship for people just getting involved - who would most appreciate swag arriving in the mail.

  7. emus

    I like the idea 👍️

  8. arc

    I think the hardest part of this will be getting XSF members to participate. We've had a pretty low engagement couple of months, including myself tbh.

  9. moparisthebest

    I like the idea, I've never been able to make it to a meetup/sprint

  10. arc

    This would be an opportunity to be part of your first. Online sprints are nowhere near as engaging as in-person variety, but I don't think we're going to see anything in person until next year at earliest.

  11. arc

    I'm looking at https://www.4imprint.com/product/101870/Matte-Barrel-Mug-16-oz for swag mugs. It would have something like a white line art wrapping around it, and a secondary accent color on the front/back.

  12. arc

    The blue ones we ordered last year held up well, even after being through the dishwasher several times. The problem with swag mugs is the print often chips off in the high-temp dishwasher

  13. arc

    But getting swag in the post is still not the same. Because part of going to a sprint is also getting to know each other, going out to lunch, going to a bar at night to unwind.. and beyond socializing, that's when most of the best brainstorms happen

  14. arc

    But when you get cool swag during the event, you are continually reminded of that event. A mug that I got nearly 6 years ago at a gnome sprint is still reminding me of how much fun fixing gtk+ UX bugs were. Gnome Foundation spent thousands to fly devs from Europe to SF and back for that one.

  15. emus

    arc: Its good to have the reminders, but first lets talk about the motivation, if experience says its hard to get members joining. I personally would not only focus on member only

  16. arc

    Oh certainly not. I actually picked a date range based on GSoC student application window, so that student applicants can participate in this event in order to get their feet wet and meet mentors

  17. arc

    Date range March 6-April 17

  18. arc

    Google will publish the organization list on March 9, and application deadline is April 13. so we will have a few days before and after the GSoC application deadline

  19. arc

    And also a couple weeks after FOSDEM so if we repeat it next year, everyone will be able to recover a bit between the events.

  20. emus

    arc: What do you think are the reasons for low engagement?

  21. arc

    There's a lot of reasons. A lot of people used to work on xmpp as part of their job, but have either changed jobs or they're daytime job project was canceled/sold.

  22. arc

    Also a lot of FOSS developers have become more experts at netflix series than their projects over 2020. For largely the same reason that people have stopped exercising as much

  23. emus

    Okay I see

  24. arc

    Anyways I think a event like this will be very good for us as a community, and it really doesn't matter whether it does so by getting new people involved, or getting the existing membership reactivated.

  25. mathieui

    emus, I asked in a french channel for reviewers on the article translation, FYI

  26. mathieui

    ah, I am hearing that nyco started a collaborative translation on https://linuxfr.org/redaction/news/instant-messaging-it-s-not-about-the-app

  27. mathieui

    it will probably be best to just re-use for the blog once it is done

  28. emus

    I would be happy to see commits/discussion on Github for this

  29. emus

    cannot access the link

  30. mathieui

    I know, it’s reserved to website members

  31. mathieui

    FWIW it’s already what is used for translating the newsletter in french

  32. emus


  33. emus

    The license is open now, so people can do things. Just thought it might be less work to review the prepared text

  34. emus

    arc, I only know this: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:XMPP_logo.svg

  35. emus


  36. mathieui

    is there a difference with view-source:https://xmpp.org/theme/images/xmpp-logo.svg ?

  37. wurstsalat

    Ask Neustradamus :)

  38. flow

    is there a story behind 'etherx' in xmlns:stream='http://etherx.jabber.org/streams' ?

  39. emus

    I see this the first time (but thats often the case from my perspective 🙂 )

  40. e2e.ee

    Good morning.

  41. Zash

    Morning. (Sun just went down here, but UGT)

  42. e2e.ee

    It appears the IM Observatory is down.

  43. e2e.ee

    Oh... it is 10am in Colombia.

  44. emus

    e2e.ee are you from Colombia?

  45. e2e.ee

    Regarding keeping your services up... consider using monitor.chat!

  46. e2e.ee

    I am from USA, but I live in Colombia. I have lived here for the past 8 years

  47. emus

    Thanks, are there any servers running XMPP in Colombia actually?

  48. e2e.ee

    Well, e2e.ee was created by me... and I am in Colombia. LOL

  49. e2e.ee

    but, the server is hosted in Amsterdam

  50. emus

    ah okay

  51. emus

    but you dont know any there, right?

  52. e2e.ee

    Uruguay has a few XMPP servers... not sure where they are actually hosted though.

  53. emus

    can you name those?

  54. Zash

    xmpp.net ?

  55. e2e.ee

    yeah, sure.

  56. e2e.ee

    just a sec

  57. emus

    yes, havent found any so far

  58. e2e.ee

    buzon.uy and undernet.uy are Uruguayan XMPP domains.

  59. emus

    Thank you

  60. e2e.ee

    Buzon.uy website is in Spanish only, so it is a good bet they are from Uruguay

  61. e2e.ee

    Yeah, and undernet.uy is the same website design, probably same people.

  62. e2e.ee

    Anyway... who is in charge of IM Observatory?

  63. e2e.ee

    on xmpp.net?

  64. e2e.ee

    It is not working.

  65. e2e.ee

    has been down a couple of days. I just thought about mentioning it here, as this is their chatroom, I think.

  66. e2e.ee

    They can monitor their services with monitor.chat - so, give that a try.

  67. e2e.ee

    also, created by e2e.ee (that is me) :)

  68. Zash

    It's running on an XSF server, but it's basically unmaintained at this point.

  69. jonas’

    e2e.ee, as mentioned next door, we know that xmpp.net is broken and we seek to replace it.

  70. jonas’

    No need to monitor something which is broken so much that nobody wants to keep kicking it 🙂

  71. jonas’

    rest assured that we do in fact have monitoring in place for the actually critical services 🙂

  72. e2e.ee

    What is XSF server?

  73. Neustradamus

    There is a ticket for an update to all pictures managed by XSF. - https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/608

  74. e2e.ee

    oh.... XMPP Standards Foundation - ok... I thought for a sec it was a kind of server.

  75. emus

    e2e.ee: thanks, I was wondering if there is any server in colombia

  76. e2e.ee

    South America has almost no hosting companies. There is little competition, which means high prices and poorly run services when it comes to hosting.

  77. e2e.ee

    So, that leaves self-hosting - or just hosting the domain somewhere else. Which is fine. Physical location is of little importance these days.

  78. e2e.ee

    I used a service located in Rosario, Argentina, that was about 4 years ago. It was pathetic. Such bad service, and far too much down-time to be reasonable.

  79. e2e.ee

    That was before I was creating stuff on XMPP though.

  80. Zash

    e2e.ee, xmpp.net was out of disk space, I freed some. Hope that helps.

  81. mathieui

    seems to work now

  82. e2e.ee

    You can monitor disk space with monitor.chat: https://monitor.chat/documentation/shell_scripts/storage_space/

  83. e2e.ee


  84. e2e.ee

    You get notified by XMPP

  85. Zash

    xmpp.net is not the highest priority

  86. mathieui

    e2e.ee, if anyone had time to setup more monitoring for xmpp.net, they would probably use that time more efficiently

  87. mathieui

    (I belivee people in the XMPP Standards Foundation know how they can setup XMPP alerts, too :D)

  88. e2e.ee

    Ok, it is your service. Someone spent a lot of time to create and maintain xmpp.net, and now it is just left on the back burner to die.

  89. e2e.ee

    No one cares any more, not even about the stuff they have created themselves. Just too busy with higher priorities?

  90. Zash

    Busy with work, from what I heard recently.

  91. Zash

    https://github.com/xmpp-observatory/ has the code if you're interested

  92. e2e.ee

    Thanks Zash, I will take a look.

  93. emus

    Thanks. I am just wondering if there are really no servers hosted in colombia

  94. e2e.ee

    I doubt it. Colombia uses Whatsapp. People love it here.

  95. e2e.ee

    I have a friend here who uses XMPP once in a great while.

  96. e2e.ee

    He is the only one I know.

  97. mathieui

    yeah, south america is 99% whatsapp anyway, due to carrier plans including unlimited whatsapp, and everything else being pricey

  98. mathieui

    (yay for anticompetitive practices!)

  99. e2e.ee

    That may be true. I never get charged for extra bandwidth on my mobile phone, and I use XMPP all the time. I don't think we have unlimited Gigs of bandwitdth on our plan either.

  100. emus

    e2e.ee, yes I can imagine. However, I have a bet running and looking for a server hosted in colombia 😀 At least there are people in CO using XMPP

  101. emus

    Hello, just a reminder if anyone whats to review the German https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/874 or the French translation https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/875 - the German translation should fine, but if there would be another French review, that would be great.