XSF Discussion - 2021-02-13

  1. mimi89999

    Previously without GDPR and without widespread spam, not many servers wanted to have custom forms with ToS, captcha or email

  2. mimi89999

    Why are you obsessed with .well-known? Makes me think of email autoconfig.

  3. mimi89999

    Yes, as Ge0rG said. Currently servers just show a ToS in instructions or fixed and the client can silently skip that as Dino did without being malicious. At least tying it to a bool field would be required.

  4. DebXWoody

    Hi. Exists a tool to convert XEPs to manages? xepXML2man?

  5. DebXWoody

    Ah, it's OK. I will just use w3m and write a small script where I just fill the number and get the URL.

  6. lovetox

    i have to say my forms impl was one of the most benefical things i did in Gajim

  7. lovetox

    if you dont have a good and nice forms impl you are missing out on a lot of stuff xmpp can do

  8. lovetox

    IBR, Groupchat Config, Pubsub Node Config, Adhoc Commands, and im probably forgetting others

  9. lovetox

    if you have a nice GUI forms impl, these dialogs are suddenly 200 line code and you are finished, get an iq, display the form, send

  10. lovetox

    it becomes a no brainer to support these features

  11. lovetox

    does the form look in every scenario with every server super good? probably not, some servers think the label attr of a field is a place to write a book

  12. lovetox

    but on the other hand i dont blame them, with not many forms impl out their they most of the time dont know that it looks shitty

  13. mimi89999

    Yes. Forms are a must for every XMPP client now. Conv does not have them and everything using them (IBR, MUC config, etc.) is very limited there.

  14. mimi89999

    lovetox: I saw that you decided to display 2 titles in IBR forms. Gajim and the server one. Why?

  15. lovetox

    mimi89999, but keep in mind, and smartphone client has a target audience, and limited space, i dont think its useful to add too much features on a smartphone

  16. lovetox

    no specific reason, i guess because i dont trust servers to add a good title

  17. mimi89999

    Then we end up with 2 titles...

  18. lovetox

    but yeah when a title is provided i could i hide ours

  19. lovetox

    i think thats ok

  20. lovetox

    the window itself has also the title create account

  21. lovetox

    so its actually 3 times in there

  22. flow

    Zash> And data forms are defined by XEP-0004, not 389. And we all hate it, FWIW, I ♥ data forms and ad-hoc commands ;) (but there sure is room for improvement)

  23. potato

    hi don't mind me just testing a new account