XSF Discussion - 2021-03-03

  1. emus

    Hello hello, arc, is there anything to announce about GSoC ?

  2. Kev

    Not unless we’re accepted.

  3. emus


  4. Alex

    If you are a XSF member and have not voted yet on out current Q1 applicants then please do so. Memberbot is online and getting bored 😉

  5. Zash

    I think I voted on the first day this time 🙂

  6. Alex

    yes, you were #1

  7. Kev

    Oh, yeah, I need to do that. I tried on the first day and memberbot was ignoring me, will try again later.

  8. eevvoor

    thx for reminding me Alex

  9. Zash

    Yes, a winrar is me

  10. eevvoor

    eh what is again memberbos's jid?

  11. Zash

    Should be in your roster if you're a member, otherwise talk to Alex

  12. Zash


  13. Alex

    it should auto accept your subscription request, if it doesn't then you are not on the whitelist and I can fix

  14. mathieui

    Zash, damn, I thought I was pretty fast

  15. eevvoor

    thx Zash. Done.

  16. es_bbb

    Do I see it correctly, omemo:1 doesn't cover typing notifications?

  17. Daniel

    you don’t see that correctly

  18. Daniel

    it uses sce and sce can encrypt almost anything

  19. Zash

    Anyone implementing omemo:1 yet?

  20. es_bbb

    Zash: Kaidan got a fund IIRC

  21. es_bbb

    But doesnt look like theyve started yet

  22. es_bbb

    Unless im blind again

  23. arc

    I believe its meeting time soon

  24. MattJ


  25. arc

    emus: we will have no news until the 9th. People should still put tasks on the list

  26. arc

    It was good I got up a little early, I've got baby chickens flying around the living room and a very neurotic cat that just wants to go outside to get away from the chaos

  27. arc

    He is really stressed out when they are out of the brooding tank. Because of course that is where they belong, and if they are anywhere else something is going wrong and he might get blame for it lol

  28. jonas’

    at least it’s not taking the obvious cat solution ("eat it")

  29. arc

    I have observed that he treats them like abandoned kittens. I think that's pretty normal since they are co-domesticated species

  30. arc

    Cats have been protecting chickens for thousands of years. I'm sure they might attack one every now and then, but when they live in the same place they seem to go directly into protect mode

  31. emus

    arc: ok thanks

  32. arc


  33. arc


  34. dwd

    Here, though minor crisis at work so somewhat distracted.

  35. arc

    With only four of us I'm not sure if we have quorum

  36. dwd

    Who do we have?

  37. MattJ


  38. arc

    Three of us is technically quorum..

  39. dwd

    Yeah, should be. 3/5 would be.

  40. arc

    Well, there are four of us now

  41. dwd

    Yeah, so it's... more quorate?

  42. arc

    Sure but do we have even a agenda?

  43. dwd

    Not that I have seen.

  44. arc

    Well it sounds like the board meeting isnt happening this week again

  45. MattJ


  46. MattJ

    I have to hop now anyway

  47. eevvoor

    should be easy in corona with everyone working at home :D

  48. MattJ

    One would think so

  49. eevvoor

    in theory

  50. arc

    To be fair we have changed the time twice in two weeks

  51. eevvoor

    ah ok

  52. dwd

    eevvoor, Heh. I have never been busier than the past year, but I've always worked from home (well, for ~20 years).

  53. emus


  54. dwd

    I'll get around to a blog post somewhere about what this pandemic looks like from my perspective - got some fascinating data, like NHS message traffic mirroring COVID hospital admissions (and the time delay until they're read inverting it).

  55. emus

    Happy to read

  56. eevvoor

    dwd, I am curious too.

  57. dwd

    I'll get to it in April, probably - a related major project underway which will be clear by then.

  58. emus

    If there is anyone having the need to review the Newsletter draft - now is your chance! 🙂 https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/pull/894/files