XSF Discussion - 2021-03-08

  1. Alex


  2. jonas’

    Alex, thanks for the reminder :)

  3. Alex


  4. mathieui

    MattJ, also still in 0313, the custom fields on example 13 and 14 are not consistent (the ones in example 14 are not using Clark notation)

  5. dwd

    Childbirth over XMPP, by the way: https://twitter.com/hellojunoapp/status/1368898078200098821

  6. dwd

    (I mean, pregnancy advice over XMPP, but childbirth sounds more impressive)

  7. mathieui

    dwd: neat!

  8. dwd

    We already do Paediatricians over XMPP and anyone-in-the-NHS-to-each-other over XMPP, of course. And none of these federate (the latter for obvious reasons).

  9. eric

    dwd: This is as cool as https://www.gnuhealth.org/

  10. emus

    yeah, I think so too