XSF Discussion - 2021-03-09

  1. dwd

    Radically different. Aside from the question of open source, gnu health is an EHR system, whereas we do comms only. Some talk of EHR integration, but that will all be via FHIR, a standard framework for that kind of thing.

  2. emus

    A friendly request again to tweet the Newsletter post from Fosstodon on Twitter too

  3. Sam

    Do we have a good place to point new XMPP users that want to setup their own server? I have someone messaging me that I think would be better served by a chatroom. Maybe jdev or operators@? Neither quite seemed to fit.

  4. Zash

    joinxmpp maybe?

  5. MattJ

    *joinjabber! ;)

  6. Sam

    ah yes, I forgot that existed and didn't know they had a chat; thanks, that's probably a good resource!

  7. MattJ


  8. MattJ

    There is of course also the Snikket quickstart :)

  9. Sam

    Good idea, I think they're trying to setup prosody right now and struggling, but it's hard to tell from their emails.

  10. Sam

    Thanks; recommended snikket and joinjabber.org, hopefully that makes things easier for them. I'll keep joinjabber in mind next time.

  11. edhelas


  12. mathieui

    (the comments on that website are a dumpster fire)

  13. Zash


  14. Zash

    Saw some XMPP mentions over at HN too, re what I assume is that article (but who reads the articles?)

  15. Alex

    Memberbot is still online and accepting your votes for todays meeting

  16. Ge0rG

    phew, voted just in time!

  17. emus

    meeting is in 10 mins?

  18. mathieui

    emus, the members meeting is at 19:00 UTC, but maybe there is a board meeting soon? :p

  19. emus


  20. Sam

    nope, board is tomorrow

  21. arc

    It does not look like we were accepted into gsoc this year

  22. emus


  23. Zash

    Oh well. How goes it with outreachy? Or season of docs?

  24. Zash

    https://developers.google.com/season-of-docs/docs/timeline eh, deadline in ~2 weeks?

  25. arc

    I'm still looking for sponsorship. Though I am still on medical leave

  26. arc

    So I am on light duty

  27. emus

    arc, I can offer you 1-2 hours this week if you guide me

  28. Zash

    Is It Timezone?

  29. Alex

    its member meeting time

  30. arc

    We can come back to this after the meeting

  31. Alex bangs the gavel

  32. Alex

    here is our Agenda for today: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Meeting-Minutes-2021-03-09

  33. Alex

    1) Call for Quorum

  34. Alex

    34 members voted via proxy, so we have a quorum

  35. Alex

    2) Items Subject to a Vote

  36. Alex

    new and returning members, you can see all our applicants for this quarter here: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Membership_Applications_Q1_2021

  37. Alex

    3) Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting

  38. Alex

    anyone here who has not voted via memberbot yet and wants to vote now?

  39. Alex

    if not I will start working on the results

  40. Alex starts couting now

  41. Zash

    I'm pretty sure I already voted, so go for it 🙂

  42. emus

    you are listed

  43. Alex

    okay, drumroll

  44. Alex

    4) Announcement of Voting Results

  45. Zash


  46. mathieui


  47. Alex

    when you reload the page you can see the results here: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Meeting-Minutes-2021-03-09#Announcement_of_Voting_Results

  48. Alex

    everyobe accepted, congrats all

  49. Alex

    5) Any Other Business?

  50. Alex

    looks like there is none

  51. moparisthebest

    nope just another hearty thanks to Alex again as usual :)

  52. Alex

    6) Formal Adjournment

  53. Alex

    I motion that we adjourb

  54. Sam

    I second the motion to adjourb

  55. Alex bangs the gavel

  56. Sam

    I'm not sure what it is, but it sounds fun.

  57. Alex

    thanks everyone

  58. mathieui

    Thanks to to all voters, congrats to all newly and reapplyig members, and especially thanks a lot Alex for all the work!

  59. emus

    Thanks Alex, but what do you want to adjour?

  60. Alex

    Will update mailing lists and webpage tomorrow and send out the minutes

  61. Alex

    emus, yes ;-)

  62. emus


  63. Alex

    beer time here ;-)

  64. Zash

    I'm wondering a bit what our voter turnout stats over time look like

  65. Sam

    mmm, beer time sounds good; anyone want to do an impromptu XSF happy hour?

  66. Alex

    missed the good brussels beer this year :(

  67. emus

    Yes, that would be an interesting development timeline

  68. emus

    arc, Im still here for your suggestions

  69. arc

    Well we need to develop a sponsorship letter in general

  70. emus

    ok, can you elaborate a bit and what I may do within 1-2 hrs as support for you?

  71. emus

    are there other example or is it start over from scratch?

  72. jonas’

    hey, just a quick sanity check: did anyone standards@ mails after 2021-03-02?

  73. Daniel


  74. Daniel

    Dave's email from March 2nd is the last

  75. jonas’

    huh? what about my email from March 2nd (the agenda)

  76. jonas’

    anyway, we’ll see if the list still works, will send agenda and XEP update in a minute or two

  77. Zash

    I see the agenda from Mar 2

  78. Daniel

    > I see the agenda from Mar 2 Yes sorry. I see that too

  79. jonas’


  80. Zash

    And some jdev@ posts after that which I sieve into the same folder

  81. mathieui

    jonas’, for the record, should submitters on the xeps repo fill the changelog / version update themselves, or should they let the editor(s) do it?

  82. jonas’

    mathieui, you can do it yourself, but don’t blame the editors when they make you redo it ;)

  83. mathieui


  84. Zash

    Hah, Historical and Deferred? https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0008.html

  85. arc

    emus: I guess the first step is to research our existing sponsorship model or policy

  86. arc

    I should warn that I'm not nearly as online as a normally would be.

  87. emus

    arc: ok, get well soon