XSF Discussion - 2021-03-10

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  3. arc It less healing than chronic stress. I think at some point we all experience this, especially this year
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  12. emus Yes, I understand
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  141. Kev We weren’t accepted for GSoC.
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  147. Kev Ah. That mail was 2 days ago and was just in my spam since then, so Arc’s probably already said that. Nevermind :)
  148. Kev Yep, last night. Ignore me.
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  211. emus I think at least we should define a little internal timeline to approach the topic next year earlier and also to retrieve more ideas/possible projects
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  214. emus Also regarding elections: Welcome Heiner!
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  508. arc According to my calendar it is meeting time
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  510. arc Kev: apparently a lot of people did not get accepted this year.
  511. Ge0rG Does that mean Google is full of interns?
  512. arc It appears that they focused a lot more on university based projects, which to be honest most of us can't stand because it's usually a professor mentoring his own students without seriously considering anyone they don't already know
  513. arc Honestly I've lost a lot of interest since they shut down the high school program again.
  514. Kev It is what it is, I guess. Leaves you more cycles for gathering sponsorship etc. for running an Outreachy.
  515. arc Yup.
  516. arc I would really love to build an outreachy for high school students. The program cost very little.
  517. arc We did not give the high school students money. But we had high school students, especially girls, extending Prosody and several spent several weeks improving xmpp webchat
  518. arc From a diversity standpoint I think that focusing on the younger ages was far more effective. But there are also a lot of rough edges with the program, most notably it was not really designed for group participation
  519. Kev GSoC, GCI, or Outreachy?
  520. arc Several of the schools built their own clubs, even had their own internal leaderboards. And I don't know if there's a causal link, but those same schools had both the highest female participation and the highest non-white participation in the US.
  521. arc GCI
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  523. arc Google officially killed GCI last year. Which was shocking and ridiculous given how little it cost to run.
  524. benharri wow I was scared google had killed CGI but I just misread
  525. Kev No, your perl scripts are safe.
  526. Daniel it's only a matter of time though
  527. arc I was one of the people that went city to city, going to primarily STEM schools promoting GCI. I still have boxes of t-shirts, stickers, pens, flash drives, etc that Google sent me to distribute to these schools.
  528. Ge0rG google has killed CGI a decade ago, but Amazon has resurrected it
  529. Ge0rG it's called "serverless" now! (please no OVH jokes)
  530. Kev Something happened with OVH? TBH Flosoft put me off OVH years ago.
  531. jonas’ Kev, … did you miss the thing where one of their DCs burnt down yesterday?
  532. Kev It’s a safe bet.
  533. arc I still get emails from these schools asking me to schedule a talk in the fall, months ahead of time. And these are mostly presentations in the auditorium or the library, which the kids who are interested come to during their lunch breaks, and we're highly dominated by a young woman. Like a 9:1 ratio girls to boys.
  534. Daniel UK news is probably still dominated by the oprah interview. so the ovh news just went under
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  537. arc You brits in your royal family, we are so much more evolved culturally since we have the Kardashians 😅
  538. mdosch Oprah? Isn't that some US talkshow?
  539. arc Yeah Oprah did an interview with members of the Royal family and the brits lost their goddamn minds. Because of course it is improper for members of the royal family to do a candid interview about their emotional state and family trouble
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  541. Ge0rG Like Opera, but for the people less close to education?
  542. arc Lol
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  544. arc I use celsius, the metric system, and play rugby but hate American football. I'm about the least American American you'll ever meet. And even I find the whole situation ridiculous.
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  546. Kev I think you’ve just devoted more words to it than any Brit I’ve spoken to.
  547. Sam The only brit I've talked about it to is a pretty hard-core Republican, so she's basically like "Canada can keep those two, and we should throw the rest of them out on the street" and that's about the extent of the discussion :)
  548. arc Actually I was referring to the Kardashians as ridiculous but I guess it's all the same thing 😋
  549. arc Hey Sam fellow American, how do you feel about the Kardashian-Kanye break up? And what do you think that means for the future of hip hop? 🙄
  550. Sam I literally didn't know this was a thing until just now ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  551. arc My neighbors literally sat in the front yard, smoked dope on the couches around the fire pit, and talked for over an hour about how good it was for Kanye to leave the abusive relationship
  552. arc This is America https://youtu.be/VYOjWnS4cMY
  553. Sam oh man, that video was so good (like everything Donald Glover does). Up there in terms of my favorite music videos for sure
  554. arc Absolutely, it's great. As is this https://youtu.be/loUQuSy57Is
  555. arc It's great because it's so true.
  556. Sam haven't seen this one, looking
  557. arc And it's 9:20 and we don't have board members, what's going on?
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  565. MattJ I'm ~here
  566. arc That is two of us
  567. jonas’ ralphm, dwd
  568. jonas’ (randomling pinging board members I know of)
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  570. arc That is the four of us. But if we were to start a half an hour late, as in now, we might run into the council meeting
  571. jonas’ the council meeting is over already
  572. jonas’ (that starts at 16:00Z)
  573. arc Ah. Ok
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  575. arc Well I guess we're going to need to discuss a new meeting time on the list
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  581. arc But yeah I have been thinking about starting a new independent teem program for high school students. Something not attached to Google
  582. arc I ran a pilot in 2009 that Google helped fund and that was pretty successful. The only reason we didn't continue was Google started GCI in 2010
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  585. arc Out of curiosity but on the same as topic, do we have a good webRTC video chat app that can be incorporated into a website?
  586. jonas’ jitsi-meet in an iframe?
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  588. arc I've always found jitsi-meet to be a bit awkward
  589. arc Is that something we can just plug in and go?
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  596. moparisthebest arc, for groups or 1:1 ? I believe movim does 1:1
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  600. arc No multi-party
  601. moparisthebest so 1:1 ? then movim
  602. Kev I think that was “No, 1:1” not “No 1:1"
  603. Kev But could be wrong :)
  604. moparisthebest arc, DID YOU MEAN TO PUT A COMMA THERE OR NOT :D
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  607. arc No, I need multi-party
  608. moparisthebest then currently I think the only option is jitsi meet, soon Dino though...
  609. Sam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4Y7SV741xE
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  645. eta Sam: hmm, was CVE-2021-27918 encountered when doing something XMPP-related?
  646. Sam yes; I didn't actually look, but I think I introduced it in the first place too though when I added the NewTokenDecoder stuff specifically to make some XMPP things easier, so oops.
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  662. mathieui what’s CVE-2021-27918?
  663. eta mathieui: golang XML security vulnerability in the latest release
  664. mathieui oh ok, couldn’t find it after a quick search
  665. Sam It's just a small DOS; it's possible to get the XML decoder into an infinite loop.
  666. Sam With malformed XML
  667. moparisthebest mathieui, https://security.archlinux.org/CVE-2021-27918
  668. Zash Search engine helpfully showed me CVE-2020-27918 instead.
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  670. mathieui same
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  738. emus Hey arc, I know I offered to help you - but I think its still a bit unclear to me what I should do exactly 🙁 😬️ A little advise or break down would be helpful. You said we need to look for new sponsors. You want me to scrape through the internet for project sponsors in our direction?
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  740. arc No, the first step is figure out what our existing sponsorship policies are
  741. Zash Maybe ask stpeter, Alex, previous board members, search the mailing lists for relevant mentions?
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  743. emus okay, thanks
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  745. Zash and check if https://xmpp.org/community/sponsorship.html has any useful info
  746. emus thx
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  748. emus but does this apply to GSoC ?
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  751. Zash (I have no idea what sponsorship info you're looking for, but that page had 'sponsor' in the title and was the most relevant-looking page I could find in the seconds I spent looking)
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  771. emus Yes, no critics that you posted that, but was a follow-up question
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