XSF Discussion - 2021-03-19

  1. Sam

    "Verifying A/V Calls with OMEMO" presentation by Daniel starting in ~30 minutes! Don't forget to join! https://socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-dud-niv

  2. emus

    Im on the run, but I havent forgot about it. Maybe I can join via mobile

  3. Sam

    emus: will do (sorry, no idea how to PM on this client), currently 8 people idling but we're still 15 minutes out.

  4. emus


  5. mdosch

    Unfortunately I can't join today due to a private appointment. I guess there are no recordings?

  6. Sam

    mdosch: I'll try to record it if Daniel is okay with it. I don't know if it will work yet or not though.

  7. Sam

    I've never used the recording feature on this platform.

  8. mdosch

    That would be great. Hope it'll work. 😃

  9. Sam

    I added a column to the signup sheet for recordings. I'll update that later if we get one.

  10. Sam

    Sorry, no recording of this oen.

  11. Sam

    one, even.

  12. mdosch

    No problem.

  13. eric

    mdosch: Cant you attend or do you want to have it recorded for others?

  14. Sam

    Starting now!

  15. Sam


  16. Sam

    emus: 27 was the highest number I saw in the chat

  17. mdosch

    eric: can't

  18. emus

    Sam: thanks, my phone died

  19. Zash

    Sam, that time slot thing is only showing me this week. do I need to allow more javascript?

  20. Daniel

    Zash: it's meant as day of the week rather than date

  21. Daniel

    Zash: it's meant as day of the week rather than an actual date

  22. Sam

    yah, sorry, I keep forgetting to clarify that

  23. larma

    Daniel, did you already implement the proposed temporary hack protocol for omemo dtls verification or plan to do so soonish?

  24. Daniel

    larma: yes it's shipped

  25. larma

    Ah, it's just not on F-Droid yet

  26. Daniel

    larma: are you far enough along with your a/v call implementation in Dino that implementing the verification part would make sense?

  27. larma

    Daniel, we don't have any encryption yet, but we have the verification part in our roadmap and designs