XSF Discussion - 2021-03-20

  1. ajeremias

    uhm.. i wonder how i got in here.. what is xsf?

  2. Zash

    the XMPP Standards Foundation, who manage XMPP Extension Protocols

  3. Zash

    See https://xmpp.org/about/xmpp-standards-foundation.html

  4. Sam

    I also wonder why this keeps happening. Does some client auto join this room if you hit the help menu item or something?

  5. Zash

    ajeremias, if you remember how you got here, we'd be interested to hear

  6. Zash

    Sam, my theory is that it's decently high up in the results for "discuss" on https://search.jabber.network/search?q=discuss

  7. Sam

    makes sense

  8. ajeremias

    Ahh i was into joinxmpp.org idea \o/

  9. ajeremias

    is there a better tool like mailing list or discourse?

  10. ajeremias

    async ftw \o/

  11. eevvoor

    ajeremias, so you came here via joinjabber? interesting