XSF Discussion - 2021-03-23

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  167. larma I'm kinda confused by this change: https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0176.html#revision-history-v1.1 > Make the 'foundation' attribute a string instead of an unsignedByte, in accordance with RFC 8445 [1]. XEP-0176 is meant to implement RFC 5245, XEP-0371 is meant to implement RFC 8445. Why would we adjust XEP-0176 to be in accordance with a related but incompatible RFC?
  168. Daniel i’m confused about the existence of 371
  169. Daniel couldn’t we have just made incremental changes to 176
  170. larma The RFCs are not fully compatible, so, no?
  171. larma I mean apparently a bunch of clients seem to do RFC 8445 over XEP 176 now
  172. larma Because it was already widely used and looked similar to what they're doing I guess
  173. Daniel is there any client doing 371?
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  175. larma Don't think so, but most WebRTC clients probably should
  176. larma Assuming they use libwebrtc
  177. larma Given that most (if not all) WebRTC clients are incompatible with what was around before, there really was no reason to stick with the 176...
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  179. Daniel to be honest for me it was a discovery thing. i didn’t even know about 371
  180. Daniel or have a good enough understanding to be able to tell the differences
  181. Daniel (i still don’t know the difference)
  182. Daniel without putting words into peoples mouths I assume this may have been similiar for the two implementations that predate Conversations
  183. Kev We’ve always struggled for review on Jingle stuff, *especially* Jingle WebRTC stuff. There’s a couple of very knowledgeable people around, but nothing like the volume of knowledge we have relevant to most XEPs.
  184. Daniel larma, 371 used to use 5245 as well and was then upgraded to 8445
  185. Daniel without any problems
  186. Daniel so i'm wondering if the same can not be done for 176
  187. Daniel (possibly with some extra disco features for example for "i support 176 + tcp candidates" or something)
  188. larma I implemented a client of 176 that implements RFC 5245 and it can't be connected from Conversations because libwebrtc implements RFC 8445 (it probably works the other way round because that changes who is the controller). Incompatibility to me sounds like a good reason not to update/change a Draft XEP
  189. larma OTH we now have a bunch of clients claiming 176 conpat in disco that are not fully compatible, so I guess the damage is already here
  190. larma OTOH we now have a bunch of clients claiming 176 conpat in disco that are not fully compatible, so I guess the damage is already here
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  193. Link Mauve larma, I originally only wanted to extend from unsignedByte to unsignedInt, as that was what libwebrtc (and all clients based on it) was doing.
  194. Link Mauve But RFC 5245 was already requesting a string up to 32 characters (whatever that means, probably bytes).
  195. Link Mauve “ foundation = 1*32ice-char”
  196. Link Mauve “ ice-char = ALPHA / DIGIT / "+" / "/"”
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  198. larma Link Mauve: I guess I was more confused about the reference to RFC 8445 than the change itself
  199. Link Mauve Ah hmm, maybe I was the one who got confused, as 5245 already had the exact same requirement and we imported it as an unsigned byte instead, probably in accordance with implementations of the day.
  200. Link Mauve larma, AIUI the incompatibility doesn’t come from 5245 vs. 8445, but from mandatory DTLS-SRTP vs. not supported.
  201. larma That's something else
  202. Link Mauve Or maybe you’re aware of some incompatibility between the two RFCs that I’m not?
  203. larma I'm specifically talking about ICE
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  207. larma 8445 allows sending data before candidate nomination, basically making candidate nomination optional (also the reason the got rid of the aggressive nomination mode). 5245 requires nomination before sending. If the controlling side is 8445 they might never nominate a candidate, thus the 5245 side can't send.
  208. larma I had to discover that through wireshark ;)
  209. Link Mauve How is that negociated in non-XMPP deployments?
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  211. larma They probably all use 8445 nowadays and just updated when Google dictated them to?
  212. Link Mauve All legacy telephony systems?
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  214. larma They're not compatible with WebRTC anyway due to dtls-srtp
  215. larma So nobody cares I guess
  216. larma Others would just make their client such that it's compatible with legacy systems (e.g. by nominating a candidate pair even if not required for them)
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  218. larma If care is taken, you can implement ICE clients that are compatible with different versions of ICE. For example, some early drafts of ICE required sending USERNAME attribute in responses. If you aim for compatibility you can just do it, as adding more attributes than required is allowed and they simply get ignored by RFC implementations
  219. Link Mauve Is “candidate pair” the proper name of a c= line in SDP?
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  221. larma No, that's just the candidate
  222. Link Mauve Because I’ve seen implementations include a dummy one.
  223. Link Mauve In the initial offer.
  224. larma The pair is a combination of local and remote candidate
  225. larma Safari does not send proper candidates before granting audio/video permission
  226. larma For privacy reasons
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  228. Daniel larma, if there is any low hanging fruit like sending transport-info/remote candidate or someting that improves the situation for you let me know
  229. larma I guess we'll just make sure to be compatible with RFC 8445 as well when using 176...
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  235. larma Daniel: you mentioned TCP, do you actually do RTP over TCP?
  236. Daniel larma: I've disabled that because 176 doesn't support it
  237. Daniel Until know I was under the impression that this is the only major difference
  238. Daniel As this is what the introduction of 371 focuses on
  239. Link Mauve That was also my impression btw, which is why I never pushed for 0371.
  240. larma Well ICE-UDP is a datagram transport and ICE-TCP is a stream transport but according to 166 each transport should decide to either be datagram or stream and according to 167 RTP is only allowed over datagram
  241. Link Mauve I referred to the RFC to understand some things, but didn’t compare them thoroughly.
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  243. larma I think having ICE-UDP and ICE-TCP not in the same XEP or at least not use the same namespace makes sense. I also wonder what libwebrtc does when setting up RTP over TCP because it will need to encapsulate the RTP datagrams somehow so they can go on a stream
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  245. larma (encapsulate can be as easy as prefixing with a length)
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  250. L29Ah are XMPP addresses case-sensitive? couldn't find such info in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6122
  251. Daniel No
  252. Daniel The local part is normalized
  253. Daniel Aka 'fancy lower cased'
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  255. Link Mauve The fancy part means you can’t just lowercase it and do the comparison, you have to use stringprep.
  256. Link Mauve Not doing so is a vulnerability awaiting.
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  259. Daniel Yes if you are asking from a developers perspective definitely understand how stringprep works. From a user perspective it's simpler to just think of lower case
  260. Zash L29Ah, so you would look at https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6122#appendix-A and then look up the referenced tables in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3454
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  262. Zash E.g. https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3454#appendix-B.2 is the long version of "lower-case"
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  268. L29Ah thanks!
  269. dwd Anyone available for doing React and Stanza.js for a contracting gig?
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  272. MattJ Don't forget https://xmpp.work/
  273. Link Mauve sonny, ↑
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  276. sonny nope pretty busy ATM
  277. flow L29Ah, check https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7622
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  285. Zash Check this handy graph ```dot digraph "xmpp-addr" { rfc3920 -> idna2003 [label="ref"] rfc3920 -> stringprep [label="ref"] rfc3920 -> rfc6122 [label="update"] rfc6122 -> idna2003 [label="ref"] rfc6122 -> idna2008 [label="ref"] rfc6122 -> stringprep [label="ref"] rfc6122 -> rfc7622 [label="obsolete"] rfc7622 -> idna2008 [label="ref"] rfc7622 -> precis [label="ref"] idna2003 -> idna2008 [label="obsolete"] idna2003 -> stringprep [label="ref"] } ```
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  289. MattJ Rendered:
  290. MattJ https://matthewwild.co.uk/uploads/xmpp-addr.png
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  311. eric MattJ: what did you use for rendering?
  312. MattJ dot -Tpng
  313. eric Thanks
  314. Zash FTR I pasted the source so that in the far future, after all the http-uploaded files have expired, someone could still see what it was
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  323. MattJ This URL isn't expiring any time soon :)
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  335. L29Ah i have a string, "/"
  336. L29Ah is this a valid XMPP address?
  337. jonas’ no
  338. L29Ah why?
  339. jonas’ oh, it is
  340. jonas’ it gets normalised to `/` which is apparently a valid domain name.
  341. jonas’ I mean "valid"
  342. L29Ah it might be a valid domain name but when parsed as a jid after normalisation it would denote an empty domain name with empty resource
  343. Zash Oh no, is this another case of "turns out a HTTP URL is a valid hostname"?
  344. L29Ah Zash: no, i'm figuring out why i have a failing test in a xmpp library i maintain
  345. jonas’ L29Ah, oh no.
  346. jonas’ that is ... interesting
  347. L29Ah the test suite has come up with such a nice jid
  348. L29Ah that the library can serialise (with normalisation) but can't parse afterwards
  349. Zash It's invalid because `/.` is not an existing top-level domain.
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  352. L29Ah Zash: it might be /.local.
  353. Zash Oh no
  354. Zash But _that_ isn't valid
  355. jonas’ is it not?
  356. Zash empty host, `.local` as resource!
  357. jonas’ no
  358. jonas’ not if written as /.local
  359. jonas’ normalization of the domainpart happens *after* splitting
  360. Zash True
  361. jonas’ can’t be reserialized as JID anymore though :)
  362. Zash Also true
  363. jonas’ L29Ah, congrats, that’s a terrible test case
  364. jonas’ might even warrant an erratum to RFC 6122, would have to check if 7622 has the same issue
  365. L29Ah "awesome test case", you mean?
  366. jonas’ L29Ah, yes, in the original sense of the word
  367. jonas’ well, in both senses that is
  368. jonas’ L29Ah, where did you find it?
  369. L29Ah 16:01:35]<L29Ah> the test suite has come up with such a nice jid
  370. jonas’ which test suite?
  371. L29Ah it generates random strings
  372. L29Ah quickcheck
  373. jonas’ oh
  374. jonas’ awful
  375. jonas’ I mean amazing
  376. jonas’ but awful
  377. jonas’ you know what I mean
  378. Sam ooh, that's a good one. Works, but definitely seems like something we should be making illegal somehow https://play.golang.org/p/F7GRBN3EkDX
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  381. Sam (that example is using 7622, you may have to run it twice for it to cache the library and not timeout because of the download time)
  382. jonas’ Sam, thanks for the 7622 check
  383. Kev “not if written as / .local” Why does that space matter? It’s still split on the / so the latter part is the resource?
  384. Sam Kev: that's not a space :)
  385. jonas’ Kev, it’s not a space, it’s a strange slash character
  386. Sam (it's not a '/' either :) )
  388. Kev Ah, if it’s not / then ok :)
  389. Sam Should be fine because it will never be normalized to '/' in 7622 at least, but it *looks* confusing which is possibly bad
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  391. Kev Yes, “fine” might be quite subjective here :)
  392. Sam Eg. if I buy "google.com/definitelynotevil.com"
  393. Sam "Hi, I'm an important person from Google which you can verify from my JID!, I want to give you 5 million dollars!"
  394. L29Ah ok seems like i need to replace my stringprep stuff with 7622 stuff
  395. Sam L29Ah: does stringprep normalize that to '/'? Yah, that seems like a potential place for serious bugs
  396. L29Ah yes it does
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  398. Kev Is this the point where I repeat my usual complaint that precis-based JIDs are broken? :)
  399. Sam Kev: in this case it appears to be the stringpep based JID that would break.
  400. Zash Does PRECIS fix this?
  401. Kev Sam: In the sense that there’s no upgrade path from stringprep to precis, and therefore they can’t be safely used on the same network unless they’re compatible, and if they were compatible (they’re not) there’d have been no reason to go to precis.
  402. Sam It just uses IDNA's toUnicode for domains, so yah I guess so. It seems bad that stringprep does more than that, because then you'd end up with domains that are valid but you can't use them for JIDs
  403. Sam But I haven't really looked, so that's assuming this is all true and not a bug in one of our libraries.
  404. Sam Kev: they're compatible enough in the real world. But yah, the upgrade path is tricky. If this is really true though, I'd say it's a huge reason to upgrade. stringprep not allowing valid domains in JIDs seems really bad
  405. Sam Anyways, back in a bit then I need to write some tests around this.
  406. Kev “They’re compatible enough in the real world” is exactly the point. People make that argument, but if it were actually true there’d be no reason to need to go to precis.
  407. L29Ah https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3491#section-4 yeah nameprep tells it gets normalized
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  409. Kev We can’t both have the “stringprep is broken, we must precis” argument and the “but it doesn’t matter because they’re compatible in every way that matters” argument both being true :)
  410. Zash How about we just be very conservative with new usernames and stuff until we're all on PRECIS
  411. Kev Zash: With which unicode version?
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  414. Zash ASCII!
  415. L29Ah screw that, i'll just sanitize stringprep output for @ and /, and tell that i'm done
  416. Kev AFAIK, you can’t safely mix unicode versions in XMPP (nor in JIDs), and you can’t safely mix precis and stringprep-based JIDs. But we pretend that you can, while pasting “This is fine” GIFs :)
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  418. Sam Kev: I disagree. They're compatible in every way that matters, but stringprep is broken in a way that while it's not likely to be seen in the real world seems bad, but not because of its incompatibility with precis, because of its incompatibility with DNS.
  419. Sam I mean, don't get me wrong, we should come up with a graceful way to upgrade and handle the differences, I'm just saying that 90% of the time it actually is fine and stringprep is apparently broken in ways that have nothing to do with its incompatibilities with precis.
  420. Kev I don’t disagree that precis might be better, I just don’t see how we can be expecting everything to work nicely without upgrade paths.
  421. Sam Yah, we should come up with some of those.
  422. Sam It's just going to be hard to get anyone to do it because it will work well enough, so check your database, if there are no differences in any JID or JID that people are sending to: go ahead and upgrade. If there are, wait for an upgrade path.
  423. jonas’ step 0: find all JIDs in a database
  424. jonas’ that’s a challenge in and of itself
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  426. moparisthebest is your database the only one that matters? doesn't it break interop with everyone else too ?
  427. Zash I'm still thinking Be strict when creating local resources (users, rooms, nickname registrations...) Be relaxed with incoming data from other servers.
  428. moparisthebest kinda like if your email server can enforce authenticated TLS only just turn it on, and enjoy your no messages from anyone from that point forward :)
  429. Ge0rG Zash: 🤖 disagrees with that.
  430. Zash 🤖️ doesn't exist, it can't hurt you
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  433. Kev It’s even wider than JIDs, actually (Unicode, rather than precis/stringprep).
  434. L29Ah okay, is "foo@bar:666/baz" a valid jid?
  435. Kev Even with message bodies, unicode version changes can break things.
  436. Kev Are those all the characters they look like?
  437. L29Ah
  438. Calvin has left
  439. Zash L29Ah, maybe but I don't like it
  440. Zash IIRC you're allowed to put port numbers in the domainpart, but I doubt it'll be reliable
  441. moparisthebest there's generally a wide difference between "what the spec allows" and "what you can actually use in practice"
  442. Zash L29Ah: `[db8::123:abc]` is a legal domainpart too, and that has `:` in it
  443. L29Ah Zash: oh, thanks
  444. Zash Not completely sure about port numbers
  445. moparisthebest I recall a poor lady named something like Mary O'Toole who's email was Mary.O'Toole@domain.org which is a perfectly valid email that most email systems refused to deliver mail to
  446. Zash not mentioned in 6122
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  448. Zash Don't mention email :(
  449. Kev I thought that port numbers weren’t allowed, but would have to scour specs that I don’t want to scour at teh moment.
  450. moparisthebest point being, it's the same in XMPP land, you can't use PRECIS for this reason
  451. L29Ah ok so i just strip / and @ from domainpart, and declare all jids with domainpart that normalizes to a string with those invalid, what do you think?
  452. L29Ah s/and/or/
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  454. Zash Sounds sensible
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  459. Zash > Implementation Note: When dividing a JID into its component parts, an > implementation needs to match the separator characters '@' and '/' > before applying any transformation algorithms, which might decompose > certain Unicode code points to the separator characters.
  460. Zash ... but then nothing about what to do if that actually happens 🙁
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  462. flow L29Ah, so what's the lib in question. I only know quickcheck from haskell and there I know one XMPP lib
  463. flow L29Ah, so what's the lib in question? I only know quickcheck from haskell and there I know one XMPP lib
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  465. L29Ah flow: pontarius-xmpp
  466. flow I figured
  467. flow so is pontarius alive again?
  468. L29Ah no
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  470. L29Ah but i took over to keep pontarius-xmpp in shape and hopefully write a decent XMPP client someday
  471. flow well, you came here and ask the right questions, so I'd say you are on a good way ;)
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  473. L29Ah at least now i have a replacement for the bitrotten sendxmpp: https://github.com/l29ah/hsendxmpp
  474. MattJ Everyone does
  475. L29Ah google failed me :(
  476. Zash It's slowly growing into the hello world of XMPP :D
  477. MattJ But everyone who doesn't continues to use the bitrotten version :)
  478. L29Ah bitrotten version stopped working for me
  479. MattJ We need to get some/all of them packaged in distros
  480. MattJ It stopped working for me a long time ago, and then I later heard it was active again (and/or there is a fork with the same name)
  481. L29Ah hsendxmpp is packaged in nixos :]
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  483. L29Ah (as they package everything on hackage automatically)
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  485. flow L29Ah, you may want to consider passing the password as command line argument
  486. L29Ah flow: i do
  487. flow L29Ah, you may want to consider not passing the password as command line argument
  488. L29Ah flow: i also do
  489. moparisthebest L29Ah, yet another https://crates.io/crates/sendxmpp
  490. moparisthebest so many sendxmpp's :P
  491. L29Ah For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.
  492. moparisthebest ah sorry https://lib.rs/crates/sendxmpp there you go
  493. Sam Wow, there are a lot of these. I think Martin also maintains https://salsa.debian.org/mdosch/go-sendxmpp
  494. Sam And I vaguely remember a Python one a while ago too (though I don't remember if it was maintained)
  495. mdosch Yes, I once listed up those sendxmpps known to me there: https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Archiv/sendxmpp/#Alternativen
  496. mdosch German, but shouldn't be an issue in that case.
  497. moparisthebest Sam, that was https://github.com/moparisthebest/sendxmpp-py and supposedly it still works for some people but it quit working for me so I wrote the rust one and abandoned it
  498. Sam Oh yah, that's the one.
  499. flow am I to late for the party? https://github.com/Flowdalic/sendxmpp/blob/master/sendxmpp
  500. lovetox has joined
  501. Sam I've actually got one somewhere too (but it was just an example of using a library, not something I maintain or that's feature complete). More sendxmpps!
  502. floretta has joined
  503. MattJ Maybe we should list all these :)
  504. purplebeetroot has joined
  505. Zash I have an `sendxmpp-curl` that talks to a mod_post_msg I wrote for Prosody a million years ago
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  516. sebastian > I have an `sendxmpp-curl` that talks to a mod_post_msg I wrote for Prosody a million years ago which works great by the way... i receive several dozen messages per day this way :-)
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  549. L29Ah
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  551. mdosch 🕙
  552. L29Ah If the domainpart includes a final character considered to be a label separator (dot) by [IDNA2003] or [DNS], this character MUST be stripped from the domainpart before the JID of which it is a part is used for the purpose of routing an XML stanza, comparing against another JID, or constructing an [XMPP-URI]. In particular, the character MUST be stripped before any other canonicalization steps are taken, such as application of the [NAMEPREP] profile of [STRINGPREP] or completion of the ToASCII operation as described in [IDNA2003].
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  555. L29Ah so am i compliant if all the dots right before / in any jid are stripped?
  556. L29Ah at the end of domainpart, that is
  557. fuana has joined
  558. Andrzej has joined
  559. flow L29Ah, only the final dot
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  562. flow user@example.org is the same as user@example.org.
  563. Sam If there are multiple dots in a row I think that would just be an invalid domain label
  564. flow I think so too
  565. flow btw, this is not an xmpp specific thing, in fact all DNS names have a final dot, we just don't write it usually
  566. L29Ah flow: then it would strip an additional dot at each re-serialization
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  568. flow L29Ah, I think the jid should be rejected prior that
  569. flow so exmaple.org... would become example.org.. which hopefully your DNS library would reject as invalid DNS name
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  571. L29Ah say i received the jid from a remote party
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  574. flow but the rules what constitutes a valid domainpart are blury in rfc 7622. I submitted an errata for that, basically you want to allow IPv4 and v6 addresses and DNS names consisting of U-labels in the domainpart
  575. flow but the rules what constitutes a valid domainpart are blurry in rfc 7622. I submitted an errata for that, basically you want to allow IPv4 and v6 addresses and DNS names consisting of U-labels in the domainpart
  576. L29Ah so i just can't handle ⒐ as a domain name in nameprep-based xmpp
  577. Andrzej has joined
  578. L29Ah time to look for PRECIS implementations it seems
  579. flow yes, I would suggest that. but ultimately the question is if ⒐ is valid in an U-label
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  582. L29Ah still, rfc7622 notes the same about dots, so i'll have to strip them all
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  585. Zash Ah yes, the `blah..` edge case. Such fun.
  586. Zash Perhaps ".." should be rejected early, before you strip the last "."
  587. L29Ah what about ...?
  588. dwd L29Ah, What about what?
  589. Zash matches ..?
  590. dwd L29Ah, (I'm joking). A domain name is an array of labels, written as a single string with the labels separated by dots, and so if you encounter a zero-length label in a domain name anywhere but the end (where there is one implicitly) then it's an error.
  591. dwd L29Ah, But note it's not just '.', but other separators, like (I think) '·'.
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  594. Zash What about '·'‽
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  597. flow there a list somewhere™
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  599. flow https://github.com/MiniDNS/minidns/blob/ba0619d5404ee90096aa45c8c45c6a7ae26029b8/minidns-core/src/main/java/org/minidns/dnsname/DnsName.java#L59
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  601. flow Zash, so the answer is "no"
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  608. L29Ah is there a normal form of domainpart?
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  651. flow L29Ah, no, which will probably hurt us in case of IPv6
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  658. Zash Isn't that nameprep?
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  660. Zash DNS has that, and something something A vs U labels. IPv4 is easy, IPv6 has a canonical form too afaik.
  661. Zash But you don't encounter very many IP literals in the wild. Prosody didn't even support them at all until recently.
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  667. Kev I had in my head that they weren’t valid for JIDs for some reason.
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  672. flow Zash, I don't see no nameprep in rfc7622
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  682. Zash flow: well if you look at rfc7622 then you get to play rfc recursion from https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc7622.html#section-3.2 and on
  683. Zash have fun!
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  690. flow Zash, not sure in which direction you want me to go
  691. flow can you point me to the next step after rfc7622 § 3.2
  692. flow can you point me to the next step after rfc7622 § 3.2 ?
  693. Zash No, sorry, don't wanna risk summoning back the headache that's been looming over my head today.
  694. marc has joined
  695. flow I guess my point is that there is not much to follow, besides probably U-Label
  696. flow but IIRC there is no normal form for U-labels
  697. Zash Aren't there a bunch of RFC links in the following sections?
  698. flow I think so
  699. flow but nothing I connect with domainparts (besides, you guessed it, U-labels)
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  707. Zash Convert to A-labels (that's the pure ASCII one, right?), lowercase. Done! 😀
  708. L29Ah This implies that the string MUST NOT include A-labels as defined in [RFC5890]; each A-label MUST be converted to a U-label during preparation of a string for inclusion in a domainpart slot.
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  711. flow L29Ah, that's a bit misleading
  712. flow XMPP domainparts should (IMHO) never contain A-labels
  713. flow they are always U-labels
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  715. flow domainparts that form a DNS name, consists of U-labels
  716. flow so that this is trying to say is: if you want to make a domainpart out of something that you know is an A-label, then transform it to an U-label prior creating the domainpart
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  721. flow L29Ah, sorry, I somehow missed the 'NOT' in your statement
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  737. emus Tatsächlich finde ich jedoch einen Fork für eine Monal Android app garnicht so uninteressant 🤔️
  738. emus .
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  832. flow L29Ah, FYI there is a cropus if valid/invalid JIDs at https://github.com/igniterealtime/jxmpp/tree/master/jxmpp-strings-testframework/src/main/resources/xmpp-strings/jids
  833. flow but be aware that it is not impossible that some strings are in the wrong category. I am happy about feedback and/or new suggestions
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