XSF Discussion - 2021-03-29

  1. Sam

    I'm giving a talk tomorrow to a co-op I'm a member of about XMPP if anyone is interested. It's just a non-technical intro and I'll probably demo using Dino or Gajim or something to setup an account (it's a loose "play it by ear" sort of thing). If anyone is interested in joining or has suggestions for things I should showcase ping me, sam@samwhited.com

  2. emus

    Sam: Im interested, when is it?

  3. Sam

    16:00 UTC

  4. Sam

    We'll probably just use the same room I made for the XMPP Office Hours actually, so feel free to join. I'm hoping to convince their tech team to run an XMPP server afterwards, but this is just a quick demo to start and a bit about what XMPP is: https://socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-dud-niv

  5. sebastian

    show them A/V Calls between conversations.... that shows that XMPP is just as good as other products we don't like to talk about 😉️

  6. Sam

    That would probably be great for a demo but I don't have a good way to show conversations sadly. Dealing with Android stuff and the emulator is something I haven't done in a while and am not willing to spend time doing if I can avoid it at all :)

  7. Daniel

    calls from conversations to a landline

  8. sebastian

    Sam, you can use scrcpy, it is easy to use and setup

  9. sebastian


  10. Daniel

    i was about to suggest scrcpy as well

  11. Daniel

    (i was just slower to search my zsh history for the name 🙂 )

  12. sebastian

    (i so frequently recommend this tool to my colleagues, i will never forget its name ;D )

  13. sebastian

    i also used it when i showcased xmpp + snikket two weeks ago

  14. sebastian

    and it worked fine with AV calls

  15. Sam

    Hmm, that would be a really good demo. I dunno though, this was supposed to be a "no work involved, I just log in and make an account somewhere and talk about it" sort of thing, I hate to do a bunch of setup and learn new tools

  16. Sam

    We'll see how I feel after work, but given how much I hate being on a screen all day chances are I'll be too lazy :)

  17. Daniel

    ideally there is nothing to learn about scrcpy. you just run it and it mirrors your phones screen

  18. Daniel

    (when plugged in over usb)

  19. sebastian

    yep - thats pretty much it

  20. sebastian

    i suggest you try it, if you do not feel comfortable, you can still just run gajim/dino/whatever 🙂

  21. Daniel

    do you need debug mode on the phone

  22. Daniel

    i don’t know because all my phones are always in debug

  23. sebastian

    2. important things: 1. of course you need ADB enabled 2. on high end smartphones (recent makes) the display resolution might be just to huge, you'll get an error message, the resolution is somewhere in the github issues , cant find it now

  24. sebastian

    (2. shouldn't happen though, i just experienced it once and i use it frequently on different phones)

  25. Sam

    oof yah, I haven't done Android stuff in ages; maybe for some future demo, but I definitely don't want to figure out ADB and what not again for this.

  26. Sam

    This would all be a good demo for a future XMPP Office Hours though… *hint, hint*

  27. mathieui

    Sam, there’s nothing to figure out about ADB (enable developer tools, enable ADB, plug usb cable, run adb on the computer, accept dialog on the phone, done)

  28. emus

    Sam: ahh, im too late?

  29. Sam

    emus: it's tomorrow :)

  30. emus

    ouh 😅😅

  31. Sam

    Thought I'd at least try and install things and see if it was trivial since people said it would. Took me a while to get packages installed, figure out dependencies (which were broken on the AUR), and get dev stuff enabled, then once I did if I plug my phone in the USB hub just repeatedly dies in a loop (even though the phone is not plugged into the hub, it's plugged in somewhere else), then if I actually try to use adb it just complains about not having permissions. Apparently there's some group stuff that needs to be changed and some udev rules that need to be setup. Yah, as usual, not trivial and not worth doing.

  32. Sam

    Anyways, that is *definitely* all the time I have for that. Not worth debugging.

  33. mathieui

    Sam, oh right, the udev dance (and the sad state of android tools packagin in linux distributions), my bad, I have had those rules for 10 years so I kind of forgot about it