XSF Discussion - 2021-03-30

  1. Sam

    Tried to set it up this morning. The android stuff magically works now, but jmp.chat doesn't anymore for some reason even though in theory its enabled, registering for it crashed (but thankfully they fixed it quickly), and if I try to configure the account to forward calls to XMPP gajim just crashes when I try to execute the adhoc commands. So yah, I tried, but as usual, not trivial and it's probably still not happening.

  2. Sam

    But I did try. I think this demo will just be a boring "here's how you register for an account from Dino, look doesn't this chat seem nice?"

  3. Kev

    “I tried to set up a cool demo showing how easy it is, but it was too hard” :D

  4. moparisthebest

    normal people don't use adhoc commands in gajim or even have any idea what adhoc commands are :P

  5. moparisthebest

    a normal person would just message xmpp:account@jmp.chat to enable jingle calling

  6. Sam

    That's what I would normally do too, but last time I tried that it didn't support that!

  7. Sam

    I just did that though

  8. Sam

    (well, just messaged cheogram.com, unsure if that's the same thing)

  9. ben

    that's the new bot, yeah

  10. moparisthebest

    oddly it is not (I tried that first too)

  11. Sam

    Anyways, it's setup. I can't tell if I should do the demo or if this is all still too difficult and I shouldn't advertise it to normal people who will just be pissed when everything is broken for them

  12. Sam

    Tried to share the android screen to test it… nd the entire computer locked up and the display manager died. Literally no step in this process jas worked.

  13. moparisthebest

    ah computers

  14. Zash

    All Computers Are Broken

  15. Sam

    Somehow the demo ended up working well with only a few minor hitches; thanks for suggesting it Daniel, I'm glad I did it (even if it was a pain in the ass at every single step 😂)

  16. Daniel

    Sam, what did you end up showing?

  17. Sam

    Daniel: I just did a quick overview of XMPP then showed off creating an account (that part failed horribly actually) and then showed making a call and sending a text message with Conversations

  18. MattJ

    More people should do this more regularly, if only to realise how hard it can be for "normal" people to get on board 🙂

  19. MattJ

    Sam: out of curiosity, what failed exactly?

  20. Zash

    Did ... did you record it? Can we go case study on the recording? 🙂

  21. Sam

    MattJ: actually, that one was more me being dumb. Dino uses a second window for creating new accounts, so if you've only shared the Dino window and not your full screen…

  22. Sam

    Zash: Yah, I'll put it up somewhere later

  23. Sam

    Although fair warning, this was not a prepared thing, just like 3 slides copied from other stuff and me talking off the top of my head

  24. Sam

    Oh, and then that second window somehow got *under* the Dino window even though the main Dino window was locked and the other window had focus so it became impossible to close Dino without killing it. But that ones the window manager being dumb.

  25. Sam

    Why the hell is that even allowed?

  26. Zash uses a tiling window manager

  27. Sam

    Me too.

  28. jonas’

    those are terrible with modal dialogues

  29. jonas’

    (speaking as an i3 user)

  30. Zash

    Never noticed that with Dino

  31. moparisthebest

    same with dino and gajim and most apps on the pinephone too, main window kinda fits, then a modal dialog pops up and the buttons are too far off to the right to see/touch

  32. Zash

    Or, never got i3 to put modal windows under other windows. Is that actually possible?

  33. Sam

    Oh, Dino was detatched or floating or whatever at the time so it would be a reasonable size and shape when I shared it

  34. jonas’

    yep, with floating windows + modals you’re doomed

  35. mdosch

    > those are terrible with modal dialogues > (speaking as an i3 user) Some are automatically using floating for the popups others just get tiled. No idea what black magic is involved.

  36. jonas’

    mdosch, window manager hints

  37. mdosch

    So each program must set it properly for each popup?

  38. Sam


  39. Sam

    So naturally none of them do

  40. Sam

    (although Dino does in this case, but apparently i3 is perfectly happy to allow a window that's taking all the input dissapear)

  41. lovetox

    We try in Gajim to set the hints

  42. lovetox

    its actually only one

  43. lovetox

    called DIALOG

  44. lovetox

    which makes the window floating in i3

  45. lovetox

    but thats just linux, you make a app think everything is fine, and then someone comes around and tells you about tiling window managers, and you think "Sorry what?" and then you adjust to that, and then comes someone around and says, my DE does not have a taskbar, and you think "ooook", and then you try to adjust to that, and then someone comes around .. its an endless loop

  46. moparisthebest

    then someone makes a tiny phone and tries to run your app on it and complains when it doesn't just work? :P

  47. Kev

    And then someone comes along and says they don’t have a system tray.

  48. Kev

    Don’t forget that classic :)

  49. jonas’

    all of those issues (except the phone one) sound like things you can just not care about when writing a Qt application :-X

  50. lovetox

    yeah the phone one is the worst

  51. moparisthebest

    screen size is certainly still a problem for KDE apps, like with plasma mobile the wifi setup dialog, no one had tested it with WPA2 Enterprise, the OK/Cancel buttons were off-screen, I had to hook it up to a monitor to set it up

  52. lovetox

    i want to run Gajim on my phone, No dont do that, but i want to please help me, Why do you want to hurt yourself

  53. lovetox

    and then obviously, your app looks shitty on my phone, please rewrite it so it looks good

  54. Kev

    jonas’: I had to care about them in Psi. And then I had to care about them again in Swift.

  55. Kev

    Both are, notable, Qt. It doesn’t insulate you from crazy Linux setups.

  56. Kev

    Both are, notably, Qt. It doesn’t insulate you from crazy Linux setups.

  57. Kev

    It does make it easier to work with, for the most part, but crazy be crazy.

  58. eric

    moparisthebest: did you file a bug report?

  59. moparisthebest

    eric: for which