XSF Discussion - 2021-04-03

  1. emus

    ok thx

  2. flow

    daryl herzmann, quoted in the washington post article, is an active member of the ignite realtime community

  3. eevvoor

    what is the ignite realtime community?

  4. eevvoor


  5. flow

    igniterealtime.org, the home of Openfire, Spark, Smack & Co.

  6. eevvoor


  7. Sam

    Is there a board email?

  8. mdosch

    Afaik no.

  9. Sam

    *nods* got a reply from stpeter and realized I hadn't CCed the board. I'll just present it at the meeting next week then. Thanks.

  10. MattJ

    Sam, info@xmpp.org

  11. Sam

    Oh yah, it makes sense that that email would go to board. Thanks, I'll forward it there.