XSF Discussion - 2021-05-05

  1. emus

    Sam: Has it been recorded?

  2. wurstsalat

    emus, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwZaZY2hYzA

  3. emus

    deuill: ^

  4. deuill

    That's awesome, thanks!

  5. edhelas

    Damn, looks great <3

  6. edhelas

    I am really happy to see all those nice improvements in our XMPP clients :) it really brings modern features and ideas

  7. emus

    Yes, indeed!

  8. emus

    Is there anyone working in science and interested to this: https://karlsruhe2022.technology-assessment.info/calls don't know if it suits to XMPP