XSF Discussion - 2021-05-06

  1. arc

    Meeting time approaches

  2. MattJ


  3. arc

    My 30 min alert actually worked this week!

  4. arc

    With enough time to actually finish getting some old minutes published

  5. MattJ


  6. arc

    Huh well it seems that we're not having a meeting?

  7. arc


  8. arc

    I mean we have quorum but..

  9. dwd

    Soryr, hello.

  10. dwd

    I am here, but simultaneously in another meeting.

  11. arc

    Okay we have quorum minus the chair

  12. dwd

    Where are we going to sit?

  13. arc

    Do we have anything time pressing to discuss? CoC perhaps?

  14. arc

    I think we're still waiting on an email from Peter re Open Collective

  15. dwd

    We got an email saying he'd blocked out some time to look at it properly, I believe,

  16. arc

    Yeah I saw that too but we haven't heard more

  17. arc

    Oh, he sent that 2 hours ago. NVM