XSF Discussion - 2021-05-19

  1. edhelas


  2. qrpnxz


  3. eevvoor

    deadline application is 23rd, right?

  4. qrpnxz

    app for what

  5. eevvoor

    XSF application deadline is 23rd, right?

  6. eevvoor

    Chan Shen, your friends sound like mine :D but some of them use XMPP just for me.

  7. qrpnxz

    good friends then

  8. eevvoor

    qrpnxz, yes otherwise it is dificult.

  9. deuill

    Some drama happening around Freenode: https://fuchsnet.ch/freenode-resign-letter.txt

  10. deuill

    I'm wondering if this might spur efforts around providing IRC and XMPP services under the same umbrella.

  11. yushyin

    on that matter I read a couple of times 'it's time to migrate to matrix' in many freenode channels I participate

  12. qrpnxz

    XMPP-ADDR states: ``` An entity that prepares a string for inclusion in an XMPP domainpart slot MUST ensure that the string consists only of Unicode code points that are allowed in NR-LDH labels or U-labels. [...] This implies that the string MUST NOT include A-labels as defined in [RFC5890]; ``` Ummm, how is this implied? All codepoints used in A-labels may be used in NR-LDH- or U-labels.

  13. Zash

    Heh, "implies" ... "MUST NOT"

  14. Zash

    What was A-labels again? Plain ASCII, possibly punycoded?

  15. qrpnxz

    A-labels are "xn--PUNYCODE"

  16. qrpnxz

    which is indeed ascii and hyphens

  17. Ge0rG

    it's ascii and hyphens all the way down.

  18. qrpnxz


  19. Zash

    So I guess it says that xmpp:user@xn--blah is forbidden

  20. Zash

    good: xmpp:nödåtgärd bad: xmpp:xn--ndtgrd-euaf5m

  21. qrpnxz


  22. qrpnxz

    which is sad

  23. qrpnxz

    less work for me, but sad

  24. Zash


  25. qrpnxz

    why less work? because i don't have to support puny ofc

  26. qrpnxz

    why sad? i think puny is more efficient in some cases, and also it's helpful for some systems ig idk

  27. Sam

    What do you mean by "efficient"?

  28. Zash

    You still need to care about it nearer the DNS layer.

  29. MattJ

    It only exists for backwards-compatibility with DNS

  30. qrpnxz

    Sam, that sometimes puny would allow encoding more code points than a U-label.

  31. Zash

    Everything in XMPP is Unicode, UTF-8-encoded. It would be a bit weird to pass around punycoded stuff, especially as these are user-facing strings.

  32. Sam

    I'm still not entirely sure what you mean, so I may be mimsunderstanding you, but that's almost certainly not true. Punycode is encoding Unicode, UTF-8 is also encoding Unicode. You can't have more Unicode in one vs another and UTF-8 is definitely one of the most efficient and widely used ways to encode Unicode in general

  33. qrpnxz

    all A-label are transformable to U-label, so display is not an issue, but yeah better to just cut fat and only do U-label ig

  34. Sam

    Yah, that's a better way to say it

  35. qrpnxz

    Sam, the IDNA standard says so so i'm not gonna contradict it lol

  36. qrpnxz

    also UTF-8 is not very efficient for high code points like say chinese. If most of your text is chinese you might wanna do UTF-32 except that compression exists so don't do that xD.

  37. Sam

    Okay, I see what you're saying, I suppose in very specific circumstances it could save some space. Thanks.

  38. flow

    you really don't want people to enter A-labels when asked for their XMPP domain (or JID), do you?

  39. qrpnxz

    i don't have a problem

  40. flow

    qrpnxz, I know. I was tyring to point out that I don't believe you have a reason to be sad :)