XSF Discussion - 2021-06-05

  1. Holger

    emus: xmpp:jabber@conference.jabber.org?join

  2. emus


  3. emus

    Ok well... but I see this is related to the jabber.org service right?

  4. MattJ

    These days, mostly

  5. emus

    But it was planned to be a general one?

  6. MattJ

    That's what it always was

  7. MattJ

    and there was jdev@conference.jabber.org for developers

  8. emus

    Well the title is a bit of missleading

  9. MattJ

    We moved jdev to muc.xmpp.org in the past couple of years

  10. emus

    so its jdev@muc.xmpp.org

  11. MattJ


  12. emus


  13. MattJ

    I'm not saying, if we want a user support room, that it has to be jabber@conference.jabber.org... I was just saying that has historically been it (but it is far less active these days than it used to be)

  14. emus

    I would be fine with that, but I think the title and muc description should be changed accordingly

  15. emus

    Hot from the press: The XMPP Newsletter May 2021 https://xmpp.org/2021/05/newsletter-05-may/ Going to tweet and toot now

  16. mdosch


  17. emus

    🙂 https://fosstodon.org/web/statuses/106358107733532641

  18. şişio


  19. wurstsalat


  20. şişio


  21. şişio

    XMPP <3

  22. emus

    Many thanks to wurstsalat for writing up the XEP section more almost 1.5 years already

  23. wurstsalat

    time flies!

  24. emus


  25. şişio

    > emus wrote: > Many thanks to wurstsalat for writing up the XEP section more almost 1.5 years already Thanks wurstsalat

  26. goffi

    Hey there, I need some specs clarification. XEP-0060 `max-items` as defined at https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0060.html#subscriber-retrieve-requestrecent returns N most recents items. It we use RSM `max` limit (as defined at https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0059.html#limit) should we get the N more recent or N oldest items? ejabberd is returning N oldest items, so the result with `max-items` is not the same as with RSM `max` limit, and I've so far assumed it would be the same, but now I think ejabberd is right (`max-items` specify the order explicitly to have N most recent items, RSM doesn't). Can somebody clarify this for me?

  27. MattJ

    goffi, looks like max_items is specified in XEP-0060 to return the N most recent, and <max> is about limiting the results starting from the oldest, so I think your (and ejabberd's) interpretation is correct

  28. MattJ

    unless you combine both

  29. MattJ

    If you combine both, max_items='X' would limit you to X most recent items, and RSM <max>Y</max> would return the first Y of those

  30. goffi

    would be weird to combine both :)

  31. goffi

    Thank for feedback. I have a bug to fix then :)

  32. flow

    not sure if it would be that werid to combine both

  33. MattJ

    Yeah, I was just about to type that

  34. MattJ

    If there are 5000 items, and you want to fetch the last 1000, you obviously don't want all of those in the same stanza

  35. flow

    if I am not mistaken, RSM's max is just the page size, right?

  36. MattJ

    So you would set max_items=1000 and page through them with RSM

  37. flow

    if so, then a better name for that thing would probably be page-size ;)

  38. goffi

    flow: MattJ: you could do that with just RSM, why using both?

  39. goffi

    just loop with a page size of say 50 from the end until you have 1000 items.

  40. MattJ


  41. goffi

    it seems that there is a bug in ejabberd after all, if I use empty `<before/>` to get last page, index is 0 on 167 when it should be 167 - <number of items in this page>.

  42. emus

    Are there any literature / research / publication collections on XMPP?

  43. yushyin

    https://www.semanticscholar.org/search?q=xmpp many?

  44. emus

    Thanks, but I don't mean a search, rather like thinks we recommend if one really wants to start over in that direction. Well, listing that is also fine in general

  45. emus

    why do I get to know this webiste after my studies -.-

  46. yushyin

    one of the better search engine for papers, if you ask me :)

  47. emus

    cool I just see that Google Scholar provides the XEP sites as results if you search for xmpp etc

  48. emus

    Does the editor team need support on labeling all the issues? https://github.com/xsf/xeps/issues I can offer to do so

  49. emus


  50. emus

    Specifications - one of the main work we do, is placed at the websites end/bottom? 😕

  51. emus

    Well, it is under about XMPP but I think it should place as it own section in the top, what do you think?

  52. emus

    Maybe it would be also better to label it directly XMPP Extension Protocol