XSF Discussion - 2021-06-12

  1. ralphm


  2. dwd

    We could have different acronym expansions for the different types.

  3. Ge0rG

    That would be very nerdy. I'm sure the Board would approve.

  4. jonas’

    editor’s nightmare? ;)

  5. mdosch

    > No. The term "XEP" is normally pronounced "zepp" [6]. Oh no, I always spelled it wrong in my mind. Lucky I never had to say XEP to anyone in a vocal conversation. 🤯

  6. emus

    I used to say x - e - p

  7. dwd

    There's also the old-school crowd who still pronounce it "Jepp" (as in, "dʒɛp")

  8. mdosch

    As a german I like to say x - e - p as everything else sounds like Depp (idiot in german). 😂

  9. Menel

    I say Xep. Like Xylophon ( but never talked with someone about it)

  10. eevvoor

    Menel, yes that is the German pronunciation of XEP.

  11. Seve

    I used to pronounce it as "shep" until I learned initial X in English is Z 😄

  12. mdosch

    So english say zylophon? Didn't know that.

  13. John

    In my inner speech I say "xep" like "exceed" because it's easier

  14. John

    Double "P" in XMPP is much heavier for me but I can say "XMP"

  15. Zash


  16. John


  17. mdosch


  18. eevvoor

    Sepp Meier :D