XSF Discussion - 2021-06-25

  1. jonas’

    hmm, how about a MUC status code (similar to "this room is publicly logged") which indicates "this room has a specific rules/code of conduct document"?

  2. jonas’

    + a field in the muc info form which exposes that

  3. jonas’

    so that clients can show that on join

  4. MattJ

    That would be nice indeed

  5. Kev

    I think probably more general than CoC would be sensible.

  6. Kev

    Have you seen the welcome screens that Discord pops up when you join a new server? Although I guess that’s for a group of channels, rather than a single channel.

  7. Kev

    Anyway, a client being able to pop up what you need to know on joining a channel probably makes sense.

  8. jonas’

    yep, kind of that

  9. edhelas

    interesting 🤔

  10. mdosch


  11. mdosch

    Is this intended? Looks broken to me.

  12. jonas’

    what of that?

  13. flow

    mdosch, that's for a ProtoXEP

  14. Zash

    That it's a code-block looking thing?

  15. Zash

    With some code-looking code in it?

  16. Zash

    That's intentional, afaik?

  17. flow

    mdosch, what exactly looks broken for you?

  18. flow

    mdosch, what exactly looks broken to you?

  19. mdosch

    The appendix.

  20. Zash


  21. dwd

    Please! Literally sitting down to update now.

  22. winfried

    dwd: ok

  23. Zash


  24. mdosch

    The appendix just looked to me as something that should have been rendered wasn't. Obviously I was wrong. Sorry for the noise. 🙂

  25. debacle

    MattJ It would be nice to mention 0283 in Moved 2 and explain in a few words, why a new XEP is needed.

  26. MattJ

    debacle: it isn't needed. As noted in the commit/PR, hopefully it can become an update to the original XEP if we can get the author's or Council's approval.

  27. MattJ

    I expect Council will discuss this at the next meeting

  28. jonas’

    council will

  29. debacle

    MattJ jonas’ Thank you!