XSF Discussion - 2021-07-15

  1. arc

    I wonder if we will have a board meeting today?

  2. arc


  3. ralphm

    I'm around. We'll see at roll call

  4. ralphm bangs gavel

  5. ralphm

    0. Welcome

  6. ralphm

    Who do we have, what do you bring?

  7. ralphm

    also hi

  8. ralphm

    MattJ, dwd, arc

  9. MattJ


  10. dwd


  11. ralphm

    Assuming arc will drop in :-D

  12. ralphm

    Any items for today's agenda?

  13. dwd

    Only wondering if it's time to do the Last Call on the CoC.

  14. Sam

    Please review the proposed fiscal policy stuff.

  15. Sam

    Just a reminder.

  16. ralphm


  17. ralphm

    1. Minute taker

  18. ralphm

    I think we're at arc for that.

  19. arc


  20. ralphm

    2. CoC

  21. ralphm

    dwd: do you feel it ready for last call?

  22. dwd

    Well, actually probably not; I have a few things to sort out that I've mentioned on list, which I'll do tomorrow. But we (Board) should probably get our comments in now.

  23. dwd

    And then we vote on a Last Call next week?

  24. ralphm

    Makes sense

  25. ralphm

    Any other comments?

  26. arc

    I am fine with taking another week

  27. ralphm


  28. ralphm

    2. Fiscal Policy

  29. ralphm


  30. Sam

    There's a PR; sorry, at work and can't dig it up.

  31. MattJ


  32. Sam

    Also a pad I've sent a few times with some thoughts/proposals. I'm not sure what to do to move the fiscal hosting stuff forward other than keep asking 🙂

  33. MattJ

    It's short, I'd be happy if we can approve it during this meeting (rather than defer another week)

  34. ralphm

    It looks good to me.

  35. ralphm

    As does the pad

  36. dwd

    My only question is whether mandating open source is quite right - I'm not suggesting we bankroll non-open-source software, rather I'm concerned that orgs doing non-software, like free hosting or something, would be blocked.

  37. Sam

    Good point. Feel free to mess with the wording.

  38. dwd

    But this is an expansion to, rather than restriction of, what's there so I'm fine with doing as Sam has written "for now", with a view to expanding later.

  39. Sam

    Or we could just take that under the "obviously that's fine and we won't be too picky as long as it's in the spirit of the thing"

  40. dwd

    Which could be covered by "and any organisation with permission from the Board" or something.

  41. dwd

    But as I say, we can deal with that later if we want to get on with it.

  42. MattJ

    Sounds good to me

  43. MattJ

    I think if such a project came along, they would probably raise this issue

  44. MattJ

    But noting that Board approval would be enough, would be enough

  45. ralphm

    Right. The pad suggests linking to a repo, which kind of implies "source available". Board can still extend this to projects that don't strictly match the description.

  46. arc

    I'm pretty sure the open collective does charge a fee, or at least a cut of donations?

  47. Sam

    arc: they charge a percentage of what we charge. If we charge 0% so do they

  48. arc

    Ah. Ok

  49. ralphm


  50. arc

    I would also use the word primarily. As in primarily focused on the development of Open Source software

  51. arc

    And further, in order to head off edge cases such as SaS, etc, that their purposes are charitable and educational under the definition by IRS 501c3

  52. arc

    I would be happy to send a PR

  53. ralphm

    That seems very US-centric, arc :-D

  54. arc

    XSF is Incorporated in the US.

  55. ralphm

    Hence the :-D

  56. arc

    Ah, ok. Yeah if we were to serve as a fiscal sponsor for a organization conducting non 501c3 purposes it might put our 501c3 in jeopardy. Especially UBI

  57. ralphm

    Ok then. Awaiting a PR on the PR

  58. ralphm

    (I think)

  59. ralphm

    Can you and Sam work together so we have a thing to put the rubber stamp on?

  60. MattJ

    Yeah, I'm fine with 501c3 compatibility requirements

  61. ralphm

    I think Board's intent is clear and we have consensus.

  62. arc

    Unrelated business income is allowed but not as a primary purpose. And that should really never affect open source projects which are generally all volunteer, because "volunteer workforce" is a specific exception to UBI. So basically any fundraiser that is conducted entirely by volunteers vs staff is automatically exempt

  63. ralphm nods

  64. ralphm

    3. AOB

  65. ralphm


  66. dwd


  67. ralphm

    4. Date of Next

  68. ralphm


  69. arc


  70. ralphm

    5. Close

  71. MattJ

    I'm unavailable next week

  72. ralphm

    Thanks all!

  73. ralphm

    Noted, MattJ

  74. MattJ

    But you can meet without me (or not) :)

  75. ralphm bangs gavel

  76. MattJ