XSF Discussion - 2021-08-03

  1. emus

    I just wanna add to the yesterday's discussion: Accepting to throw away the history, because we lost it in the past as well and therefore that's no problem, does not sound reasonable to me. Maybe we should actually say: Let's ensure we keep it now and in the future, too.

  2. MattJ

    The history would be kept, in the current repo (which would be archived)

  3. MattJ

    The choice is to treat the new site as a continuation of the old one, or as a separate project

  4. MattJ

    Since the primary interest in the site is the content and not how it is rendered, I am strongly in favour of continuing in the same repository

  5. emus

    I go with MattJ. We can still habe new content in the repository, right?

  6. emus

    I go with MattJ. We can still have new content in the repository, right?

  7. MattJ


  8. jonas’

    or we just do the thing moparisthebest did and get the best from both worlds?

  9. MattJ

    I don't understand what "the thing moparisthebest did" is

  10. Kev

    AFAICS they did what you’ve been proposing - using the existing repo for the site, and adding the new changes to it.

  11. MattJ

    so I don't understand why that's an "or"

  12. Kev

    Nor me.

  13. Holger

    He ended up with three repos to make everyone happy? :-)

  14. Ge0rG

    I'm not happy.

  15. Zash

    Were you ever happy?

  16. Holger

    You just need auto-mirroring between hugo-without-history <-> hugo-with-history. It's that simple.

  17. Ge0rG

    Zash: yes, as a baby.

  18. Ge0rG

    Can't we have a forklift upgrade? I like forklifts.

  19. L29Ah

    no but you can have some cartoons https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfTPlsIq7d0

  20. Ge0rG

    No, I can't. My broadband is still down.

  21. MattJ

    Holger, welcome to iteam! Thanks for suggesting your first project ;)

  22. Holger


  23. moparisthebest

    I just put the content of the new repo on top of the old one to see how much was unchanged/moved so history was kept (all the content) and how much size increase we were talking about (3mb, ie, a small javascript library), certainly not suggesting keeping 3 repos, slap new code on top of current repo and call it a day

  24. Ge0rG

    moparisthebest: thanks btw

  25. Alex

    Memberbot is online to accept votes for the Q3/21 application period

  26. Ge0rG

    Uh-oh, it's _that_ time again?!

  27. edhelas

    boom done

  28. Ge0rG pre-heats the dice

  29. edhelas


  30. Ge0rG

    is it me or does COM8 have a slight nickname indentation problem? ;)

  31. L29Ah

    hi COM8

  32. Ge0rG

    <presence xml:lang="en" from="xsf@muc.xmpp.org/ COM8" />

  33. moparisthebest

    In IRC that'd be a problem, in here it's a feature!

  34. edhelas

    the questions is, how many spaces can you add there, and can we put tabs as well ?

  35. Ge0rG

    edhelas: around 1000, and no.

  36. L29Ah

    it doesn't like my ﷯ :(

  37. Ge0rG

    There are things about nodeprep. Deep rabbit hole things.

  38. edhelas

    just valide JIDs as email adresses and you're done

  39. edhelas


  40. edhelas

    easy peasy

  41. mdosch

    > 03.08.21 15:56:54 ! <- memberbot has left the conversation. Done.

  42. mdosch


  43. edhelas

    mdosch which client are you using ?

  44. mdosch


  45. Ge0rG

    edhelas: https://www.netmeister.org/blog/email.html :D

  46. edhelas

    Ge0rG now I want the same thing with JIDs :p

  47. Sam

    edhelas: https://blog.samwhited.com/2021/02/xmpp-addresses/ (ish)

  48. edhelas


  49. Sam

    Before we even get to the complexities of resource parts I've found bugs in several JID implementations where they don't even parse a very basic JID correctly according to the rules from the RFC so if your address is me@example.net/@me they'll get confused and assume the localpart is "me@example.net/"

  50. edhelas check his code

  51. edhelas


  52. edhelas

    /home/edhelas/test.php:26: array(4) { 'username' => string(2) "me" 'server' => string(11) "example.net" 'jid' => string(14) "me@example.net" 'resource' => string(3) "@me" }

  53. Sam

    The Office Hours start in 30 minutes! I'm demoing a new TUI client today: https://socialcoop.meet.coop/sam-pku-dud-niv

  54. edhelas

    TUI ?

  55. MattJ

    Terminal UI

  56. Sam

    Starting now!

  57. jonas’

    Kev, ping https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/1047

  58. Bung

    Is the meeting in progress

  59. Sam

    The office hours? They're over

  60. Bung

    > Sam wrote: > The office hours? They're over Yes,ohh...

  61. vanitasvitae just killed their phone screen while attempting to change for a new battery 😕

  62. vanitasvitae

    Suddenly 2FA sucks 😛

  63. moparisthebest

    bbutttt the glue is for your protection, to prevent unauthorized repairs /rant

  64. vanitasvitae

    I learned my lesson.

  65. vanitasvitae

    My next phone will be a fairphone

  66. emus

    also checkout shiftphone

  67. jonas’

    fun fact: i killed my FP1 camera while attempting to exchange the screen

  68. jonas’

    re shiftphone: I got a shift6mq (non-google edition), AMA

  69. vanitasvitae

    jonas’, > AMA what's your credit card pin? 😜

  70. emus

    great jonas, I think that will it be for me, too

  71. emus

    Any issues so far?

  72. emus

    or downsides?

  73. vanitasvitae

    I'm glad I have enough muscle memory to enter my phone pin correctly. Even unlocked the SIM blindly. Unfortunately I fail to switch USB to file transfer mode, so no backup of files 🙁

  74. mdosch


  75. jonas’

    -ENOENT, no credit card :P

  76. jonas’

    emus, so, I *think* the second camera is still not usable

  77. jonas’

    it may be a user issue though, but I don't see any UI option to use it and I can't see any sign of it being used automatically in e.g. low light situations

  78. vanitasvitae

    Hah, I had my phone trust adb on my laptop, so I got in and was able to enable file transfer 🙂

  79. vanitasvitae


  80. edhelas

    that's why i'm sitcking with my Moto G5, perfectly fine phone and that have removable battery

  81. emus

    > vanitasvitae escribió: > Hah, I had my phone trust adb on my laptop, so I got in and was able to enable file transfer 🙂 > #progress 👨✊

  82. emus

    > jonas’ escribió: > it may be a user issue though, but I don't see any UI option to use it and I can't see any sign of it being used automatically in e.g. low light situations thanks, but what do you mean by second camera?

  83. jonas’

    emus, it has two cameras

  84. jonas’

    well, three

  85. jonas’

    one on the front, two on the back

  86. jonas’

    the second on the back is inaccessible (to me)

  87. emus

    ahh ok, but you can do normal pictures?

  88. jonas’


  89. jonas’


  90. jonas’

    such as that one

  91. emus

    ah thx. im not into wonderful pictures too much

  92. emus

    so that is not a blocker

  93. wurstsalat wanders off to find equivalent food

  94. jonas’

    emus: some may find the 6mq to be too heavy (there were complaints in the forums), but I like it that way

  95. emus

    Well, I checked the size and already expected this

  96. emus

    but still dont like it

  97. emus

    I have an iPhone XR from work and I neither like the size and weight - did not expected that from Apple as a non-apple user 😑️

  98. emus

    guus.der.kinderen: hello guus - do you know what license this is? https://discourse.opensourcedesign.net/t/jobs-design-of-badges-for-different-xmpp-compliance-levels/981