XSF Discussion - 2021-08-12

  1. Bung

    > wurstsalat wrote: > Re xmpp.org update: I added some more redirects for blog posts and I think I covered them all now. I also added data driven announcements (e.g. for upcoming events) which can be enabled/edited via an announcement.json file. I think it's ready now :) Good

  2. Sam


  3. Sam

    I vaguely remember at one point someone wrote a stream feature that advertised the servers disco#info (or maybe caps?) stuff so that you didn't have to query for it or check if it was updated on start. Is that a thing or did I imagine it? If I imagined it, would others find it useful if I wrote it up?

  4. Zash

    Isn't that in XEP-0030 even?

  5. Zash

    or the RFC?

  6. Zash

    Wait, caps would be in the caps xep

  7. Zash

    Sam, https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0115.html#stream

  8. Sam

    Oh hey! I was looking in disco and not finding it, but I vaguely remembered that it was a thing. Don't know why I didn't think it was in cpas; thanks.

  9. Zash

    Wanna write a ProtoXEP for including caps of other entities? Most notably you wanna know the caps of your own account

  10. Zash

    I forget if I started on one, or just wrote a prototype implementation.

  11. Sam

    Actually yah, in this case that's what I want to know (I said server, but really it would be "own account")

  12. Sam

    Although this also wouldn't require a namespace butmp (it's just a feature, it may or may not exist and you have to deal with that), so maybe it could just be added to caps

  13. Zash


  14. Zash

    Wait, didn't we have a CAPS2 too?

  15. Sam

    I was just saying "maybe we could just modify that section to allow features for other JIDs". I know it's draft, but I also don't think this would require a namespace bump or anything that it would be important to avoid in draft.

  16. Sam


  17. Zash

    You'd need to specify which JID it refers to

  18. Zash

    Not sure if you can do that easily without confusing previous implementations

  19. Zash

    Without a wrapper element or somesuch

  20. Sam

    That's what I was thinking, change the feature name and it's backwards compatible.

  21. flow

    I think you would need a wrapper but then not require a namespace bump

  22. flow

    ahh no, not even a wrapper, it needs to be a new feature

  23. Zash

    I had `[ <item jid=""><caps:c/></item> ]`

  24. Sam

    Yes, that

  25. Zash

    Maybe we could just shove this into 390 before it gets implemented 🙂

  26. flow

    hmm yes, as child element of <c/>, that would work and wouldn't require a namespace bump

  27. flow

    maybe needs an explicit namespace declaration for <item/> though

  28. Zash

    Actually, my prototype recursive caps thing was an `<iq>`, not a stream feature

  29. Sam

    I've kind of given up on 390 (or any of the "version 2") ones ever being implemented. I've got prototypes of a few of them though if anyone else wants to pair up and write some integration tests.

  30. Zash

    But caps1 had security issues, so we probably should replace it eventually

  31. Zash

    jonas’, around?

  32. jonas’


  33. Zash

    caps2, can haz some thing for pushing caps for random other entities? own account, local components etc

  34. jonas’

    do we want caps2 to become another '45 or '60?

  35. jonas’

    or do we maybe rather want it in a separate document building on top? :)

  36. Zash


  37. Sam

    This doesn't seem like it warrants a second document to me; IMO it's core functionality that can't be separated from normal caps support.

  38. Sam

    But I don't hold that opinion strongly.

  39. jonas’

    Sam, IIRC I tried to write it down and it turned out to be a quite a rabbit hole

  40. jonas’

    oh, pushing caps **for** random other entities

  41. jonas’

    I read it as *to*

  42. jonas’

    if someone writes a patch or so, I might adapt it and integrate it :)

  43. Zash

    Problem: There are features advertised on your own account. To find out which, you have to do a disco#info query.

  44. Zash

    Also fun: Combine that with XEP-0288

  45. moparisthebest

    https://xmpp.org/extensions/ should probably list https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/rfc7712

  46. moparisthebest

    whenever wurstsalat 's changes are merged I'd put in a PR...

  47. Zash


  48. Zash

    I had a thing I wanted to do there, maybe that gets easier too

  49. Zash


  50. Zash

    Thing like that

  51. Sam

    Ooh, pretty. Just having the current compliance suites be automatically updated on the web page would be a big win.

  52. Zash

    Mostly I'd want to have more focus on it

  53. Zash

    Perhaps direct links to the XEPs referenced by the latest compliance suite would fit in there too?

  54. Zash

    Or maybe there's some reorganization between that and https://xmpp.org/about/compliance-suites.html that would improve things

  55. moparisthebest

    wurstsalat, going to put in a PR at some point? :)

  56. wurstsalat

    Zash: Looks like a good idea :)

  57. wurstsalat

    moparisthebest: if that's the way forward, yes. But I'm not sure that would help a lot, since other things regarding the deployment have to be arranged, which is probably most of the work compared to exchanging the pelican stuff with the hugo stuff(?)

  58. moparisthebest

    wurstsalat, at quick glance looks like the build/deployment is fully contained in that repo too? Just changing the Dockerfile looks like it'd do it?

  59. moparisthebest

    I can probably help with that if you need it

  60. wurstsalat

    moparisthebest: it builds fine when using the dockerfile from my repo, but I'm sure there's some magic involved in the deployment (and I don't know where/whether I can view and check those)

  61. moparisthebest

    presumably *something* on the server that runs xmpp.org runs https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/blob/master/MakefileDocker so if your Dockerfile works, it'll just work ?

  62. moparisthebest

    I'd say put in a PR and if iteam disagrees they'll say? :)

  63. Kev

    Sounds sane.

  64. Kev

    If you fix the dockerfile, that’s all that should be needed.

  65. wurstsalat

    Alright, I'll do a PR then :)

  66. Kev

    Thank you!

  67. Zash

    wurstsalat, moparisthebest: There's an nginx in front but IIRC it mostly just dispatches between web, xeps, wiki