XSF Discussion - 2021-08-18

  1. Holger

    Any MongooseIM devs happen to be here?

  2. Holger

    I've always thought the way XEP-0357 (Push) talks about PubSub stuff is nothing but confusing.

  3. Holger

    MongoosePush docs sound like they're a result of that confusion: https://esl.github.io/MongooseDocs/latest/user-guide/push-notifications/Push-notifications-client-side/

  4. Holger

    > The most important and only difference from the standard node creation is the type='push' part of the create element. According to XEP-0357: Push Notifications, a PubSub node is required to route the push notification mechanism.

  5. Holger


  6. Holger

    Right at the start of that page: > Depending on whether you plan to use PubSub-full or PubSub-less configuration, some of the steps may be unnecessary. No hint as to why you'd choose which configuration ...

  7. emus

    Holger: In 2020 one of them added mongoose news, maybe you can reach out to him

  8. Holger

    emus: Nah, if they don't join public XMPP rooms I take it they're not interested in feedback from the community ;-) But thanks!

  9. emus

    Well, I wouldnt think that

  10. Holger

    Obviously not interested enough to join rooms :-) Not blaming anyone at all, just saying that this isn't important enough to me to make any further efforts to contact anyone.

  11. emus


  12. arc

    Well I guess there's no board meeting this week either

  13. arc

    Oh wait it's Wednesday 😵

  14. MattJ

    Phew 😅

  15. emus

    It's Wednesday!!!