XSF Discussion - 2021-08-19

  1. emus

    I just realized that we havent celebrated 20 years of XSF 😱 (right?)

  2. flow

    what's the XSF's birthday? :)

  3. flow

    when, rather

  4. emus

    Ge0rG says 1st of April 🙂 Id suggest maybe first xep release in that year

  5. jonas’

    I wouldn't be surprised if JEPs existed before the JSF

  6. MattJ

    We celebrated the 10th anniversary, at FOSDEM, with cake

  7. edhelas

    So that means that the XSF is now old enough to drink alcool

  8. MattJ


  9. MattJ

    -> https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2008-November/020556.html - but the list apparently no longer exists :)

  10. Alex

    Memberbot is still online until our meeting later today. If you have not voted yet you can still do so. Thanks.

  11. Zash

    Better get to that then!

  12. Sam

    Board: periodic reminder to please review and/or vote on https://pad.disroot.org/p/XSF_Fiscal_Host_Rules

  13. emus

    MattJ: Ha! lets take 1. of January

  14. MattJ

    Now it's Thursday

  15. arc


  16. MattJ


  17. arc

    Well at least the two of us are here

  18. Alex

    Sorry I missed the member meeting due to an emergency in family

  19. MattJ

    No worries, hope everything is okay!

  20. Alex

    ya, all okay. I sent an update to the list and moved to tomorrow, same time

  21. MattJ

    Sounds good

  22. Alex