XSF Discussion - 2021-08-20

  1. emus

    I have to announce: I fully read my first XEP! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ πŸ˜‚

  2. Zash


  3. edhelas

    emus which one :D ?

  4. emus

    I also have some small suggestions for a PR, do I understand that I have to discuss first on standards@ ?

  5. emus

    > edhelas escribió: > emus which one :D ? XEP-001 of course 🀣

  6. edhelas

    I heard that 0045 is super interesting !

  7. emus

    I take that as ironic statement even I dont know whats the topic yet

  8. Sam

    > I heard that 0045 is super interesting ! Don't do it, It's a trap!

  9. Zash

    Yeah the re-readability of 0045 is amazing, you'll find something completely new every time!

  10. edhelas

    I heard that some people were able to find a tutorial to mount an IKEA table one day

  11. emus


  12. emus

    Ah its MUC of course

  13. emus

    I also have some small suggestions for a PR, do I understand that I have to discuss first on standards@ ?

  14. Zash

    emus, definitively a good idea to discuss it first

  15. emus


  16. Alex

    hey, anyone ready for a member meeting?

  17. Alex

    give me 2-3 more minutes before we start

  18. Zash


  19. Alex


  20. Holger too.

  21. Alex

    okay, lets starts

  22. Alex bangs the gavel

  23. Alex

    here is our agenda for today: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Meeting-Minutes-2021-08-19

  24. Alex

    ignore the date ;-)

  25. Alex

    1) Call for Quorum

  26. Alex

    as you can see 36 members voted via Memberbot, so we have a quorum

  27. Alex

    2) Items Subject to a Vote

  28. Alex

    new and returning members, you can see the list of applications here: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Membership_Applications_Q3_2021

  29. Alex

    3) Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting

  30. Alex

    anyone here who has not voted yet and wants to vote during the meeting?

  31. Alex

    looks like we have no more voters

  32. Alex

    I will start working on the results then by counting the votes

  33. Alex starts counting

  34. Alex

    4) Announcement of Voting Results

  35. Zash


  36. Alex

    When you reload teh page you can see the result at: https://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Meeting-Minutes-2021-08-19#Announcement_of_Voting_Results

  37. Alex

    All reappliers were accepted, we had no new applicants this term

  38. Alex

    congrats to everone

  39. Alex

    5) Any Other Business?

  40. Zash


  41. Alex

    looks like there is none

  42. Alex

    6) Formal Adjournment

  43. Alex

    I motion that we adjourn

  44. Zash


  45. Alex bangs the gavel

  46. Zash

    Thanks Alex. Congrats all.

  47. Alex

    thanks everone. Will send updates to the list tomorrow in my AM

  48. emus

    There were no new members, right?

  49. mdosch

    No new applicants, yes.

  50. emus