XSF Discussion - 2021-10-09

  1. Link Mauve

    “17:01:56 Zash> That was apparently a PNG. How the heck is it animated?”, it is APNG, a PNG file with additional chunks from the first frame’s iDAT representing the other frames.

  2. Link Mauve

    Upstream libpng rejected this change, on the ground that their format is solely for still images, but that didn’t stop browsers from vendoring a fork.

  3. Link Mauve

    moparisthebest, AVIF is the current cool one. :p

  4. Link Mauve

    s/iDAT/IDAT/ sorry.

  5. mjk

    Re: hearts, the above examples clearly illustrate that you can send those using xmpp. Therefore, if you're unable to do so, means you just don't have a heart

  6. moparisthebest

    Link Mauve: ah thanks, well clearly no widespread AVIF support is the next single thing holding XMPP back from widespread adoption

  7. Link Mauve

    Most XMPP clients already support AVIF.

  8. Link Mauve

    At least the ones on Linux, which use gdk-pixbuf.

  9. Link Mauve

    Even those on Haiku do support it.